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British Columbia

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Trip List by matwaites

A Fishing and Outdoor Adventure Holiday

7 Aug 2009  Our yearly trip to explore another part of the hidden jewels of BC.
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This trip is for those of you who are interested in exploring the hidden jewels of British Columbia, and to those places that are not well known to the most of us. This takes you to some of the places that you never thought existed, and is a very enjoyable trip.

  • 1. Vancouver
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    This is a city that is filled with multiculturalism. It is the hub of many different areas that you're able to go. We started our tours in this city, and then we went to the North Shore, and up Highway 99 the Sea to Sky Corridor, and then up to Squamish.

  • 2. Squamish
    Squamish, British Columbia

    Squamish, is one of the Outdoor Adventure Capitals of BC. There are many attractions within Squamish that you would be able to enjoy as an outdoor enthusiast. You might want to go to Lake Murrin, and boat, and or hike in the trails that surround it. One the other hand, you might want to try your hand at the Stawamus Chief, or to go on a tour on the backroad near the Stawamus Chief.

    There is also the ever popular Brackendale area, which you can watch birthing Eagles, and ones who come to swoop down and catch salmon and other fish in the fast flowing Squamish River.

    There is also Garibaldi Park checkpoints, as well as the ever popular Cheakimus Canyon, as well as the Brohm and Cat Lakes. Not only that, but there is also the Brandywine Falls, that you can try your hand at hiking through the trails there, and to get a picture of the breathtaking falls.

    As you approach Whistler, you will pass Alta Lake, and Daisy Lake. All of these places pass through this portion of highway.

  • 3. Whistler
    Whistler, British Columbia

    Whistler and Blackcomb is the hub of a ski resort within the Sea to Sky Corridor. There is a full faceted ski resort, a long with a full functioning ski village with many services such as hotels, boutiques, state of the art restaurants, as well as many other luxuries such as spas and schools etc.

    A little bit more on the "wild" and adventurous side, there are ski hills of a multitude of different levels as well as the new and the state of the art gondola that goes from peak to peak, and allows you to see the untamed wilderness at your feet.

    There are two Olympic Venues at this area. There is the sliding center, that is located around Blackcomb Mountain, and then there is the Ski Jumps and Biathalon that is located in the Callaghan Valley.

  • 4. Pemberton
    Pemberton, British Columbia

    Past Whistler the next major town is Pemberton. This is where there is a lot of major parks, and various hubs to many different outdoor adventures. You have Alice Provincial Park, and then when you reach around the D'arcy Area you have a lot of other exciting adventures that you're able to take to either Green Lake along the highway, or you can also go west towards the Birkenhead Lake, that is also very beautiful.

    If you continue going straight ahead, you will be going towards Mount Currie and then onto the Duffey Lake Road. You will see a few provincial parks nestled in this mountain range. The two that you will be able to see are: Nairn Falls, and also Duffey Lake Provincial Park. These are both very wilderness, and you have to be self sufficient if you go into these areas.

    The Duffey Lake Road leads you through the Sub Alpine Meadows, and then will lead you into the semi arid area of Lillooet.

  • 5. Clinton
    Clinton, Cariboo

    This is the next major stop after Lillooet.

    Lillooet was not in the best light this year with the fact that there was some fires that were happening such as the Mount McLean Fire, but it was still manageable to get through and they have kept the highway open. We go through Lillooet, and then go through Pavillon onto the Pavillion Mountain Road. As usual the Pavillion Mountain Road is very picturesque when you're able to get pictures and other things of the mountain.

    On the other side we get to the Kelly Lake Road, which leads past Downing Provincial Park where we see a numerous amount of kids playing and frolicking in the water, and then we arrive in Clinton. It starts to get very warm around this area.

  • 6. Cariboo Highway

    After filling up with fuel in Clinton, we then head out onto Highway 97, also known as the Cariboo Highway. There are a number of different areas where you can branch out into many different Provincial Parks along with route. You can go towards 2 Green Lakes, Wells Gray, Chasm, and many other sites. You also pass quite a few alkali lakes. You can also access the road which goes through Alkali Lake, Dog Lake, Gustafsen Lake, Churn Provincial Park, etc., along the bottom side of the highway.

    You go through towns like 70 Mile, 90 Mile, 100 Mile, 108 Mile, 148, 150 mile houses and then you also go through Lac La Hache which is just south of 150 Mile house, and then you get to Williams Lake, and then there is McLeese Lake, Australia, Marguerite, Dragon, Kersley, Quesnel.

