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Radio and Television History in Hilversum

Discover the history of radio and television in Hilversum.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 6.4 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  This tour tells the story about where broadcasters started broadcasting. You will pass old and new buildings of the broadcasting... more »

Tips:  From May 2011 you can rent a Segway at the starting location.
Call +31 (0) 35 201 06 60 for reservations.

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Points of Interest

1. Mediapark

In 1961 the NTS received authorization to build the first radio studios on a large vacant lot in Hilversum North. Not only the NTS was a new studio space on the terrain, the radio colleagues from the NRU moved from several buildings in Hilversum to the new broadcasting complex that would get the name Broadcast Quarter. In 1963 the first new... More

2. TROS building

With two ships, three navy helicopters and more than thirty police made ​in the morning December 17, 1964 an inglorious end to the broadcasts of the REM Island, the only TV station in the world, from international waters, the antenna on the viewing audience.

Less than four months from the adventure had lasted artificial platform, which both TV... More

3. 538 Radio building

4. NTR building (Former TeleacNOT Building)

Former TeleacNOT building constructed in 1998. Teleac (Television Academy Foundation) was established on December 10, 1963.
NOT (Dutch Educational Television) was established on June 27, 1962.

Merger, Teleac NOT in July 1996.
From September 2009 Teleac and one year later NTR.

5. Former KRO building

In the spring of 1925 William van Koeverden succeeded to managed different local Catholic broadcasters, bringing them together in RK Association of radio clubs. Van Koeverden, a teacher at the Episcopal seminary Culenborg, played only a short time an important role in broadcasting history. He urged the Dominican Lambert Perquin, pastor of the... More

6. Former NCRV building

7. Former AVRO studios

Second studio complex AVRO. Build in 1940.
In form it was given the nickname: violin case.
The two studios were connected by a tunnel under Melkpad.
From 1958 to 2000 the AVRO used Villa Voorde on the other side of the Gravelandseweg, as an office.

8. Former AVRO studios

9. VPRO villa's

Nr. 63: Villa Lindenheuvel
Built around 1885.
Client: Simon Abraham Son Delden, an Amsterdam diamond merchant, who used the property as a summer residence
Purchased by the VPRO in 1952.

Nr. 65: Villa Kiezerstoren
Built about 1890.
Client: (wrsch.) Abraham Son Simon Delden.
Purchased by the VPRO in 1931.

Nr. 67: Villa Nova
Built 1891.
Client: ... More

10. AKN buiding

Home of AVRO, KRO and NCRV since 1998.
The AKN building, an office and studicomplex designed for 900 to 1000 workers, was located in a villa park. A choice that surprised not only residents but also everyone who in one way or another is involved in heritage conservation. Indeed, this choice was made in a period when the cultural appreciation of... More

11. Former VARA studios

VARA radio established her business in a spacious villa in Hilversum Heuvellaan. After transmissiontime-extension the VARA built the first studio of Radio Netherlands next to the villa. Then several big plans stranded. After 1956 significant enhancements were achieved. In the late eighties the VARA moved across the Heuvellaan and eventually went... More

12. Television tower

13. World Broadcasting Netherlands

Far from the center of Hilversum, not very noticeable from the road, a very modern broadcasting building is built: The building of World Broadcasting Netherlands. The building is a timeless modernity. It clearly descended from the second half of the twentieth century, but it is difficult to assess whether it was designed in 1990 or 1950. World... More

14. Mediapark

15. Mediapark today

In the late eighties unfolded major changes in the media landscape. The facilities management of the NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation) NOS-FB was converted into the NOB. Anticipating the future independence of the NOB developed management plans for the future. In attracting new companies settling in the Media Park wielded the NOB two criteria.... More