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Succor Creek and Leslie Gulch

A popular sight seeing, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and off road recreational area in eastern Oregon.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 57 miles
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  The towering rock structures of Succor Creek Canyon rise above prime riparian habitat and rock-hounding grounds.

Leslie Gulch is a... more »

Tips:  Northern access to the area starts at Adrian, Oregon or Homedale, Idaho. Southern access starts at Jordan Valley, Oregon.

The roads... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Hwy 201 and Succor Creek Road

The northern part of Succor Creek Road starts here. It is a crowned graveled road, but gets rough and rocky as you near the Succor Creek State Natural Area.

There is a sign marking the turn off.

If you are in an automobile or towing a trailer, the southern route from US 95 is a better choice.

It is about 15.5 miles and about one hour to the... More

2. North Side View

The road starts down into the Succor Creek State Natural Area here.

3. Succor Creek State Natural Area Campground

Succor Creek is an unstaffed, no-fee primitive camping area. Pack it in, pack it out! There's no potable water. There is a restroom and a bridge across the creek.

There are six walk-in campsites and 12 hike-in campsites. Open March - November.

RVs are allowed and there is space on the southern end of the campground for several.

4. East Side Overlook #1

This overlook is off the Antelope Springs Road. Antelope Springs Road is an ATV and 4X4 road.

5. East Side Overlook #2

The jeep trail ends at private land, now with a locked gate.

The Spanish Charley grave site is about 1/4 mile up the road behind the locked gate. In 1887, Spanish Charley was shot and killed by a neighbor in a dispute over sheep.

6. South Side Overlook

This viewpoint is on the south edge of the Succor Creek State Natural Area. There are several turn outs with views of the creek and canyon here.

7. West Side Overlook

This overlook is up a very steep, rocky, ATV/jeep road. Do not try this road when it is wet!

8. Succor Creek Rd. & Leslie Gulch Road

The road is crowned and graveled to the Leslie Gulch Campground. It is about 14 miles from here.

There is a sign here.

Horses are not allowed in the Leslie Gulch area.

9. Dago Gulch

The video shows scenery typical of the entire Leslie Gulch.

10. Bighorn Sheep

There are about 200 California Bighorn Sheep in this area. They are often seen from the road.

This POI is here because it is where we saw the sheep on the day of the video. Dusk and dawn are the best viewing times.

11. Leslie Gulch Campground - BLM

The Slocum Creek BLM Campground has 12 campsites. Picnic tables are also available. A concrete boat ramp provides Owyhee Reservoir access for small water craft.

Hiking, photography, plant, and wildlife viewing are all popular activities in this unique canyon setting.

Take caution and be prepared for ticks, rattlesnakes, and extreme weather... More

12. US 95 & Succor Creek Road

The southern part of Succor Creek Road starts here. It is a crowned gravel road and I have seen a lot of automobiles use this road to reach Leslie Gulch and Succor Creek Campgrounds. If you are towing a trailer, this is the best route to either of the campgrounds.

There is a sign marking the turn off.

Leslie Gulch Campground is about 24.2 miles ... More