    Also there are two areas which are Likely and Horsefly. These are also areas that would allow you to unleash some adventure as well. There is the Northern Lights Lodge, and several of other lodging and resorts along this stretch as well.
    There are a lot of opportunities for recreation through these areas.

  • 7. Quesnel
    Quesnel, Cariboo

    This city is very popular during the Gold Rush and has some significant value during the fur trade and during the Gold Rush. It also is easy access to that of Barkerville where most of the trading and other things happened.

    Quesnel is also the hub to many different outdoor and wildlife viewing opportunities. Go along Hwy 26, and it will take you around areas that are popular with moose, and also will take you around some areas that are popular such as the Bowron Lakes.

    Wells is also a community that can be found along Hwy 26, and can be found around this highway too. This also has some significant historical issues.

    There are also opportunities for you to be able to go on a dirt road behind Bowron Lakes down to Likely. This was one of the roads that connected both Likely and Barkerville during the Gold Rush. This area is too very picturesque.

    Also for those who are interested with wildlife viewing, then you can look at the Hill Mountain Road, and that will give you an opportunity to be able to look for animals.

    For those of you who are interested in racing, there is a race track that is located off of Racing Road. Just follow that road up to the end of the road, it is off of Highway 97. You will find the parking lot right at the top there.

  • 8. Travelodge Quesnel
    Travelodge Quesnel BC, Quesnel, Cariboo

    This lodging was a very good location and very convenient. The owners and managers were very friendly, and I would recommend this to other people in a flash, as this was very comfortable.

    They also offerred a continental breakfast the next day, and it was very good. They should be given some major gratitude as this was a great opportunity for sleeping in a good hotel.

  • 9. Mr Mike's Family Steakhouse
    MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual, Quesnel, Cariboo

    This restaurant was very good again. This is the second time that we have been to this location, and would go back here almost right away with the fact that it had the same things that we have suspected at different times. This has the typical steak, burgers, salads etc.

  • 10. Cottonwood River -- Hixon/Quesnel Road

    We went along this road. The first part of the road was along pavement, and then it soon went to gravel. We went across a bridge that crossed the cottonwood river, and that was a great view.

    On the other side of the road, we were met by an osprey or another raptor's nest that we saw on a power pole. It was one of the largest nests that I ever found.

    If you're wanting to do a bit of a detour from Quesnel, and want a more picturesque way, then go this way.

  • 11. Prince George
    Prince George, British Columbia

    This location is the hub to so many different possible ways that you can go. You can either continue along Hwy 97, and continue towards Dawson Creek, or you could go along Highway 16, and head either west or east, or you could go south again. The choices are unlimiting.

    There are also a lot of various cities and towns that are also expended from Prince George.

  • 12. Yellowhead Highway 16

    The Highway 16 corridor allows you to go to the Alberta/BC Border, and then all the way over to Prince Rupert. It is a very nice highway, where there is a good chance of being able to see an abundance of wildlife. There are several of towns that you go through from Prince George. Some examples are: Endiako, Vanderhoof etc.

    Vanderhoof allows you to be able to go to many resorts such as Finger Lake, Tatuk Lake etc., you're also able to go to several of attractions such as Kenney Dam etc.

    You will notice that there is a vast amount of hay and green fields a long this stretch!

    Remember your speed!!! This is a corridor where there is an ABUNDANCE of animals, and they do NOT need to die with the fact that speed cannot keep at a steady speed instead of a really fast pace. Take your time and view the scenery! We saw two incidents of road kill one namely a moose, and this is not very good.

  • 13. Burns Lake
    Burns Lake, British Columbia

    Burns Lake is the hub as to where you would want to be able to get some various parts. One example of a major highlight is to be able to get to North Tweedsmuir Park etc. It will allow you to be able to get to a lot of different exciting places.

  • 14. Francois Ferry

    This free ferry will get you from Hwy 35, to Southlands. It goes every 30 minutes, and takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to cross to the other side.

  • 15. Ootsa Lake Loop

    This very picturesque circle tour takes you to many sites of interest along the way. There are things such as the Ski Club, to Takaysie Lake, Chesalata Falls, Chesalata River. Please note that there is a warning sign that tells you to get to higher ground if it sounds with the fact that they need to lower the water levels. There is also the spillway dam where they control the water levels. You can also access North Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, as well as Little Andrews Bay Marine Provincial Park.

    There are a lot of various sites on which you're able to do boating, hiking etc. around. Please note that you should drop by either the Burns Lake Visitors center, or you should also look at the above website link before attempting to do this circle, as then you will not miss the other exciting places.

