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  • Laderalady
    San Diego, CA33 contributions
    Just visited for the first time. Best advice is hire a guide! We booked an Uber from our hotel in New Delhi to Agra. It was a four and a half hour drive and I would probably take the train next time as both the Uber driver and the 4 times as expensive driver we hired through the hotel for the return trip started dozing off. I am sure they work long hours, but it made for an intense ride and we would have prefered a relaxing train ride. We spent the night in Agra so we could be at the Taj Mahal first thing in the morning when it was cool and there were less people. Our guide had a lot of great information, handled the tipping for us, kept the solicitors at bay, and knew all the best photo spots to take our picture. I was thankful that we hired a guide and would tell all my friends and family to do the same.
    Written 24 May 2022
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  • Akshay bhawsar
    Indore, India1 contribution
    We took the Delhi to Agra one-day trip on April 2nd 2022. The excellent (!) driver vishal picked us up at our hotel and took us to Agra in a neat and comfortable car. On the way he stopped several times to let us have a quick glance at some landmarks in Delhi - we really enjoyed that! The ride to Agra took about 3 hours in total and we added a quick stop for breakfast and a coffee somewhere along the way. Once we reached Agra we met our guide haider ali, who took us to the Taj Mahl, the Agra Fort and a craftsmen demonstration of Indian marble and inlay art. Haider was very energetic and we enjoyed our time with him very much. He took a lot of pictures, knew a lot of good spots to take pics and was very knowledgeable about the sights as well. We had lunch at a pretty fancy place for Indian standards and it was also really delicious! At the craftsman's stop we were not pressured to buy anything, but we just had a look around and listened to the demonstration.
    Written 19 May 2022
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  • Film G
    New England857 contributions
    Another mausoleum (like the Taj Mahal) but on a smaller scale, you get to see things more up close and personal. And there are no crowds. It is a complex of buildings, also including gates, wells, fountains and gardens. In many ways this is better than the Taj due to the quiet, and ability to see it all up close. One hour is all you’ll need. Do it.
    Written 6 April 2022
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  • deejay90210
    New Delhi, India1,805 contributions
    Great views of the Taj without any crowds. But the park has poor access. Parking is bit far, you might want to take a battery operated rickshaw. Park is poorly maintained. A wasted opportunity
    Written 5 January 2022
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  • Sunesh Thampy
    Mysuru (Mysore), India6 contributions
    We visited Taj and Agra Fort on 6th Nov 2021. Though it was crowded due to Diwali, the presence of Guide Asif made everything comfortable.... He explained everything in a beautiful way... The added advantage was his photographic skills ...
    Written 9 November 2021
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  • Victoria Boldt
    San Francisco, CA6 contributions
    Our day began with a pick up from our hotel. Our driver pointed out important architecture throughout the government areas of Delhi. The cars are very clean and nice in comparison to any Uber you will take. So clean and comfortable. Our tour guide Deepak was incredibly kind, and very knowledgeable with a greatY sense of humor. We felt so immersed into the culture as we were guided by rickshaw through Old Delhi. The tomb in New Delhi was so beautiful. A nice lunch stop at a nice restaurant. Ask for Deepak to be your tour guide. He will make this day tour amazing.
    Written 28 September 2019
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    Ireland64 contributions
    This tour was an excellent virtual tour hosted by Akash on the AIRBNB platform.

    With international tourism suspended due to the pandemic, this was the best way to visit Agra, even if it was a virtual experience.

    Akash is a qualified tour guide who, in normal times, gives guided tours or Agra and beyond. As such, he is very well qualified to host a most informative and educational tour of the The Taj Mahal and other sites in Agra.

    The tour started with a video which gave one a sense of the layout of The Taj Mahal and the scale of the whole complex. Four different gates lead into the inner area and Akash explained the original role of each gate. Naturally, he took me through the Royal Gate! This is an immensely ornate construction in its own right.

    Then, using a series of compelling images with notations, he led me through the inner section through to the actual Taj Mahal. It was fascinating to learn that while the majority of tourists see the tombs, these are not the originals. Again, using quality imagery, Akash took me down the steps to the original tombs, a unique experience which is only open to public visitors for three days annually.

    The virtual tour then continued with Akash taking me to the other sites in Agra: The Red Fort etc.

    This tour really gave me a great insight into the Moghul Empire, why these architectural wonders were built and the factors that led to the eventual decline of the Moghul Empire.

