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Flying around London City Airport & the Dome

How to get a zone entry into City Airport and fly around the Dome
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 35 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour

Overview :  Flying around the Dome and Canary Wharf is quite a challenge to someone who is not familiar with the air traffic pattern around London... more »

Tips:  Before getting into your aircraft, plan your route accurately. Have a transponder and working radio with good headsets and clear comms... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The Millenium Dome or O2 as it is now known

The Dome was built to celebrate the new Millenium; lots of public money spent, lots of controversy; lots of attempts to sell it off. Now owned by O2 it is a shopping centre, cinema, music venue, etc etc.
My interest in it is purely to fly around it and see London from a unique perspective. On a sunny clear day, you can see this London landmark... More

Built on the old site of Albert Docks, the City Airport is unique in the world, located within the Capital city of UK. Short take off and landing techniques must be used by business jets and turbo props as well as Boeing 737s.

When you wish to fly into the City Airport Zone, which is Class Delta airspace, you need to request and receive a... More

3. Damyns Hall Aerodrome; EGML

This is the only privately owned airfield inside the London Ring Road area. Friendly, welcoming and very convenient if you wanted to fly to London in your small aircraft. The runway is 600 meters of well kept grass.
The frequency is 119.550 "Hornchurch Radio" is the call sign to remember old RAF Hornchurch; wartime airfield which had fighter... More

Good beer; but limited choice of brews, excellent food. Convenient for a quick pint after a long days flying at Damyns Hall. Avoid the thursday evening quiz nights if you fancy a quiet chat & drink; it gets noisy and crowded!
See link here for details

Greenwich Park and Observatory
click on link here for more http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/greenwich_park/
Good place to spend the whole day with your picnic and family.
The Royal Observatory is an icon of British Scientific enlightenment as well as the politics and intrigues of science and philosophers.

Flood barriers control level of River water level to prevent flooding of London.
see link here for details

7. Woolwich Ferry

Woolwich Ferry runs free service all day for cars, lorries, cyclists, pedestrians from the north to south and vice versa.
see link here for details

Military & Heritage Museum, being so near to the old site of RAF Hornchurch is well frequented by those interested in local history.
see link here for details

Delightful views from the riverside terrace of the Thames looking westwards. "Sundowners" will enjoy a pretty view with their drinks. Food is above average standard. The rooms are average, clean, some slightly run down and old; not quite modernised, but adequate for the price.