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The Best of Playa del Carmen; a Walk Down 5th Avenue

The highlights of Playa del Carmen can all be found on an afternoon walk down its famous 5th avenue.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  “Playa,” as the locals call it, translates to “Beach” and that is precisely why people come here. The crystal clear blue sea and warm ... more »

Tips:  Wear comfortable walking shoes, but also prepare for the beach (optional) and walking across sand.

Bring suntan lotion, a hat,... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Bus Station

For all passengers heading to the Cancun airport or further south to Tulum, the Playa Bus Station is where the buses arrive and depart. And here is also where we will start the tour of 5th Avenue

Benito Juarez, the main street and cross street of the bus station on 5th avenue splits Playa del Carmen into north and south. From the bus station,... More

2. Pachamama

On the stroll you will pass many stores filled with Mexican crafts, but one must is Pachamama. Translated to "Mother Earth," the shop sells high quality traditional Mexican handicraft from all over Mexico. It even highlights a few modern adaptations.

The owner, a resident of Playa for 20 years, works directly with artists at the source and finds ... More

A trip to Mexico is not complete without a taste of tequila. One place to get it is Casa Tequila. The building's imposing structure is easy to see on 5th avenue and its tequila selection is worth a review.

The official tequileria provides a place to sample Mexico's finest before you buy it. Ask questions and learn the difference between silver,... More

Chocolate was invented in the Americas and a place like Ah Cacao proves it. The café with two locations in Playa del Carmen (the second is at 30th and 5th Avenue) is a must stop for chocolate lovers and even the casual fan. It provides an excellent break from the hustle and excitement of 5th Avenue and a chance to catch up with the world on its... More

Head here if you want to spend some quality time on the beach.

Part of the reason people stay in downtown Playa is for the social scene. At night, the party can be found on the streets (especially 12th Street), but during the day the social scene can be found at the beach and one of the many "beach clubs."

A "beach club" is a place on the... More

If you didn't take the option stop at Mamita's Beach Club, still turn right and head to the water. Walk back along the sand and make your way down to Fusion. Enjoy the beach, the views and the stroll on the sand.

Also serving as a hotel, Fusion Bar and Grill is a perfect place to relax, take in a sunset and a sip a cerveza (or even something... More

7. Plaza Fiesta

If it's sold in Playa, there is a great chance you can find it here. Open to 11pm, this store has everything a visitor might need to appease a souvenir checklist of the family and friends not on holiday with you.

And after this stop it's time to find one of the many available taxis back to your hotel. Remember always ask for fare first: "cuanto... More