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Walks in East Kent

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  5 miles (8km) approx. 10,000 steps
Allow 2.5 hours

About the walk:
This walk starts along the River Stour following the Stour Valley ... more »

Tips:  Distance: 5 miles (8km) Allow 2.5 hours
Start/Finish: Chartham Church
Stiles: 6
Gates: 3
Terrain: Field, orchard and woodland paths,
... more »

How to get there:

By Car: Chartham is just off the A28 between Ashford and Canterbury
Postcode: CT4 7JW
Parking: Some on-road parking is available in Chartham outside the church and in surrounding roads

Train: Nearest station-Chartham (200m)
National Rail Enquiries: 08547 484950.
Bus: 652 (Canterbury-Ashford) Hourly service. Mon-Sat

Mon-Sat Traveline: 0871 200 22 33.

Please note that route shown may not accurately follow public rights of way and waymarking on ground should be followed at all times.

Walk provided by Explore Kent
Explore Kent is a Kent County Council Initiative

KCC Explore Kent less «

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Points of Interest

1. Point 1

Starting at St. Mary’s Church Chartham, facing the recreation ground, turn right to travel away from the level crossing. Take the surfaced riverside footpath on the left just before the bridge signposted as the Stour Valley Walk. Continue through gate to steps.

2. Point 2

Use steps to cross over track and pass through kissing gate to continue ahead along path.

3. Point 3

Upon reaching gate at road near bridge, cross over stile onto pavement. Beware road can be busy with lorries. Turn left to follow Stour Valley sign, along pavement across bridge (pavement is fairly narrow).

4. Point 4

Beware of traffic. Cross over road to take first road on right near car dealership (Howfield Lane). Please note that there is no pavement so be careful walking down this road.

5. Point 5

Follow waymarked footpath between EK Timber and Newmafruit buildings. Bear left to follow path round rear of buildings.

6. Point 6

Follow track, through orchard until you reach a road. Upon reaching road, turn left to walk along road passing under railway bridge.

7. Point 7

Pass road on left and continue ahead following waymarking to stile just off of road to the right. Cross stile into field and continue ahead to stile in corner.

8. Point 8

Cross over stile and go down short slope to road. Beware of traffic. From here, cross over to follow North Downs Way signpost through motorcycle barrier and down surfaced track.

9. Point 9

Where path divides bear left to follow North Downs Way arrows through woods.

10. Point 10

Keep left at sign post as the path becomes enclosed by trees on either side.

11. Point 11

Go through gate at the end of enclosed path and in to No Man’s Orchard and turn right. Follow arrows on path, keeping to boundary edge.

12. Point 12

Follow North Downs Way arrow out of the orchard along enclosed woodland path. Path emerges to run alongside recreation ground. Follow North Downs Way finger post to road.

13. Point 13

Cross road to follow narrow alleyway on other side signposted as North Downs Way. Come out of alleyway on to pavement and continue ahead to walk down New Town Street. Beware of traffic as you continue along road. Continue past Chapter Arms pub on the right until you come to a footpath signpost on the left.

14. Point 14

Cross over stile into orchard. Follow track straight ahead through orchard and through gap in
treeline. Emerging into a field, bear right to head towards stile.

15. Point 15

Cross over 2 stiles to go into another field. There are good views of Chartham from here. Follow path bearing left across field, exiting onto road.

16. Point 16

Beware of traffic. Turn left to follow road over level crossing until you reach junction with the A28. From here take extreme care crossing this road following road signs to Chartham, over another level crossing back to the church where you started.