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Seoul Culture and Arts

Discover Seoul's cultural and artistic soul with an eclectic mix of museums, galleries, palaces and neighborhoods.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 8.8 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Vibrant yet restrained, progressive yet conservative, Seoul is a dynamic city of contrasts with a respect for the past that is matched... more »

Tips:  Be warned: this tour involves lots of walking so, aside from your camera and a keen sense of exploration, comfy shoes are a must-have ... more »

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Points of Interest

Take Line 4 to Ichon Station. Take exit 2, and walk 150 meters towards Yongsan Family Park.

Any exploration of Seoul’s cultural and artistic side must begin with a visit to the outstanding National Museum of Korea. The largest museum in Korea, it contains a dizzyingly edifying array of art, historical and religious artifacts, archaeological... More

Now for something totally different. This is a side of Seoul many tourists (and more conservative locals) never see.

After exploring a little of Korea’s lofty artistic and cultural history at the National Museum it’s now time to take a step into the country’s cultural future with a walk through Hongdae neighborhood. This hub of Seoul’s youth and ... More

At the end of Picasso street, to your right is Sangsang Madang, an art complex that bills itself (quite rightly many would agree) as Seoul’s cutting-edge cultural mecca.

This massive, multi-storied building is abuzz with creativity; it contains galleries(with a focus on contemporary and up-and-coming artists), shops (where you can buy artists'... More

Walk back up Picasso Street to the main road and turn left toward Hongik University. Just to the right, hidden on a tiny street near the university’s entrance, is the famous “Mural Alley.” This promenade, an homage to the unconventional, features the ever-changing, colorful work of spray-paint artists.

If you’re in the Hongdae Playground park... More

Return to subway stop Sangsu, take it 10 stops to Yaksu. Transfer to line 3 and go 5 stops north to Anguk station. Take exit 2 and walk straight (north) for about 300 metres. About half way up the street, on your right will be a tourist information centre (look for yellow "i"). Stop in here to get information and maps on the Bukchon area.

... More

Return to Anguk station and go one stop to Gyeongbokgung station and take exit 5. The palace gates should be directly in front of you.

This palace is Seoul's pride and joy. More than 600 years old and the largest of the city's palaces, it was once home to the royal families of the Joseun dynasty. It is one of Seoul's most popular attractions and... More