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Plymouth to Saunton Sands - Coast To Coast

A Coast To Coast Run For an unassisted cyclist carrying tents and camping gear
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 83 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  A Coast To Coast Run For an unassisted cyclist carrying tents and camping gear. mostly road and tarka trail terrain ( only rough bit... more »

Tips:  You Could Leave a vehicle at Barnstaple train station, or get a train from Barnstaple to finish your ride

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Points of Interest

1. Dartmoor Caravan Park

Set-up For Caravans, But with inflatable mattresses the gravel was no probs for tents, Very Frendly owners cup of tea was brought out as we pitched are tents .Chinese with bar in yelverton only a little way up the road. beautiful views over Plymouth when you wake up in the morning. Only £5 per person when we went any you could stay only one night ... More

2. Lydford Castle

Beautifully sited on the fringe of Dartmoor, Lydford boasts three defensive features. Near the centre is a 13th-century tower on a mound, built as a prison. It later became notorious for harsh punishments - 'the most annoyous, contagious and detestable place within this realm'. To the south is an earlier Norman earthwork castle: to the north,... More

3. Meldon Viaduct

The Viaduct itself, a Victorian wrought and cast iron structure, spans a tree covered valley providing extensive views over the surrounding lush countryside. Not far away is the still active Meldon Quarry extracting railway ballast, roadstone and other industrial aggregates which is taken out by rail via Okehampton Station onto the mainline at... More

Opened on 3rd October 1871 Okehampton Station represents days of a bygone era. Located on the southern fringe of Okehampton and acting as the border between town and moor, the station sits at 750ft above sea level

5. Smythan Manor

Perfect Camp-site For Saturday night, camping ground is in secluded walled area out of any wind, a very friendly atmosphere and a pub on site. no food on site out of season though, no probs if your prepared.