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Red Light District Walking Tour

A colorful tour including "green" cafes, red lights, a brewery and a 14th century church
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.6 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Amsterdam's oldest neighborhood (known as de Wallen in Dutch) has hosted the world's oldest profession ever since the city's inception... more »

Tips:  Security is one of the first questions tourists ask before visiting the RLD. In my experience you will not have any trouble if you're ... more »

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Points of Interest

Where better to start our tour of Amsterdam's most notorious neighborhood than at the hallowed doors of the city's oldest church. De Oude Kerk (The Old Church) was consecrated in 1368 and is in the heart of the RLD. It is so named to differentiate it from the New Church (consecrated 1408) that sits on Dam Square. It is well worth a visit inside to... More

Another church? You bet! The Amstelkring Museum is one of the most overlooked museums in Amsterdam. An important part of Amsterdam's history is the centuries-long battle between Catholics and Protestants. In 1578 the Protestants gained power from the Catholics in what is known as the Alteration. Catholic churches were vandalized and shut down, and... More

De Prael (The Pearl) is one of only three micro breweries left in Amsterdam. Opened in 2002, it is also a brew pub with good, unfiltered organic beers. The brewery produces eight beers, with five to six available at any one time.

There is a full kitchen where you can order sides or snacks from a changing menu. One typical Dutch snack is... More

There are several live sex shows in the RLD, and from what I've read Theatre Casa Rosso is the best among them. This type of performance is not for everyone, but will be a fun experience for many. The crowd is typically couples, tour groups and bachelor/bachelorette parties. The show is entertaining and more theatrical than "sexy."

Friday and... More

5. Red Light Souvenirs

A RLD tour is not complete without a stop at a sex shop. Of all the sex shops in the RLD, Red Light Souvenirs has the most kitsch—and I mean that in a good way. There are plenty of cheap and amusing souvenirs to choose from. They are open daily from 1pm to 11pm.

As mentioned in the overview, if you are looking to shop for erotic clothing,... More

What would this tour be without a couple of coffeeshops (i.e., cannabis cafes) to visit? Most of the coffeeshops in the RLD are loud and crowded with tourists. This tour takes you to two well-regarded coffeeshops just outside the RLD that offer pleasant ambiance and well-regarded marijuana.

Coffeeshop Basjoe is a quiet cafe with friendly staff, ... More

This legendary coffeeshop sells potent pot and has won the Cannabis Cup a number of times over the years. With the Grand Hotel next door, celebrities are frequently patrons. It is also a pleasant spot to hang out—with its sunken floors, mosaic stones and blown-glass lamps. It can get quite crowded on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Oudezijds... More

We end our tour at Amsterdam's Sexmuseum on the busy Damrak, which is a three-minute walk outside of the RLD. There is an Erotic Museum within the RLD but it is smaller, less interesting and more expensive than Sexmuseum Amsterdam.

This museum claims to be the first dedicated to the oldest art (established in 1985). The collection covers four... More

9. Female & Partners

Female & Partners is a woman-owned-and-operated shop that specializes in erotic fashion, lingerie and toys. The shop was opened in 1992 and was the first of its kind to gear itself toward female customers (men are welcome to shop for their wives and girlfriends).

The staff are friendly and informative, and they have an extensive selection.... More