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Bicycle tour Wadonga to Wangaratta

Take a relaxed 3 day bicycle ride through the country towns and alpine areas of Northern Victoria
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 91.342 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  This is a three day ride through some very scenic country in rural Victoria.

The ride gives you a chance to explore Victoria's... more »

Tips:  ** Getting to the start and finish:
You can catch a V-line train from Melbourne to the start at Albury, and another train back from... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sandy Creek Bridge

This bridge was first built over Lake Hume in 1929 for the rail line. After years without trains the line was converted to a rail trail for cycling. In 2012 the original pylons where used to build a new cycleway with fantastic views over Lake Hume.

The Tallangatta Hotel is your old fashioned country town Hotel. The accommodation is basic but cheap, as are the beers. The food is pretty good with local fish from the dam, an monster sized steaks. (02) 6071 3381

3. Kiewa River picnic area

We found this was a lovely place to stop for morning tea. There's decent toilets and grassed areas to camp. In summer the river is deep, clean and cool enough for refreshing swim.

4. Hill climb ahead!

Nice views all around, and little to no traffic, but a steep climb. Don't be worried about stopping regularly and having to walk it up some sections. Lovely forest on the ridge-top.

5. You've made it!

When you reach the top you'll come to a junction. After having some lunch, just keep going straight ahead - but this time it's a lovely downhill!

6. Allans Flat

Back out onto easy flat riding through farming land on the edge of Allans flat.

This is a lovely old Hotel in a beautiful old town. While the hotel itself is lovely, the accommodation is once again pretty basic. The 'Bungalow' we stayed in out the back was freezing and noisy. Still, better than camping out here in winter - temperatures often fall below freezing.

Take some time to explore the antique shops, old post office ... More

These waterfalls are well worth the short detour to get to them. There's a short walk of a few kilometers from the falls if you feel like moving without your bike for a while. There's not really anywhere to swim here, so if you are thinking of spot for relief from summer heat, keep riding!

9. Rest stop & camp grounds

Just after you make a shallow weir crossing there are camp grounds that you could stay at if you wanted to extend the trip or avoid Hotel accommodation.

There's also swimming holes in the river in this area, just off the road.

The riding from here to Eldorado is really scenic, so don't rush through it.

10. El Dorado Museum

Some country town museums are pretty average - this one stands out as great. It has a wide selection of items with good information to explain the history of each piece. Check out the website below for more info.

11. El Dorado Gold Dredge

El Dorado is an old gold mining town, and for many decades this massive old dredge would scope up mud, sluice it on board to separate the gold, and move on. Worth a stop just to get a sense of the scale of goldmining here - it was not all quaint panning for gold on the creek bank!

12. Wangaratta Train Station

You made it! there is not a lot of places for a meal right near the station, you'd be better off heading into town.