    Also, this route you're pretty likely to see some animals, so please practice proper etiquette and stay in your car or vehicle!

    The Morice River Road/Owen Lake Road, you're able to see some animals, if you wait long enough, but we didn't so we were not able to.

  • 16. Telkwa

    This small historical town is approximately 10-20 km outside of Smithers and is the gateway for many different areas that are within this area. There is a provincial park called Tyhee Park, and also you were able to also do some fishing and camping.

    There is also a historical part of Telkwa where you're going to be able to walk. The best suggestion is to drop by their tourism center, or the one in Smithers to gain some more information regarding this.

  • 17. Two Rivers Lodge

    This very convenient, and comfortable lodge allows the visitor to be able to stay long term if they had to. It provides you with some cooking facilities, as well as a television and wireless internet capabilities. You're also able to store food in the refridgerator.

    The view of the Bulkley River is just stunning. Right across from the place, there is a beautiful sandbar that you're able to see some animals namely bear when they come down in the fall to search for their fish.

    We didn't get that opportunity to see anything, but when it gets closer to the fall you're more likely to see some animals catching salmon.

    Jane Matthews one of the owners of this place is very hospitable. She was able to walk us to the room, and make us feel very welcome. I appreciate this warmness and customer service in anywhere where I stay.

    I would stay here again!

  • 18. Steakhouse on Main
    Steakhouse on Main, Smithers, British Columbia

    This restaurant is in an old Mr. Mike's location. It has a salad bar, and other very reasonably priced entrees.

    It looks like a place that many locals would go to. There was even some people that were not from the local town that were there as well excluding us during that time.

  • 19. Tyhee Lake

    Tyhee Lake is one of those really pristine lakes. We were there very early in the morning, and it is VERY pristine and serene. There are a lot of loons that live here as well as terrific opportunities to see other animals.

    This park is also an excellent area for camping, fishing, boating, swimming, jet skiing, and other outdoor adventure things. If boating, please make sure that you clean the weeds and other stuff off the bottom of the boat to prevent Eurasian Weeds.

    The ideas are just countless at this park.

  • 20. Granisle Circle Tour

    This circle tour and area will take you to many different areas that you're able to do outdoor activities. They include Little Joe Trail (Babine Mountain Park), Chapman Lake, other parks such as Smithers Landing, Pendleton Bay, Red Bluff Provincial Park, Babine River Corridor Park etc.

    Please keep in mind that you need extreme caution if you're going to do the Granisle Connector. The Granisle Connector is a very narrow and rough road with many potholes along the way, and these need to be tackled with extreme caution. This section is approximately 24 km, and you're expected to do it carefully.

    Also if you plan on doing the Corridor area you will be going along a Native Reserve, and through one of their provincial parks. It is approximately 85-185 km from Smithers.

    We went to Granisle, and visited the Visitors Center, and then we also looked at the Marina.

  • 21. Babine Lodge

    This lodge is located in Topley Landing. We had lunch here, and it was really good, a bit slow, but well worth the wait. They also have 2 resident cats, and they remind me a lot of the cats that I had when I was younger. They also have camping, and RV and cabin spaces here at the lodge too. They are right along the ever popular natural made longest lake in the province.

  • 22. Boston Pizza

    This Boston Pizza was a very airy and roomy atmosphere. It has some good air conditioning, and is very inviting.

  • 23. Highway 16

    We went along Highway 16 again, through Burns Lake, and then through vanderhoof and then through to just before Prince George. We saw many fields of pure hay.

  • 24. Blackwater River Road

    We went by Baldy Hughes, and then we continued approximately 100 km from Beaverly to Quesnel. There was one provincial park which was West Lake park. There was also some major significance in this route as well. Alexander Mac Kenzie trail also lead through here. This is for those people who are extensively into hiking and long distance ATVing.

    Also when you get to the Blackwater River, it is one of those really fast moving waters, but it is very picturesque.

    There are lots of opportunity to be able to see wildlife around this area, and you should be acquainted with this, as this is an acitive logging road, and there are not much areas for help on the way done.

  • 25. Quesnel
    Quesnel, Cariboo

    We went in went into Quesnel through the back way. We went by Bouchie Lake. This was a very picturesque way.

    We then went to Downtown Quesnel through the way that it suggests on the road map.

  • 26. Sandman Inn Quesnel
    Sandman Hotel Quesnel, Quesnel, Cariboo

    We didn't stay at this location this time, but we were able to go to the Dennys at this location. This restaurant is in a good location, and is very centrally located.

