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Cemetery Walk - Fort Ross State Historic Park

The Old Russian Cemetery at Fort Ross State Historic Park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Visiting Fort Ross begins more as a meander than a point-to-point walk. The fort site and its structures have a grand and sweeping... more »

Tips:  Weather is changeable here. One can expect wind daily, rain in the winter, fog in the summer, and even sun all year round.

The drive ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Head

At Fort Ross head down to the end of road turn around at Sandy Cove. One will see a path leading into the trees and across a creek. It's marked and one of the two trails to the cemetery.

The other is via a gate at the cemetery on HWY 1 just south of the Park entrance by Way Point 6.

2. Gully Walk

The trail travels through the scrub and trees along a creek feeding to Sandy Cove, cross the small bridge and follow the trail up the gully. The trail will transition into a pleasant mixed forest and parallel a seasonal brook. In a few spots the path gets quite muddy due to springs after winter rains.

3. Coastal Scrub

Leaving the gully the path breaks out into coastal scrub.

4. Local Fauna

Minding its own business.

5. Cemetery

This cemetery dates from 1812-1841 and reflects the local Russians and Eskimos, and possibly used to bury local Miwok Indians employed by the Fort Ross citizens.

The grave markers were placed during the restoration of the park and mark real burials, however, none of the remains have been identified to specific people.

A quiet and reflective... More

6. Hwy 1 Gate

HWY access.

7. Trail Head

From here return to the fort or head down to Sandy Cove, the site of the first ship yard in California.

8. Seaward gate at Fort Ross.