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Janapar Trail -Section 7 - Shushi to Stepanakert

From the historic city of Shushi, down through secluded gorges to the modern capital of Stepanakert.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8.7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Taking you on a back road between the two most visited cities in Karabakh, this trail is a serene and beautiful walk, with very nice... more »

Tips:  * Walking from Shushi to Stepanakert is much easier than the reverse, because Shushi is at a much higher elevation. So if you're only... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Shushi Town Square

When facing the statue of a man sitting on a bench, you see a road to the left of it heading down toward the city walls. Follow that road and you'll see the trailhead marking on the first pine tree on your right. You might stock up on some snacks or drinks in the square before you head out.

2. Gate of Shushi's Old City Wall

You have to go around a wall and through the courtyard of a cafe and turn right through the arch in the wall and through the gate at this point. A little tricky, but the trail is marked.

3. Shushi City Sign

This sign in three languages welcomes you to Shushi. Right across the highway from this sign is the dirt road that begins the backroad Janapar trail to the capital city.

4. Stone Bridge

A nice stone bridge will take you across the only river crossing in this section of the Janapar. A nice spot for a break by the water. After crossing the bridge, you quickly come to a dead end at another dirt road. You want to take your hard right to get to Stepanakert. Taking the road left will take you to the ruins of a village destroyed... More


All along this hike you'll see beautiful views. These photos are from along the route, not necessarily this spot.

6. Small Stone Church

A little old stone church with the roof overgrown with grass will mark this turn. It's in the tiniest of villages, with just a half dozen homes, and there's an old cemetery above the road across from the church.

7. Minibus (Marshutni) stop

This is where the clearly marked trail begins/ends. From here you can continue walking to the center of Stepanakert, or take the #19 marshutni (van) that departs from here every 15 minutes or so.

8. Renaissance Square

Renaissance Square is the main square of the capital city of Stepanakert. City hall, the national assembly, Hotel Armenia and the statue of Stepan Shahumyan all surround the square.