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English Pub Culinary Tour

Eat your way through the top pubs in London and beyond for authentic Scotch eggs, fish-and-chips, and pints.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  Britons seem to have come to terms with the existence of something called British food. The better news is that some of the most... more »

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Points of Interest

The recently opened six modern rooms are equipped with Miller Harris toiletries and Bose sound systems.

115 Charterhouse St.
London, England
United Kingdom


The Harwood Arms is a classic London gastropub that specializes in serving fresh, seasonal, and authentic British fare. Inside, a random collection of black-and-white photographs hangs from the gray-toned walls, and distressed wooden tables fill the cozy space. Ingredients are carefully selected from sustainable sources, and most of the game on... More

The Hinds Head is what you see when you close your eyes and picture the words: Traditional. Village. Pub. A low-slung Tudor building, it resembles so perfectly the Platonic ideal of a pub that at first you worry it might be putting you on. Here, the oxtail-and-kidney pie is made with meat that’s been cooked sous-vide for 16 hours. It’s hard to... More

Here the menu is predicated on local ingredients; the wood floors and stone walls have a warm, familiar feeling; and the fish pie, Grasmere farm sausages, and sticky toffee pudding are deligtful.

Main St.
Clipsham, England
United Kingdom


5. Sportsman

There’s a story behind the cured ham Stephen Harris serves at his seaside pub on the pebbly Kent coast. “We’re not the archetypal village pub,” Harris says. “You can imagine bikers on bank holiday getting into a fight here. We’re kind of weird, but it means my interpretation can be a bit more free." Harris’s idea was to make dishes that tasted... More

6. St. John Bar & Restaurant

Housed in a whitewashed old smokehouse, St. John couldn’t be called a gastropub. But owner Fergus Henderson is a canonized figure on the revitalized British restaurant scene. The spirit of his “nose to tail” approach—respectful of place and seasons, rigorously unfussy, unapologetically British—hovers over many of the best pub kitchens.

... More

7. Star Inn

To one side is a restaurant with a flashy, modern dining room and a Michelin star, but what you’re looking for is next door, nearly hidden beneath the thatch: a tiny pub room that feels carved out of the trunk of a very old tree. Here is everything you’d want in a picture-book country pub: low beamed ceilings; indulgent, smiling barmaids; a fire; ... More

The Place: A small, charming pub where chef Tom Kerridge has earned a Michelin star. Visitors can stay in one of four cottages. The Classics: Kerridge’s menu relies on seasonal ingredients and changes often, but there is one constant: roast beef and pork on Sundays.

126 West St.
Marlow, England
United Kingdom


9. Three Fishes

Nigel Haworth and Craig Bancroft run this gigantic, bustling pub. Packed with families, the place operates as a kind of living museum of the culinary bounty of the region. The menu is oversize, too, and features a map of local purveyors carrying the legend regional food heroes.

Mitton Rd.
Mitton, England
United Kingdom

44-12-5482... More