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Diamond Peak from Scenic Overlook, via N. Flume

Looking for a flat yet scenic hike perfect for novice hikers and/or flat-land visitors? You'll love this historic hike.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.6 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  A flat hike along the Northern Flume, then a quick descent down the Diamond Peak ski resort. First half of hike is largely shaded... more »

Tips:  This is a shuttle hike, although you could also do this as an in/out hike turning around at POI 8 or 10. For shuttling, first drop a ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking

There is an informal area on the east side of the highway for a handful of cars... or park across the road (but be careful when walking across the road).

2. Find Trail

Walk past the east end of the parking area to locate the trail. Take the trail leftward.

3. Turn Right, Downhill

There's a trail that intersects coming from above and left. Turn right and briefly downhill.

4. Creek Crossing; Left Turn

Very pleasant creek crossing with a small foot bridge.

Just 20 yards after the creek you'll reach a junction. The right, downhill option would take you down the "Chinese Downhill" trail that parallels Incline Creek.

At this junction, you want to turn left, go up a brief rise to rejoin the ~7600' elevation Northern Flume.

5. Folsom/Chinese Camp

Just below the flume and toward the just-passed creek was the Folsom Camp that housed mainly Chinese workers during the late-1800 logging days. The workers had to hike up to their from what is today the Diamond Peak lodge (then a lumber yard).

From this point until reaching the Diamond Peak ski area you'll be walking along the northern Flume. ... More

6. Typical Views

7. Enter Ski Area

You've just crossed over the Solitude Canyon (heavily treed) run of the ski area and come to the Great Flume intermediate run. Continue forward on the trail and cross a set of advanced runs (Lightning, Diamond Back).

8. Ridge Lift Offloading

You now come to the southernmost boundary of the ski resort and have a choice. You can turn right/downhill and down to the resort main lodge... or you can take a little side trip.

The side trip continues southward on the Northern Flume.

9. Drainage

As you approach this cottonwood dense drainage, look right/downward for a path that parallels the creek.

10. Structure

We believe this structure was created and used for filming the TV show Bonanza. This is private property... do not disturb anything.

11. Ridge Lift onloading

You come down from the righthand side, and continue downward along the cat track road (Freeway run).

12. Crystal Express onloading

Even in late July, a wonderful flower display.

13. Base Lodge

This is the base lodge for Diamond Peak. Park your return shuttle vehicle in the upper parking lot.