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Robbs Peak and Hut

Robbs Peak Overnight Ski and Snowshoe
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Robbs Peak (and Hut) is a lovely day, or better, overnight ski or snowshoe trip during the winter months. The approach is fairly... more »

Tips:  Robbs Hut must be reserved via the online federal reservation system (recreation.gov) up to 6-months prior to your trip, if you want... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking (Trailhead)

Parking is reached by turning off of Hwy 50 ~20 miles east of Placerville, CA onto Ice House Road. Go north on Ice House road for 23 miles and look for the Robbs Peak (Robbs Hut) Road, which is a parking pulloff with a locked gate (and signs) in winter.

2. Trail

The trail is well-defined along the road, with blue markers (and arrows). Very scenic and easy to follow

3. Stream Crossing

The road cross a stream at this point. You may also see tracks and a more direct route to the summit at this point (but not part of this guide).

4. Turn Right to Summit

Right hand turn off of Robbs Peak road to the summit of Robbs Peak. This turnoff is well-signed, although the signs are beat up.

5. Broad slope south of hut

Broad slopes south and west of the hut may make for a good place to find turns with old snow that is corning up.

6. Robbs Peak Fire Lookout

The old fire lookout can be used for watching sunsets, picnics, and even grilling.

7. Robbs Peak Overnight Hut

The hut near the fire lookout can be reserved for overnight stays. The hut sleeps up to 6 people on 3 2-person bunks, with a basic mattress and a few wool blankets. A thermostat-controlled gas fireplace controls the heat. The cabin is equipped with a stove and oven and a few (very few) pots/pans/etc (bring your own though). Books, games, and ... More

8. Lunch stop with fun skiing

Broad slope on the way up makes for a scenic lunch stop and a good place to make some easy downhill turns.