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Touring Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal Neighborhood

This popular area is known for its colorful houses, cafes, trendy shops, art galleries, bars and green spaces.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.9 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood is considered Montréal’s most bohemian area where visitors will find Bring-Your-Own-Wine (BYOB)... more »

Tips:  Since this neighborhood spans a large area, comfortable walking shoes are recommended, as is light clothing if it is summer - Montreal... more »

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Points of Interest

Start your tour of Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal area enjoying one of the city's most beautiful green spaces, Parc La Fontaine. This tree-lined park, which is surrounded by historic Victorian homes, is a popular hangout for picnickers, walkers, sunbathers and those who simply enjoy sitting among greenery. (Tip: In the winters, the park has a... More

2. L'Avenue du Mont-Royal

After spending time relaxing in Parc La Fontaine, get your sneakers on and get ready to walk down Avenue du Mont-Royal Avenue, one of Montreal's main roads that is beaming with all sorts of trendy shops, original boutiques, cafes and restaurants. (Tip: If you prefer to bike along L'Avenue Du Mont-Royal, free bicylces are available in front of the ... More

Another popular area in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood is Rue Prince-Arthur. During the 1960's, this street was "the hippie haven in Montreal." Today it is a favored pedestrian-only area with street artists, jugglers, musicians, restaurants and cafes.

Rue Prince-Arthur also has the architecturally rich Square Saint-Louis with its 19th... More

After walking around Prince-Arthur Street, if you get hungry, one of the most popular food stops in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood is St-Viateur Bagel, known for bagels made with honey water. These Canadian bagels are hand rolled, then soaked in a sweet honey water bath and baked in a wood-fired oven. A stop at St-Viateur Bagel includes... More

The Ecomusee du Fier Monde is where you can learn about Montreal's industrial and working-class histories. The museum is actually housed in the old Généreux public bath, said to be "a magnificent example of architecture from the 1920s." The bathhouse was transformed into the museum in the 1990s.

Permanent exhibits at the museum include "All the... More