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Out-of-this-World Hilo on the Big Island

Hawaii Island's east side harbor hamlet offers more than meets the eye
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 10 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  With historic small-town charm, Hilo walks to a beat that's a contrast of culture and funk. As if it's in a time warp, Hawaii Island's... more »

Tips:  If you plan on seeing both sides of remarkable Hawaii Island, consider flying into Hilo for the first few nights. While accommodations... more »

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Points of Interest

Aside from being the home to Liliuokalani Park and Gardens, one of the cool things about Hilo's Banyan Drive is that the city of Hilo lined the entire thoroughfare with banyan trees in 1935. Planted by famous visitors back in the 1940s and 1950s, each tree features the celeb's name and year it was planted. You'll find Babe Ruth (famous baseball... More

At the west end of Banyan Drive is Lihikai Street. If driving from your hotel, take a left here and go one block to the traffic signal and make a right on Kamehameha Avenue (Highway 19). You'll pass through the traffic signal at Pauahi Street. When you reach the crosswalk with flashing lights at the Mamo Street intersection, take a right into the ... More

Once you leave the market, stay on the main street of Kamehameha Avenue and you'll see shops, eateries and some cool historic buildings.

Within the S. Hata Building, the National Oceanographic Institute has constructed the Mokupapapa Discovery Center to interpret the natural science, culture and history of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and... More

Continue strolling along Kamehameha Avenue and you'll reach the Pacific Tsunami Museum. On April 1, 1946, and May 23, 1960, Hilo faced the horrific devastation of tsunami waves generated from earthquakes in the Aleutian Islands and South America respectively.

Built in 1930 with its parapet, fluted columns and wrought iron design, this sturdy... More

From the Pacific Tsunami Museum, turn left on Kalakaua Street and continue a few blocks. Resembling a Hawaiian hale (house) of the 1800s with its hipped roof, the East Hawaii Cultural Center is operated by a coalition of art groups dedicated to preserving and sharing cultural, and creative and traditional arts.

Established in 1967, the galleries ... More

Walk left on Kinoole and then a right on Haili Street. The Lyman Museum building depicts the multicultural past in telling the story of Hawaii, its islands and its people. Here you'll discover a collection of Hawaiian artifacts, fine art and the restored home of David and Sarah Lyman. Built in 1939, the Lyman House is one of the oldest wood-frame ... More

At this point, you'll need to head back to your car. Then you can basically backtrack your walking path. From Haili Street, take a right on Kapiolani Steet and then a right on Ponahawai Street. When you reach Komohana, take a left. Then take another left on Nowelo. Take a left on Imiloa and you've arrived.

Located on a nine-acre campus above the ... More

8. Hawaii Nui Brewery

From Imiloa Astronomy Center, turn left onto Nowelo Street and then take the first left. You'll turn right onto West Lanikaula Street. You'll pass the Hilo Nursery and Arboretum on the right. Just past Mililani Street turn right onto Manono Street. Take the first left onto East Kawili Street. If you reach Mililani Street, you've gone too far.... More

To continue onto Big Island Candies, take a left out of Hawaii Nui Brewing onto East Kawili and make a right on Manono Street. Continue on Manono until you reach Kekuanaoa, then take a right. Travel to Hinano Street, where you'll turn left. Big Island Candies is right on the corner of Kekuanaoa and Hinano.

This is what you've been waiting for!... More