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Los Angeles Tour: Los Feliz

Glamour meets small-town charm in this walkable L.A. neighborhood.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 38 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  As an early site of Hollywood film studios and a longtime favorite roost for celebrities, Los Feliz has seen its share of Tinseltown... more »

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Points of Interest

Immortalized in the 1996 flick Swingers, this Los Feliz cocktail bar and Continental restaurant was established in 1954. The Rat Pack-era lounge has starburst chandeliers, leather booths, and dark-cork and stone-patterned walls. Jazz duo Marty and Elayne sing an eclectic range of hits from Frank Sinatra to the Bee Gees; performances take place... More

2. Bar Covell

Improvised wallpaper (pages from old encyclopedias) and no official wine menu reflect the laid-back vibe of this Hollywood Boulevard joint. Wines by the glass change daily; recent crowd-pleasers included a zesty, sparkling Malbec from the highlands of Mendoza, Argentina. Despite its minuscule kitchen, the bar churns out a respectable range of... More

Located in Los Feliz, Yuca’s is a no-frills, family-owned taco stand that has been serving up authentic Mexican food to residents of Los Angeles for over forty years. What it lacks in style, it more than makes up for in flavor and a decidedly casual atmosphere. How casual? Yuca’s staff actually serve food (and write down customer orders) on paper ... More

4. Cherry Pick Vintage

Los Feliz teems with funky vintage stores, but this sweet boutique is the cream of the crop. It stocks a chic, well-edited collection of pieces for both ladies and gents from the 1940’s through ’90’s (without a whiff of must) as well as gently used contemporary finds. Scoop up everything from stylish frocks to hip denim to classic cuff links for... More

This expansive urban park hugs the hills above Los Feliz and has enough attractions within its 4,210 acres to please both nature and culture lovers. Those seeking a brush with the wilderness will love its miles of hiking and horseback riding trails as well as the onsite L.A. Zoo, while those less inclined to traipse through the chaparral can get a... More

6. Vintage Cinemas Vista Theatre

This historic neighborhood theatre offers one of the best movie-going experiences in town. Housed in a Spanish Revival building, the single-screen cinema boasts the original 1923 Egyptian-themed decor reminiscent of movie palaces like Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre, but locals love it for a more practical reason: the expansive leg room. A restoration ... More

7. Soap Plant / Wacko / La Luz de Jesus Gallery

What began as a handcrafted soap shop in the early 1970’s has today become a cult purveyor of pop ephemera and a counterculture art gallery. The wildly colorful retail space brims with lowbrow objets d’ art, novelty books, tongue-in-cheek gift items, collectible toys, and crafty home decor, while the gallery hosts exhibits by underground,... More

8. Hollyhock House

Frank Lloyd Wright’s first foray into Californian architecture was this impressive “California Romanza” residence he designed in 1919 for oil heiress Aline Barnsdall. Wright fans will appreciate the unique indoor/outdoor design and custom furniture, but even non-architecture buffs will thrill to the stunning views from the rooftop terraces and... More