    In conclusion, I highly rate this virtual tour with Akash. He takes time to deal with all the questions and really helps to place the Taj Mahal in the overall context of Indian history and heritage.
    Written 27 October 2020
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  • Melanie
    3 contributions
    Best most knowledgeable and kind tour guide ever!!! Personal tour of Taj Mahal with a personal photographer!!! Also had a personal shopping tour of Agra!!! Best day ever with best tour guide ever!!!!
    Written 9 December 2019
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  • Carolyn S
    Dunfermline, UK20 contributions
    Fabulous day out. Well managed from pick up to drop off. Rashid is a great guide and loved to share the history of the Taj Mahal, Agra and all its glory. He is well informed and knows exactly where and how to take photographs unique to you.
    Highly recommended and if we venture to Agra again we will be sure to look him up.
    We visted in October 2018.
    Written 20 September 2021
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  • Gary
    1 contribution
    Our tour of the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort was amazing! Babar taught us all about the rich history and how the Mogul empire ruled for generations. We also had a wonderful lunch and met some locals who’s family had helped build the Taj Mahal and do Stone work at Arga Fort. India is truly a beautiful place and we will be using Elite Solutions to see even more next time we visit!
    Written 18 May 2022
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  • Connie K
    8 contributions
    Very early morning so make sure to sleep early! I was a bit sleepy, but the tour was great, and not too crowded in the early morning. My driver was professional and pleasant. My tour guide Naresh Sharma was knowledgeable and a great photographer! I’d take horrible selfies of myself otherwise. Taj Mahal is a beautiful site, I’m glad I took this tour despite the early start.
    Written 27 July 2019
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  • Samuel W
    Derby, CT7 contributions
    TLDR: Taj Travel Services is professional, timely, and reasonably priced, especially for the quality of service you receive. The driver and guides that they provide are excellent, very knowledgeable, and personable. If you are considering whether to try and plan a Golden Triangle trip yourself, trust me, don’t. I am a very detailed planner who has many trips under my belt packed with every fun activity possible with every detail explored and I felt that this was the best decision I made for our trip to India. This is a time where you really want the experts to guide you, both in the planning and execution of your trip. The guides offer so much knowledge that it makes the sites twice as interesting and memorable, your driver will give you the comfort of knowing you have a reliable local to trust, and the company will be there to meet your needs along the way. A massive thank you to the owner (I believe)/planner (Deepesh Upadhyay), our driver (Mr. Chand), and our tour guides (Indu, Samarth, and Gottam).

    After receiving a recommendation to use Taj Travel Services for the personal part of my business trip to India, I sent a detailed email to Deepesh Upadhyay. From the beginning he was professional, timely, and detailed in his responses, quickly providing me with a customized itinerary with a detailed cost breakdown for my consideration including flight recommendations. Despite being unable to wire him the money ahead of time due to wire transfer restrictions, he was accommodating and allowed me to pay upon arrival, a level of trust that was greatly appreciated and helped assure me that I was dealing with a reputable company. I also greatly appreciated them being willing to pack as much content into a single day as we wanted to, basically giving us free reign to explore as much or as little as we wanted. My wife and I are die-hard for new experiences and fun, so we pulled 10+ hour days every day to fit as much into our weekend in the Golden Triangle. Thanks to Taj Travel Services, it was a success!

    We took a custom 3 day tour of the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur), flying into Delhi very early Friday morning where we spent the day there touring, Saturday in Agra, and Sunday in Jaipur where we flew out of JAI. The entirety of our trip’s transportation was performed by our private driver, Mr. Chand, who was exceptional in every sense of the word. He was always punctual, respectful, and willing to answer all of the questions we threw at him despite not being a perfect English speaker. His effort was always greatly appreciated. He always went the extra mile to ensure that we were comfortable, informed, and getting the most out of our trip. His driving skills proved valuable in India’s hectic driving conditions and we never felt nervous as a passenger of his. The fact that he is just as memorable as our tour guides and the sites should say something. Some examples of him going above and beyond include: ensuring water and snacks were always stocked in the car, being willing to answer our endless questions about India and himself, buying me tandoori tea on the roadside on the way to Jaipur and chatting with me, proposing an elephant ride for me to surprise my wife with up to the Amber Fort, patiently waiting while my wife and I shopped and experienced various cultural art locations (e.g. marble art, carpets, jeweled carpets, textiles, etc.), suggesting and bringing us to a monkey temple when we had extra time before the airport on our last day where he filmed us and helped us feed the monkeys, and the list goes on.