  • 27. Cariboo Highway

    We went down HIghway 97 all the way down to Williams Lake. We passed through Kersley, Dragon, Australia, Marguerite, McLeese Lake, and also down to Williams Lake. There was a historical tower that we were able to see at Alexandria.

  • 28. Williams Lake
    Williams Lake, Cariboo

    We arrived at Williams Lake, and were staying in this city for the night before heading out to Highway 20, and then to Nimpo Lake.

    We stayed at the Coast Fraser Inn, and we were able to have a good stay there, and there was also a warm breakfast as well as a continental breakfast, and this was very good.

  • 29. Ming's Palace
    Ming's Palace, Williams Lake, Cariboo

    This is a really good place to get some Chinese Food. We had the smorgasboard, which had a wide variety of Chinese and Canadian Food. Some of the food had curry. I think that it was either the rice or the noodles. If you do not like the flavor of curry, please ask the staff for more details regarding this.

  • 30. Scout Island

    This is similar to that of George Reifel Bird Sanctuary, but it also allows you to see some other animals such as foxes and small mammals as well. There is a blind that you're able to use that will allow you to see a whole bunch of animals and birds in their natural settings.

  • 31. Highway 20

    This is the Chilcotin Highway and leaves the city of Williams Lake, and takes you by a bunch of different areas to the Bella Coola area. It takes you by Riske Creek, and just a little bit further up, you're able to access the Farwell Canyon, Junction Sheep Provincial Park, and also down to access the Gang Ranch and Churn Provincial Park. Then the next major stop that you go through which is Riske Creek, this is on the other side of the Fraser. This is the case with the Farwell Canyon as well.

    Then you will go to Hanceville aka Lees Corner. This is the first entraceway to Nemiah Valley resorts such as Chaunigan Lake. Once you go through Hanceville, then you will go to through Kleena Kleene. After this you will go through Tatla Lake (right around here is another entrance to many different resorts such as Chilko Lake Lodge). This is another really small area. Please note some of the smaller ones that you will go through are: Puntzi Mountain, Chilanko Forks, Tatalyoko Lake and Towdystan.

    After you will go through Nimpo Lake, and Anahim Lake. These are a little bit of a larger and more defined area then some of the other areas. Once going down the hill, youw ill be faced with Bella Coola which is a fairly large community.

  • 32. Tweedsmuir Provincial Park
    Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, Chilcotin, British Columbia

    When you go a little bit past Anahim Lake, you will connect with the Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park. This is where you will come across many different recreational activities namely backcountry camping, and also boating, and hiking. There are ample opportunities for wildlife viewing as well.

    A few of the popular trails are: Rainbow Range, Hunlen/Turner Lake Trail, Octopus Trail, Valley Trail etc. Please connect with their website for further information regarding the conditions of the trails.

  • 33. Stewart's Lodge & Camps
    Stewart's Lodge & Camps, Nimpo Lake, Chilcotin

    I wrote a review last year of this stay at Stewart's Lodge, and just wanted to continue on with this review, saying that we had a second year in which it was an excellent stay with both customer service,and with being a very clean and comfortable cabin.

    The staff are superb, and pride themselves in the best possible customer service, and they like to associate with the clients, with sharing different stories, ideas and theories. They are very knowledgeable with what they do.

    When we arrived at the Lodge on Wednesday July 29, we were greeted by Kevin Mayer, who cheerfully remembered us from the year before, and was very polite, and told us where the place would be that we were staying.

    This year was the warmest that Nimpo Lake has seen for a while, and it is very comfortable. We were able to go without having to wear cold weather clothing such as winter jackets. We were greeted to a warm and sunny sky for the most part, until the last couple of days when we got thunderstorms, but we still had a very good time.

    The cook, Allan, this year has made wonderful food, and his prized possession of making food was with the deserts. They were very delicious, and they consisted of peach and blueberry cobbler, lemon meringue, chocolate cake. They were all very delicious and he did a good job, and I hope that he is able to come back again next year for the food, as this was divine.

    When we went for dinner that night, we were asked whether we would want to go on one of the fly outs, and were we ever glad that we did. We went to Moose Lake, and the views that we saw from the plane were just superb. Our pilot was Ian, and he was not only very knowledgable, but he flew the plane very professionally, and described to us what we were seeing, and what we were to expect.

