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Tate Modern: A4 Outdoor Pursuit

Performative walk developed with young people and filled with their wonderful, mischievous and playful ideas.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 1.1 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour

Overview :  The guide has been developed with young people as part of The Unilever Series: turbinegeneration workshops that I have been running,... more »

Tips:  Bring with you 10 A4 blank and white sheets of paper, a pencil and thin double-sided sticky tape or blu tack and enter Turbine Hall.

... more »

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Points of Interest

1. A4 as a mask / A4 as a pillow

This is it - the Turbine Hall. A vast space within a huge building filled with people who are currently (summer 2012) installed as art. Here your every step, breath and sole presence contributes to the art experience of others. The space without people seems to be just architecture.

WARNING: Please note that below visibility option CANNOT be... More

2. Go forward

Had enough? Were encouraged to leave?

Head for the door – a large exit towards the west side of the building. The crowd entering the gallery might make it difficult for you to exit but aim for the ramp on the other side of the glass and stop pretty much as soon as you reach it.

3. A4 as a megaphone

The balcony above the ramp has a feel of a 21st Century Speakers’ Corner though one would be unlikely to attract the crowd to stop AND listen. The crowd, however, might get snippets of the speakers’ words of wisdom whilst moving from A to B. Their trajectory is not affected but the speeches of those who have something to say can be delivered to... More

4. A4 as a message

Inanimate objects carry their own layers of meanings that can be unleashed with a little help. Have a careful look around the west side of the building for opportunity to leave an unexpected visual statement or message.

Visibility option:
Use your A4 sheet to create a new layer of meaning. This can include covering up part of an advertisement or... More

5. A4 as a pillow

The west side of the gallery is blessed with a large number of benches in the shade. It is a great location but totally underused, mainly due to the lack of photographic opportunities – who wants trees and containers in their holiday pictures collections. This makes it a perfect rest spot for napping and picnicking. We are going to use it as a... More

6. Go forward

Walk through the green in front of the gallery and head for the bridge. After your moment of reflection and singularity you will be more aware of a crowd stream on the Millennium Bridge.

7. A4 as a handkerchief / A4 as a flag / A4 as a marker

There seems to be no code of behaviour. People walk at you from all the directions. Welcome to the pedestrian M1 of river Thames. Head for the bridge and… abruptly stop in the middle.

Visibility options:
Use your A4 as a handkerchief and wave it frantically for 2min solid. This should give enough time for passers-by to realise that you have some,... More

8. A4 as binoculars or oculars

Stay on the bridge for a further 5min but this time to observe. See how seamlessly you can fit into the crowd and find an empty spot by the bridge’s banister.

Visibility option:
Curl your A4 to create low spec but effective oculars/binoculars and observe the view carefully through your new viewer. Follow the movement of the boat, trajectory of a ... More

9. Go forward

The east side of the gallery that we are moving towards now is neither attractive nor inviting.

10. A4 as a blind spot

A large fence and containers in front and behind it make it all look like a micro industrial park. However the fence lends itself to act as a large canvas. A4 sheets can create blind spots in the cityscape, attract viewers to a monotonous view and create playful temporary layers within the city.

Visibility option:
Look at the landscape outside... More

11. A4 as a portal

You have probably spotted it already, the large container sports a large S O S sign and has the quality of a portal able to connect you with other realities. You have reached the destination where this route finishes but your ability to create ripples on the monotony of the everyday thrives. You can HELP to keep it going beyond this route and... More