    Each of our tour guides was exceptionally knowledgeable, accommodating, and personable. We had a different tour guide for each city and they were as follows: Indu for Delhi, Samarth for Agra, and Gottom for Jaipur.

    Indu helped us to understand everything we wanted to know and more about the Qutub Minar, President’s House, and the India Gate to name a few. She knew all of the best photo locations (e.g. there is a spot where you can get multiple monuments in the park that contains the Qutub Minar, which we later saw on a billboard. We never would have known about that spot without her guidance) and angles to take pictures to capture the moment beautifully. She took her time with us, giving us time to walk around the moments and take it all in ourselves while never being absent. She told us that she had been giving tours for 7 years and her experience was clear.

    Samarth was our tour guide for Agra. While it is hard to play favorites, Samarth definitely went more above and beyond than we though possible in a tour guide. Not only is his knowledge of the Baby Taj Majal, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, etc. impressive, but he was very friendly and personal. Not every tour guide will text you on your birthday long after your trip is over. That is the kind of care that Samarth is willing to invest in his clients. It is clear that he values building lasting relationships and not just getting finished with his tour. Nothing feels rushed, and he is happy to keep feeding your interest if it is there. Because my wife and I love to experience the culture and wanted to see and do everything possible, he ended up bringing us to multiple amazing shops: a marble inlay shop where they practice the same skills with the same materials used to make the Taj Mahal, a Mughal carpet making shop, and a jeweled carpet making shop. Samarth was clear that there is no pressure to buy anything and if we felt like there was or didn’t like anything, we could and should leave immediately. Even though tour guides (including ours) often make commission from these kinds of referrals, he valued the relationship and experience of his guests more than a quick dollar which shows his integrity. The shops he brought us to were clearly quality places with personable and knowledgeable staff. He told us that he only bring people to places that he knows do the right thing, treat their customers right, and provide a good product and it was clear that this was the case. My wife and I feel like we made a friend more than that we took a tour with a guide, someone we were able to laugh with over lunch, bond with over experiences, and enjoy the expertise of. We will definitely seek to reconnect with Samarth in the future, whether for more tours or just to catch up.

    Our final tour guide was Gottam, who, like the other tour guides, was also exceptional. Notice a trend? He was respectful, very knowledgeable, and personable. His experience giving tours was evident in his depth of knowledge. We didn’t go any place in any monument/area where we weren’t given a fascinating fact that we never would have known had he not been there. His commentary greatly enriched the experience and helped us to fully appreciate what we were seeing. Just like Samarth, he went above and beyond just touring us around to our scheduled sights, he saw our interest and suggested checking out a textile shop since we hadn’t seen one yet on our trip. The location we were brought to was very fair and professional in their dealings. I came away with a wonderful custom made suit thanks to the shop rushing the order (it was done in only a few hours!) and the willingness of Gottom and Mr. Chand to schedule around coming back to pick it up before we left for the airport. Gotham was a down to earth family man, and he made us feel like an important part of his day rather than just a tour to finish or a chore to do.

    All in all, our trip to the Golden Triangle would never have been a success without Taj Travel Services. Every detail was planned and customized to our liking, and it allowed us to fit more into three days than we ever thought possible. When we finished the tour, we felt like we had been there for a week in the best possible sense, having seen and done so many amazing things and having met so many awesome people. It is truly the experience of a lifetime and a trip that I highly recommend, especially if you have a sense of adventure, desire to experience new cultures, and openness to try new things. You won’t be sorry! And tell them Sam sent you :)
    Written 10 June 2020
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  • Tara R
    Chicago, IL3 contributions
    Salman did a great job with the tour of the Taj Mahal. He was informative, interesting and really made a great impression. Highly recommend!
    Written 28 February 2020
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  • Maria
    Moscow, Russia1 contribution
    We’ve spent a wonderful day in Agra and visited its pearl - Taj Mahal. Thanks to Kamal we’ve had a very informative tour and got acquainted not only with the history is the mausoleum but with the life and traditions of the Indian people. Definitely recommended to book a tour with this agency!
    Written 9 May 2022
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  • Vera
    1 contribution
    I toom the tour to Taj Mahal today, and had a great time! My tour guide Dee was the best tour guide I could have, he told me everything about the historie of Taj. I would recommend everyone to visit this monument and also the ford of Agra. A trip I would never forget. Thank you
    Written 27 July 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.