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Lake Arrowhead's Four Seasons Sports

A year-round destination best known for its skiing, hiking, and water activities.

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Overview :  Just 90 minutes northeast of downtown L.A., Lake Arrowhead is a community of sporty pursuits and pricey chateaux. Snow Valley skiing... more »

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Points of Interest

Snow Valley has attracted Southern California skiers since the 1930s. This San Bernadino mountains resort lies northeast of Los Angeles and is about a two-hour drive from the coast. Snow Valley offers 12 lifts and 240 acres for both skiers and snowboarders to explore. The resort continues to improve its terrain park that includes rails, table tops... More

This dockside restaurant on manmade Lake Arrowhead dates to 1982 and specializes in sweet and savory Belgian waffles, including a play on Benedict, with a waffle replacing the classic English muffin, and Hot Apple Annie with cinnamon ice cream, apples, raisins, walnuts, and whipped cream. Breakfast for two from $25.

28200 Hwy. 189 # E150
... More

A string of paper lanterns leads to the entrance of this upscale New American restaurant, housed in a small cottage dating from 1939. Dine on filet mignon or rack of lamb, with a variety of preparation options, such as a coffee rub, honey-hazelnut crust, or vanilla-bean sauce, in one of several intimate dining rooms where white-clothed tables... More

Located in the upper San Bernadino Mountains, this lodge overlooks Lake Arrowhead and is within walking distance of a number of village shops and restaurants. The interior lobby is decorated with upholstered armchairs, brown leather couches, brick-mantle fireplaces; the 170 guest rooms overlook either the lake or the mountainside. Breakfast is... More