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Turin Affordable Dining Guide

Savor the savings during "aperitivo hour" in Piedmont’s great city.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day

Overview :  This old-fashioned Piedmontese city offers the world’s tastiest freeloader’s bonanza. Ready? Let the eating begin.

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Points of Interest

One of Turin’s many famous old cafés where you can have a coffee or aperitif in style. Laid out under a vast chandelier, the spread at Caffè San Carlo is as rococo as the florid 1822 interior. Try the lush half-moons of eggplant parmigiana or the canapés dressed with cream-cheese curlicues and folds of bresaola.

156 Piazza San Carlo
... More

2. Cantina, Turin

Stop by the bunker-like bar for such improbable treats as a wooden board of meaty pancetta, beautiful roasted vegetables, and a fluffy rice, pea, and frittata salad.

1 Via Po


Crammed with Slow Food-sanctioned comestibles and various dining counters, this massive food bazaar in nearby Lingotto makes Whole Foods look like a 7-Eleven. Stroll among aisles of Barolo vinegars, acres of handmade pasta, and more than 250 kinds of handcrafted cheese, including such Piedmontese favorites as the ricotta-like, hay-wrapped ... More

4. Le Vitel étonné

The restaurant pays homage to its almost-namesake dish—vitello tonnato—pink slices of veal baked over salt at low temperature come cloaked in a divine tuna mayonnaise with just the right doses of anchovy, capers, and mustard. During aperitivo hour you can taste the vitello—and other favorites—in small portions.

4 Via San Francesco da... More

5. Mood Libri & Caffè

Take a seat in the design-minded café with a bookstore. In the shadow of a monumental palazzo, taste tiny roasted potatoes; focaccia with artichokes, prosciutto, mortadella, and mozzarella; and a farfalle salad tangy with capers.

3/e Via Cesare Battisti


Order the wild-greens-and-sausage pie at Pizzeria da Cristina, an oasis of Neapolitan warmth and tomato sauce just outside the center.

101 Corso Palermo


Dine under the arched brick ceiling of Ristorante Sotto La Mole, housed in a former horse stable by the National Cinema Museum. Thin strands of eggy saffron tajarin are freshened with raw tomato and herbed oil. Rugged hand-shaped agnolotti bulge with roasted meat filling. And for dessert, that sine qua non of Piedmontese sweets: baked peach... More

8. Vinicola al Sorij

At this enoteca con cucina, share soft chickpea farinata, triangles of airy pesto quiche, crudités, and first-rate salumi.

10C Via Matteo Pescatore