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Pikes Peak Greenway

Part of the greater Colorado Front Range Trail, this pretty path allows access to over 15 other Colorado Springs trails.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 16 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  One day, this trail will stretch all the way through Colorado from Wyoming to New Mexico. When that happens, it will be called the... more »

Tips:  - Inline skaters be aware that there are a couple brief sections of this trail that are unpaved.
- Stop at the Criterium bike shop to ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Santa Fe Trail ends/Pikes Peak Trail begins

If you haven't tried the New Santa Fe Regional Trail yet, that should be next on your "trail to-do" list. I have enclosed one picture of the Santa Fe Regional Trail with this POI just to tantalize you.
Although this is officially the start of the Pikes Peak Greenway, it's really only a good beginning spot if you are coming from the New Santa Fe... More

2. Woodmen Road

The Woodmen Road Park-n-Ride is near the trail here, and the parking lot is fairly accessible at this point. This would make a good starting point for a day-ride on the trail. If you park overnight, there is a small fee.

3. Mini golf

It's not often that you see a dinosaur and a knight in shining armor while out on a bike ride. Thanks to this cool looking mini golf course that flanks the path, you can see both of these astounding sights and more while making your way down the Pikes Peak Greenway.

Rarely will you find such an accommodating bike shop so close to a major trail like this. Criterium employees are quite helpful and knowledgeable. They will help you find the correct part for your bike if you need it. And, this is a rarity, they even invite you into their spotless restroom if you're a trail-user in need.
Please show them how... More

5. Bike stunt park

As you wander down this portion of the trail, you'll notice the bikers getting younger and younger; and they're riding a different sort of bike than most trail-users.
Next you come to a dirt hill where you will see lots of daredevils biking up and down on a dirt-bike roller-coaster. Just beyond that, you'll come to a more formal, cement bike stunt... More

6. Roswell Park

One of many parks along Pikes Peak Greenway

7. Monument Valley Park

I would describe Monument Valley Park as "two miles of nature surrounded by urban life and dissected by Monument Creek and Platte Valley Greeway." It has also been dubbed, much more succinctly, "a park for the people."
The park was a gift from General Parker, a famous former resident of Colorado Springs.
With it's 1914 swimming pool, rock... More

Watch out for Tigers near the trail. These Tigers may be playing soccer or lacrosse because they are Colorado College Tigers.
Enjoy the trailside campus of this four year private liberal arts college as you pass directly by its sports fields.

9. Near Colorado City

Near this point, you will find a trail junction with a path going west under I-25. This trail will lead you to Old Colorado City. This is a fun diversion from the regular trail and a great place to visit for breakfast, lunch, or a snack.

10. Old bridge over Fountain Creek

This bridge has been repurposed. Instead of carrying cars, it now carries walkers, bikers, and pipelines.

11. Fountain Creek Regional Park

For now this is about as far as the trail goes. But someday...
At this park, you can find ponds, picnic tables, and restrooms. Don't miss the jack-o-lantern trail here in the fall.

12. streams and ponds

Throughout the course of this trail, you are often near a pond or stream. The two most prominent streams you will be following are Monument Creek and Fountain Creek. These bodies of water provide a relaxing riparian ecosystem to explore and enjoy.