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London Booklover’s Tour

Thumbing through first editions, rare volumes, and obscure tracts, T+L finds there is no better city for bibliophiles.

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Overview :  Somehow a book bought in London was—and still is—different from a book bought anywhere else. These days, of course, you can get any... more »

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Points of Interest

Deceivingly large, this Marylebone bookshop has original Edwardian oak-paneled galleries filled with a huge selection of books. Skylights provide plenty of natural light for viewing books, and there is even more to see on the basement and mezzanine levels. Daunt Books is known for its extensive travel collection, which is segmented out by country ... More

Located on Charing Cross Road, this London chain’s flagship store is the largest bookshop in the British Isles (or in Europe, for that matter). Established in 1906, the five-story behemoth houses an inventory of over 200,000 books, as well as an array of gift items, printed music, stationery, CDs and DVDs. The store is so large, it even houses a... More

Hazlitt’s, named after the essayist William Hazlitt, is housed inside a group of historic Georgian buildings dating back to 1718. This stylish, 30-room hotel is located in London’s Soho district, in the heart of Theatreland, and just a short distance from Oxford Street, Covent Garden, and the world-class shopping on Bond Street. Rooms and suites... More

4. John Sandoe Books

Located near Sloane Square in Chelsea, this independent bookshop houses roughly 25,000 books in a three-story 18th-century building. The store was established by John Sandoe in 1957 and is now owned by the veteran staff. Behind a brown antique façade, the shop has carefully selected volumes packed into every nook and cranny, even spilling out onto... More

Just around the corner from the British Museum in a neighborhood that was once home to a number of eccentric specialty booksellers, in some respects, the London Review Bookshop is a perfectly ordinary place, nothing especially dazzling or quaint about it. It sells books. It likes books. But it’s the kind of bookstore where you can almost hear the ... More