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Sausalito California

Winter On The Bay
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  From Bridgeway, the main street of Sausalito, California, you can see why this bayside town just north of the Golden Gate Bridge is... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sausalito Visitor Center & Historical Exhibit: 780 Bridgeway,

80 Bridgeway, (415) 332-0505. Ask for a free map created by San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist Phil Frank. Area code is 415 unless noted.

2. Bridgeway Saulsalito California

From Bridgeway, the main street of Sausalito, Calif., you can see why this bayside town just north of the Golden Gate Bridge is often compared to a Mediterranean fishing village. Bay-windowed homes cling to steep hillsides and look out to sky-and-water-framed views of Alcatraz and the San Francisco cityscape. Sailboats, kayaks, and ferries glide... More

3. Bacchus & Venus on Bridgeway Sausalito

Discover wine country–inspired creations at Bacchus & Venus on Bridgeway, where for as little as $10 you can sample flights of California boutique wines.

4. Studio 333 Caledonia Street Sausalito

Along the esplanade, the aroma of grilled fish wafts out of waterfront eateries, and high-end shops and galleries display their wares. One versatile place, Studio 333 on Caledonia Street, carries custom design furniture and the work of more than 20 local artists.

5. Walk Along The Waterfront

Head north of downtown to leave behind the strip of ritzy stores and explore the waterfront, including its thriving houseboat community. On a walking tour with artist-author Victoria Colella, you’ll also see a wide variety of classic wooden boats and the harbor area where Liberty ships were built during World War II. "We have some amazing... More

6. View Of Richardson Bay

A little farther on, the calm of Richardson Bay is perfect for smaller craft. If weather permits, consider a full-moon kayak paddle with Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking Center—they will outfit you fully, and novices are welcome.

Despite the four-digit Brioni suits and Movado watches for sale on Bridgeway, you can locate bargains in town. Stroll along Gate 5 Road until you reach the Heath Ceramics factory—in business since 1948—selling seconds of elegant pottery at reduced prices.

400 Gate 5 Road Sausalito,

8. Industrial Center Building houses 80 artists’ workspaces

Nearby, the Industrial Center Building houses 80 artists’ workspaces and invites the public twice a year during open studios. The ground floor holds West Marine Products, a great place to find seaworthy gifts such as a brass-and-copper bosun’s whistle for $16 or a $15 flashlight that turns on when you shake it

9. Bay Area Model Visitor Center

Back on Bridgeway, check out the Bay Model Visitor Center to see a 3-D over-view of San Francisco Bay with tides surging in and out.

11. Dinning Spot #2 - Cork

For a taste of Sausalito’s Mediterranean soul, dine at Cork, which serves antipasti, panini, and other small plates

12. Dinning Spot # 3 - Paradise Bay Restaurant & Bar

Categories: Sausalito, United States Restaurants Seafood Sausalito, United States Restaurants American (New) Seafood, American (New) [Edit]
1200 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA 94965
(415) 331-3226

13. Sausalito's first Segway Tour - Glide along the Bay on our Eco-Friendy Segways

Experience Sausalito's first Segway Tour - Glide along the Bay on our Eco-Friendy Segway Tour

Glide along the Bay on our Eco-Friendly Segway Tour. The Sausalito Segway Tour is the most sensational way to see this bayside gem. An experience you will not forget.

Sausalito is a small town of only 7,500 residents, best known for its spectacular... More