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Mumbai Bollywood Stars Tour

Where India’s stars of the silver screen hang out.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  The new wealth and globalization that have flooded Indian cinema have also translated to Indian culture. Stars are cult icons with a... more »

Tips:  Bombay is best anytime but summer, though even on hot days the sea breeze makes it more tolerable than India’s inland cities.

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Points of Interest

1. Bombay Electric

Everyone from Bollywood stars Karishma Kapoor to Lara Dutta has picked up pieces at this trendsetter. Creative director Priya Kishore has highly selective taste, but she stocks a wide range of products, including everything from luxury eyewear to summer dresses. Rocker Talvin Singh even performed a concert here.

1 Reay House
... More

Opened in May 2007, China House’s chic, ultramodern décor and multiple levels draw Bollywood’s A-list. Look out for Bipasha Basu or the Bachchans sipping appletinis at the light-up LED bar—or on the mezzanine I-deck, the private area where guests can plug in their own iPod, if the in-house DJ isn’t hitting the right notes.

Western... More

3. Henry Tham Chinese Restaurant

Henry Tham operates under a Zen philosophy: simple décor, authentic food, and great music. The restaurant specializes in modern Chinese cuisine and Asian-inspired cocktails (the national award-winning bartending includes a vodka drink using sugar, basil, and orange juice). Bollywood stars like Jackie Shroff have been spotted here sipping sugarcane... More

Mumbai mainstay Indigo’s lengthy wine list is famed. But the drinks are just the tip of this exclusive iceberg. The Euro-Asian cuisine includes dishes like thandai-marinated chicken with spiced balsamic glaze, and coconut and lime risotto with asparagus and hearts of palm, which are best enjoyed alfresco on the rooftop terrace. Opened in 1999,... More

5. Reflections

The lobby bar at the plush JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai may not at first glance seem like a celeb hangout, with its laid-back feel and clean marble and wood décor, but it does draw crowds, including the likes of Bollywood “it” couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Perhaps it’s the cocktails, or perhaps it’s the view of Juhu Beach and the Arabian... More

6. Samsaara

Super-boutique Samsaara stocks more than 65 designer labels, irresistible to everyone from Bollywood stars Preeti Jhangiani to Katrina Kaif. The use of glass and wood in its nine stores creates a soothing atmosphere and highlights the variety of styles (Indian wear and Western-style clothes) and products (anything from belts to bags) available.

... More

7. Shobha Asar Jewelry

Service and quality are what draw Bollywood starlets like Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor to Shobha Asar. Her flagship store in Worli has private consultation rooms for discreetness, and each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. The artisans at Shobha Asar follow the entire process, from jewel sourcing to delivery, to ensure... More

8. Vie Deck & Lounge

You may find Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan lounging underneath Vie’s white canopy on the beach. Located in ritzy Juhu, Mumbai’s Malibu, Vie specializes in light Mediterranean fare with a focus on seafood. Order one of the Italian seafood dishes, like the grilled Spanish lobsters cooked with an olive and wine sauce or a martini made by one of its... More

9. Zenzi

In the Bandra district, this restaurant draws Bollywood stars like Upen Patel and John Abraham for dishes like the wasabi prawns. The resto/bar caters to an international clientele, hosting cultural events like Salsa Sundays and art exhibitions, and refuses to play anything but its own special brand of house and drum and bass.

183... More