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Barhop through the City’s Five Star Hotels

Sip in the lap of luxury enjoying Asia's grandest décor
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.3 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  Hong Kong houses some of the world's most gorgeous hotels, which cater not only to foreign visitors but well-heeled locals as well.... more »

Tips:  Dress the part but adopt Hong Kong fashion methods. From March to October, make sure you can strip to a camisole or light shirt for... more »

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Points of Interest

Tea from China, fine china from China, a string quartet playing music that's not from China--Hong Kong's Peninsula is the type of place where the colonial British perfected their concept of the late-afternoon meal. The colonial-style hotel serves tea with sandwiches and other dainties on tiered trays from 3- 6pm. Arrive late and call it a light... More

Back in the hotel, make your way to the top-floor restaurant and bar for your first cocktail, or just a peek at the view and the restrooms. The lighting in the eccentric wood-paneled elevator dims as one reaches the 24th floor.

Step out to see dozens of chairs with faces on them staring back at you from inside the Philippe Starck-designed... More

3. Cross over to Hong Kong on the Star Ferry

When the Peninsula opened in 1928 its Salisbury Road address was on the water. These days there's another row of buildings in front of it, built on reclaimed land (dredged from the sea floor.)

To reach the water, cross Salisbury and bear right toward the Star Ferry Terminal. A ticket for the primitive, two-deck ferry costs HK$2-$3. (Efforts to... More

Even if you don't stay for a drink, have a look at the remarkable size of the glass wall in the Grand Café of the Hyatt, at the left end of the lobby.

The neighboring Hong Kong Convention Center, which looks like a bird in flight from the harbor, has a similar glass curtain design. If you do stay awhile, consider the outdoor Waterfall Bar on the... More

The landmark hotel in Central may not have the views of its brethren, but it has been The Place to stay in Hong Kong for half a century. It also has been The Place for wealthy locals to take visitors for a drink. The bars are fairly intimate. Choose either the Chinnery, which boasts one of the world's largest collections of single malt whiskies... More

Hong Kong's relatively new Four Seasons may have the most attractive pool in the city, its infinity edge appearing to spill into the harbor. Fortunately, it also has a pool bar, open 'til 9:30 p.m. If outdoor seating isn't your thing, or it's late, the chic Lounge is very attractive as well. If you still have stamina (and money) left at this point... More