    We were told that we would be picked up about 5:30, and to be ready at the dock so that they wouldn't have to wait for us to get ready. The moose lake cabin that we were allowed to rest in was very nice. Just for those who plan on wanting to go to the washroom, you need to go to the outhouse near the back of the cabin. As well make sure that you have adequate water, or that you're willing to boil some water as there is NO water in the cabin. The fireweed bushes are very high, so make sure that you either talk loud, whistle, or clap your hands etc., to avoid surprising wildlife if they are around.

    As for the fishing and the lake up at Moose Lake, it is a very large lake, and we only go to about 1/3 of the lake, but mind you we were only able to do one half the time with the fact that it was so hot that day, and we didn't have enough water, so we weren't able to find anymore fish, but we were able to get about 3 fish within about 30 minutes. We were able to find a 11 inch trout, a 14 inch trout, and a 6 inch fish. The six inch one we had no choice with, with the fact that it was too injured to put back into the water. This lake is also the home to the ever popular Moosehead Lodge.

    Duncan yet again, was very pleased to share his stories, and to hear how our experiences were with our stay, as well as the daily functions of the resort, as well as the safety and well being of the visitors. I also praise the staff for their quick actions with the various tasks that they have had to do with the flights on our last day with the fact that this year was bad with forest fires on Highway 20. Duncan and staff kept up to date with the fires, and with the other sort of events that took place.

    We had a very good second experience here at Stewarts Lodge and Camps, and we want to express to those who may have doubts after this year of forest fires in the area, please do not. This is a wonderful place, and takes you away from society, and allows you to enjoy nature. I hope that all of the people out there will enjoy this place as much as we do.

    We hope to be able to go back to this lodge, and we hope that we will have the same experience again next year! Good work on a second stay Duncan, and crew, and we hope to be able to have the same next year and for following years to come!

  • 34. Highway 20

    We went down pretty much the same way as described above, but we also saw a lot of wildlife as well. We went down a side road that went down along the Chilcotin River instead of going up the hill. We came across a black bear that sat like a dog. Then a little bit longer and we came across a bear that sat in the middle of the road on highway 20, and we went slowly. It then scampered into the bush, and then we were able to take some pictures of it.

    On the other side we were able to get some view of a deer and its fawn. They were too close, so I was not able to get any pictaures of them, but it looked so calm.

  • 35. Cariboo Highway

    We were able to get to about 148 mile house, and then we had to turn aroudn due to a motor vehicle accident that was a fatal, so we had to do some rerouting. We were told that we would have to take athe Chimney Lake Road also known as the Dog Creek Road.

  • 36. Chimney Lake Route

    We had to use this as a detour to the town of Enterprise where we were allowed to access the highway again.

  • 37. Cariboo Highway

    We went down the Cariboo Highway from Enterprise down to Clinton on this road. There were some traffic slowdowns at times so we had to wait at these periods, and that slowed down traffic signficantly, and then we were able to get to Clinton.

  • 38. Cariboo Lodge
    Cariboo Lodge, Clinton, Cariboo

    We went to the restaurant located at this hotel to be able to have lunch. The food is very reasonably priced, and we went to this a few years ago, and the food was really good again.

  • 39. Pavillion Mountain Road

    We went past Downing Provincial Park down to Kelly Lake, and then up the Kelly Lake Road to the Pavillon Mountain Road. This was very picturesque. We were able to see a marmot, and a deer at diferent times thorugh this journey, and then we were able to get to the other side of the mountain. We were able to get some great views of the land below.

  • 40. Lillooet
    Lillooet, British Columbia

    Lillooet was very smoky this time, as the Mount McLean fire was still burning, as well as some other ones throughout the area. We didn't go into the direct area, as we knew that it would be probably closed, as well as there would be some problems with fire crews needing this area.

  • 41. Highway 12

    We then went down this highway towards Lytton. This is through a very harrowing and hairpin corner turns. You had to use a lot of extra caution to be sure that you wouldn't be at risk of any problems that may come out. We were able to notice a fire in the Stein Valley, as well as some of the other areas up there as well.

  • 42. Lytton
    Lytton, British Columbia

    We went to Lytton, and this held some significance in the historical processes. It was very sleepy the time that we were coming through with the fact that it was on the weekend, and there was probably not a lot of them hanging out with the fire on the other side of the river.

  • 43. Boston Bar

    This is one of the small little towns where it can be a hub to outdoor recreation. Just across the river from Boston Bar is North Bend, and you can also access Nahatlatch Provincial Park. You can also go to the River Edge Cabins as well as the Reo Rafting.

  • 44. Hope
    Hope, British Columbia

    This was the last portion of our trip. We went through here, and then we were finished our trip!