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Explore Sha Tin - a riverside town with many attractions

A new town with a fascinating mix of cultural attractions, riverside walks, parks and Hong Kong's largest museum
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.231 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Sha Tin may be considered "off the beaten track" for many visitors but for those with more than just a short 3 or 4 day stay in Hong... more »

Tips:  Getting there: Sha Tin is easily reached by MTR East Rail Line which starts at Hung Hom in Kowloon. Passengers can interchange with... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sha Tin Station

Sha Tin Station is the starting point of this walk. The station was built in 1910, was on the British section of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR) which ran from Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon to Canton (now Guangzhou) and originally operated by steam trains. Through trains ceased to operate in 1949, when during the communist revolution, the line was... More

2. Grand Central Plaza - Home Square

Follow the path ahead with Pai Tau Village on the left and in a short distance, the distinctive dark-tinted windowed, curved Grand Central Plaza is reached. This building is the location of Home Square mall, which contains Hong Kong's flagship IKEA store and several other home furnishing stores, cafes and restaurants.

Follow Pai Tau Street... More

3. Sha Tin Government Offices

The 16-storey Sha Tin Government Offices, opened in 2001, stand at the junction of Pai Tau Street and Sheung Wo Che Road. Follow Sheung Wo Che Road alongside Shatin Government Offices, past a multi-storey car park, to its end where there is an old yellow direction sign for Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.

4. The steps to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Follow the path at the end of Sheung Wo Che Road and the steps leading to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery are soon reached. There are 431 steps leading through bamboo forest to the lower level of the monastery, lined with 500 life-size gilded Arhan statues, each in a different pose and are a remarkable sight.

There is no alternative way of... More

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Tsz) is one of the most fascinating temples in Hong Kong. Located high on Po Fook Hill it was founded in 1949 by the Reverend Yuet Kai and completed in 1957. The Reverend, born in 1878 to a wealthy mainland family, was a skilled musician and poet who, at the age of 19, decided to devote his life to Buddhism.... More

6. Starock Bookstore & Wing Wo Bee Farm

The steps down from the monastery courtyard lead through bamboo forest and families of monkeys (longtailed macaques) can often be seen playing here. These are part of Hong Kong's population of over 2,000 wild monkeys, thought to be the descendants of pets released into the wild.

Part-way down the steps a sign points to Starock Bookstore and Wing... More

7. Po Fook Ancestral Halls

Po Fook Ancestral Halls are often mistaken for the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery by visitors but is not as interesting. It is essentially, a large columbarium, opened in 1991, set in terraces on Po Fook Hill, below the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery with numerous halls containing niches with ashes of ancestors. There are temples, shrines and... More

8. Pai Tau Village

Pai Tau Village has survived whilst almost all around has been redeveloped or modernised and contains traditional Chinese houses and shophouses. It is inhabited by Lam Clansmen who originally settled at Wuhua County in Guangdong Province in Mainland China. Over a hundred years ago ancestors of the Lams moved south to Sham Tseng, near Tsuen Wan in ... More

9. Sha Tin Station - Citylink Plaza

Re-enter Sha Tin Station at exit B which leads to the concourse and a shopping area, Citylink Plaza. Do not pass through the station entry barriers, instead leave at exit A via Citylink Plaza and carry on straight ahead to New Town Plaza.

New Town Plaza is Hong Kong's second largest and one of its busiest shopping malls. It has been developed in two phases, Phase 1 with nine floors which is connected to Phase 3 with three floors. Phase 2 has not yet been developed. The mall has over 350 shops, most of which are well-known international brands, department stores, Marks & Spencer... More

For visitors with children Snoopy's World is a small outdoor themed children's playground based on Charles Shulz Peanuts characters. Attractions include a yellow school bus, Snoopy House, Peanuts Dugout, Peanuts Pavilion and a boating canal with canoe ride.

Opening hours 10am to 8pm daily (last admission 7-45pm)

Admission is free but for entry... More

12. Sha Tin Town Hall

The unmissable huge terracotta walls of Sha Tin Town Hall lie just ahead of Snoopy's World. It was opened in 1987 and is regarded as one of the finest performing arts centres in Hong Kong. It has a large auditorium with over 1300 seats, exhibition galleries and in the same building is a marriage registry. Newly-weds accompanied by guests are a... More

13. Sha Tin Public Library

Directly opposite Sha Tin Town Hall is Sha Tin Public Library, opened at the same time as the town hall in 1987 and with matching terracotta walls. The library has internet terminals which visitors can use free of charge and also is a hotspot for Hong Kong's "GovWiFi" free wi-fi internet access.

Opening hours: Mon, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday &... More

Sha Tin Park was opened in 1988 and is an attractive urban park which stretches along the riverside for a distance of about 800-metres to Lion Bridge near Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The park has gardens with Chinese moon pavilion and bridges, fountains, waterfalls, rock garden, children's playgrounds, bird conservation area, a large amphitheatre, ... More

15. Riverside Walk

From Sha Tin Park follow the riverside path/cycle track westwards. The river is the Shing Mun River which runs from the hills of Kowloon to the coast at Tolo Harbour and the channel alongside Sha Tin Park is an artificial extension, constructed when Sha Tin New Town was developed. The arched pedestrian bridge which connects Sha Tin Park to the... More

Opened in 2000, Hong Kong Heritage Museum is Hong Kong's largest museum, housed in a 5-storey building with Chinese-style roof and courtyard and has something of interest for everyone. Major permanent exhibitions include The New Territories Heritage Hall which has a replica fishing village with ancestral hall and village scenes, the Cantonese... More

The temple courtyard is entered from Che Kung Miu Road through a large gateway with latticed arch. The existing temple was opened in 1994 to replace the original temple which dated back over 300 years to the Ming Dynasty, having become too small to serve increasing visitor numbers following the development of Sha Tin New Town. The tiny original... More

From Tsang Tai Uk Playground, the old walled village lies just ahead. The official name of Tsang Tai Uk is Shan Ha Wai, which means "walled village below the mountain". The village is one of the best preserved walled villages in Hong Kong, albeit nowadays surrounded by high-rise apartment blocks.

Built in 1847 and completed in 1867, Tsang Tai Uk ... More

19. Riverside Walk

From Tsang Tai Uk return to Che Kung Miu Road and take the pedestrian subway under the road to the riverside path and cycle track. From here there are views across the river to the Heritage Museum and Sha Tin Park with Sha Tin town centre and the green hills of Shing Mun Country Park beyond. Follow the riverside past a recreation ground to the... More

20. Lek Yuen Bridge

The Lek Yuen Bridge is an attractive decorative Chinese-style arched pedestrian footbridge with a span of about 200-metres, which links Sha Tin town centre with the mainly residential area of Sha Tin on the other side of the river channel. It was built in 1988 during the development the new town and its name "Lek Yuen" was the original name for... More

21. Bike Hire Kiosks

After crossing Lek Yuen Bridge follow the riverside path in the opposite direction to the Heritage Museum. After a short distance the path diverts away from the river and into Sha Tin Park and around three bike hire kiosks (below) before rejoining the riverside, whilst the cycle track continues along the riverside. Bicycles, tricycles with... More

22. City Art Square

City Art Square, located in the piazza between Sha Tin Town Hall and New Town Plaza was opened in 2008 in celebration of the Beijing Olympic Games, for which the equestrian events were held in Hong Kong. It contains 19 sculptures and art displays by both local and overseas artists and designers including fashion designer Vivienne Tam with "Peony... More