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Backway to Bodie Ghost Town 4x4 Road

Avoid tourist traffic with this fun backway into Bodie Ghost Town

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 28 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Most tourists reach Bodie Ghost Town (Bodie State Historic Park) via paved Hwy. 270. The trip described here is a more interesting... more »

Tips:  This is a state park and a small fee is charged to get in. This is a rare opportunity to see preserved original structures of an... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start Here

From Highway 182 about four miles north of Bridgeport, turn right on Masonic Road (Forest Road 46).

2. Chemung Mine

Turn right on a lesser road and follow tracklog to Chemung Mine. Lots of interesting structures to see here.

3. Side Trip to Masonic Mountain

Turn right here to take side trip to Masonic Mountain.

4. Masonic Mountain

Great views from 9,217-ft. Masonic Mountain. Return to Point #3 and continue east.

5. Side Trip to Masonic Site

Turn left to see old mining site of Masonic

6. Masonic Mine

A few ruins of stone cabins remain at Masonic Mine. Turn around and return to Point #5, then continue south on what becomes Forest Road 169.

7. Forest Road 168

Forest Road 168 crosses here. Continue east then south on 169.

8. First View of Bodie Ghost Town

After several shallow creek crossing, you'll come over a rise and get your first views of Bodie Ghost Town below.

9. Parking Area

You come in the back way to main parking area for Bodie Ghost Town. In 1879, Bodie had a population of 10,000. Only 5% of the town remains, but all the remaining structures are original with only minor modifications to help preserve what's left. A small fee is charged to help with the cost of keeping the park open. After visiting the town,... More

10. Bodie Road

Turn right on Bodie Road, marked 270. It starts as a wide gravel road but soon becomes paved. It returns to Highway 395 south of Bridgeport.