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Indian Creek and Stevens Gulch Loop

Indian Creek & Stevens Gulch Loop from Highway 67 West of Sedalia.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The Indian Creek (trail 800) to Stevens Gulch Loop can be done via mountain bike, distance run, or hiking. On the bike, it is not a... more »

Tips:  Plan some extra time for this ride. It's not very long, but the technical aspects will slow you down.

No motorized vehicles are... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start

You can optionally park down in the lot at POI 2, but there is a fee for parking down there (about $5). If you park in this small lot just up the hill there is no fee and it is legal. From this lot, ride down the paved road to the fee lot (POI 2).

2. Pay Lot Entrance

Ride into the pay lot and continue downhill along the dirt road to the trail head at the end of the road.

3. Indian Creek Trail Head (CO Trail 800)

At the end of the dirt road you'll find the marked trail head for Indian Creek Trail 800. The upper part of this trail is somewhat technical.

4. Scenic Meadow

5. Trail 800/Stevens Connection

There is a trail junction here. Turn left and go up the hill along trail 800 (well marked). The downhill trail is not marked, but if you follow it down the hill it appears that you will end up down in Stevens Gulch. If I'm correct and it is rideable, this shortcut could be used to shorten the loop.

6. Trail 800 Indian Creek Ridge

Scenery along the ridge.

7. Technical Spot

This trail has its fair share of technical spots.

8. 800/CO Trail Junction

This is the junction between trail 800 and the Colorado Trail. Turn right to stay on trail 800.

9. 800/Stevens Gulch Junction

This is the junction between trail 800 and the Stevens Gulch trail. It is not marked. Make a sharp right turn to get onto the Stevens Gulch trail. For a longer route, you can continue on trail 800 and it will loop back up to the top of the Stevens Gulch trail.

10. House in Stevens Gulch

Funny little old shelter in Stevens Gulch.

11. Trail 800/Stevens Connection

I believe that the trail to the right is the one that comes down from POI 5. To stay on the Stevens Gulch trail go to the left. There is no trail marker at this location.

12. Trail in Stevens Gulch

Beautiful section of Stevens Gulch

13. Climbing out of Stevens Gulch

At the end of Stevens Gulch the trail gets rather steep. It is rideable for those in top shape.

14. 800/Stevens Junction

Stevens Gulch ends at trail 800. This portion of trail 800 is fire road. Go right to return to the trail head.

15. 800 Fire Road Section

Follow the fire road all the way back to the parking lot. There is one additional junction with other trails along the way, so just stay on the fire road to get back to your car.