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Ran Theatre Kyoto Nakagyo
The Ran Theater in Kyoto is a delightful introduction to a world of Japanese traditional music, played passionately by talented musicians on a variety of classical instruments.
We went to the Ran Theatre Kyoto as a part of our Gion Night Walk Tour with Kyoto Fun, and at the theatre we watched an absolutely spectacular performance of traditional Japanese music.
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Samurai Kembu Theater Sakyo
I was slightly worried that the theatre was just going to be katana demonstrations - and there were plenty of those but there were also demonstrations of samurai fan mime as well as some truly beautiful theatre.
The Samurai Kembu Theater first gives a show that describes the ways of the Samurai and very talented artists reenact traditional and contemporary Samurai performances.
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GEAR Kyoto
If you want a glimpse of the future of theatre, and a no-holds-barred performance by a tremendous talented, SUPER talented performers, so see GEAR right now!
Small intimate theater with an amazing stage and very talented cast!
KYOTO Butoh-kan Nakagyo
It was an amazing experience, starting from walking along Kyoto’s streets to find the theater, being welcomed inside it in a truly Kindly japanese way, till assisting at this performance in which all details (musi...
Before going there, I imagined a normal venue, a normal theatre, but on arriving there I find out it is a very intimate space, a japanese-style old house very well preserved, and only 7-8 people can watch a perfor...
Enchanted time with Maiko Kyoto
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Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theater Kyoto
We saw this wonderful performance at the Kyoto University of Art & Design as the usual theatre was closed for reconstruction work, The dancing and music was performed mostly by Maikos and some Geikos.
The show immerses you in the spirit of Japan in a nice and confortable theater.
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Minamiza : The Kabuki Theater of Kyoto Higashiyama
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Gion Hatanaka, Kyoto Cuisine and Maiko Evening Kyoto
We were a little disappointed at first when we saw that it was only Westerners (mostly Americans) in the audience and when we tasted the mediocre food (think dinner theater fare in the US but Japanese style) We al...
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Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu Kyoto
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Pontocho Kaburenjo Kyoto
In May the gisha north of Gion were honor bound to put on a 3 week long show at this theatre.
We loved our short time in this authentic Pontocho theater and no we are not Japanese.
Miyagawacho Kaburenjo Shimogyo
I am not an expert on geisha dances, but it had a cultural center (not: theater) touch to it.
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Rohm Theatre Kyoto Kyoto
Maiko Theater Kyoto
I was utterly mesmerized by the dance and rituels of Maiko and I strongly suggest everyone Maiko Theatre to experience watching the tea ceremony and dance of a Maiko and having a conversation with her if you have...
Amazing Maiko theater
Kyoto Gekijo Kyoto
Kyoto Concert Hall Kyoto
Kamishichiken Kaburenjo Theatre Kyoto
The Last and Only Samurai Show Kyoto
Gion Corner Kyoto
The 1 hour theatre show at Gion Corner at 6pm and 7pm gives you a taste of a variety of forms of tradition Japanese entertainment - tea ceremony, flower arranging, harp playing, dance and comedy.
... give you a smorgasbord of seven traditional arts: Kyo-mail dance by maiko (apprentice geishas), Koto Zither, Gakauku Court Music (today performed only in Japan, Kyogen Theatre (comic), bunraku Puppet Theater.
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Kyoto Kanze Nohplay Theater Sakyo
Kawamura Noh Theater Kyoto
Bar Out Loop Way Kyoto
Aoyama Music Memorial Hall (Barocksaal) Nisikyo
MAIKO (Geisha) Performance Shimogyo
Maiko Show Higashiyama
Kongo Nogakudo Kyoto
Nogakudo Kashokaku Kyoto
Nagaokakyo Memorial Cultural Center Nagaokakyo
Taku Taku Shimogyo
Miyazu Rekishi no Yakata Miyazu