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Mt. Herman Loop

Mt. Herman Rd. to Limbaugh Canyon via CO trail 715 to HZ trail to White Ghost trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8.6 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The Mt. Herman Loop can be done via mountain bike, distance run, or hiking. On the bike, it is not a ride for beginners and must be... more »

Tips:  Plan some extra time for this ride. It's not very long, but the technical aspects will slow you down. I highly recommend having access... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start

Parking at the intersection of Mt. Herman Rd. and Red Rocks Dr.

2. Trail 715 & Mt. Herman Rd. Junction

Take trail 715 up the mountain. Note that there is a different trailhead that you don't want for this route 100 yards earlier that goes up to the top of Mt. Herman.

3. Top of Limbaugh Canyon

Take the downhill trail when you cross the jeep road.

4. Trail 715 in Limbaugh Canyon

View of the canyon single track

5. Back of Mt. Herman

View of Limbaugh Canyon and the back side of Mt. Herman.

6. Trail 715 Connection to Balanced Rock Rd.

Continue NE down the canyon. The trail gets pretty technical in the lower section (definately had to push the bike a few times).

7. Trail 715 Palmer Lake Overlook

Beautiful spot! You will turn onto the front side of Mt. Herman here.

8. HZ Trail & Trail 715 Junction

The HZ trail is new and not very well established. It was built to avoid the private property at the bottom of trail 715 (fences and gates are at the bottom of the hill). Lots of rocks in the path. Be prepared to push the bike through the steeper ascents. Technical descents. Any time the trail splits, going down hill takes you down to private... More

9. HZ Trail & White Ghost Junction

HZ Trail turns into the White Ghost trail. The junction is clearly labeled. Stay right at all trail forks until POI 11 below. Continues to be very difficult technical riding.

10. Red Rock

Amazing massive red boulders in the middle of the forest.

11. Don't Turn Right Here

Continue downhill to avoid entering into the Mt. Herman Open Space trail system.