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Dry Creek Trail

1.7 mile trail (3.4 mi. round-trip) near Roseville, Antelope, Sacramento, and Sabre City, California
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Dry Creek Trail is about 1.7 miles long (3.4 miles round-trip) and located near Roseville and Antelope, California. The trail is... more »

Tips:  Many people walk only as far as the golf bridge spur trail and then return to the trail head. This shortens the trip to 2 miles round ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The trail begins here

As you face the paved bike trail gate, turn left onto the dirt trail that leads towards the river. The dirt trail head begins outside the gate.

There is a limited amount of parking along Walegra Road, but with a little persistence you can usually find a parking spot.

2. Turn right and follow the riverbank trail

3. Small beaches and wading area

You will often find young families with small children swimming, wading, picnicking, and relaxing on the small beach areas along this section of the route.

4. Trail heads away from beaches

The trail heads away from beaches at this point. Due to erosion from river flooding, this section of the trail looks slightly different every year.

5. Meadow on the right, forest on the left

6. Trail dips and an old knotty tree

7. Two more sharp dips as the trail heads into the forest.

The trail comes very close to the paved bike trail, then dips away.

8. Through the forest and berry vines

The trail is more secluded along this section as it moves further from the bike trail. In season, berries can be picked along this section.

9. The trail returns to the bike trail

At this point the dirt trail runs along side the paved bike trail.

10. Brief Merger with Paved Bike Path Over Culvert

To cross a small ravine, the dirt trail merges onto the paved trail for a few yards before leaving the paved trail again and heading into the forest. As the golf course begins on the right (south), merge left towards the river and away from the golf course to stay on the dirt hiking trail.

11. Paved and Dirt Trail Side-by-Side

Along this section, the trail will come come close to the paved bike trail from time to time.

12. Take the short Spur Trail #1 to creekbank

13. Creekbank creek view

Nice view of the creek and wading area.

14. Dirt hiking trail curves against paved bike trail, then veers left into forest

The dirt hiking trail briefly touches the paved bike trail before veers back to the left (north) back into forest.

15. Continue east (left) on the main dirt hiking trail

Trail continues east through forest and berry vines.

16. Spur Trail #2 - Under the Golf Course Bridge

Take a left turn at the short spur trail under the golf course bridge. This short side trail leads to access to the creek.

17. Creek View, Rest Stop, and Wading Area

This section of the creek provides a nice place for a rest brake or wading. It's also a good place for dogs to drink.

Return to main trail and turn left (east) to continue.

Note: Many people make the river under the bridge their destination and return to the trail head from here instead of completing the whole trail.

18. Back on the main trail

19. Short Merger with Paved Bike Path Over Culvert

The dirt hiker's trail briefly merges with the paved bike trail to traverse a drainage culvert

20. Through lush forest and open meadows

21. END of Route - Return the way you came or take paved trail back to trail head.