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Wuhan University
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Sanxia Family Scenic Resort
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Donghu Scenic Resort
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Yellow Crane Tower
Points of Interest & Landmarks, Monuments & Statues
Gude Temple of Hankou
Sacred & Religious Sites
Guiyuan Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites
Baotong Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites
Changchun Taoist Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites
Tusi Ancient City
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings
Wudang Mountain National Geopark
Historic Sites, Ancient Ruins
Dongpo Chibi Ancient City
Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites, Ancient Ruins
Qingchuan Cabinet
Architectural Buildings
Hankou Modern Buildings
Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings
Tusi Ancient City
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings
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Wudang Mountain National Geopark Danjiangkou
A perfect place to enjoy it, wonderful sights and temples.
The resort that controls access to the mountain temple sites offers a wide range of hotel experiences, from the very grand to the quaint and ramshackle.
Wuhan University Wuhan
The campus in general is really beautiful and there are some great cafes that are dotted along some of the main campus bus routes so that you can stop off and take in the sights.
This is one of the most well known universities in China, located in central wuhan, a bit far from the river, but the exterior view of the pagodas really drew my attention to learn more and more about the uni.
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Wuhan
Wuhan Yangtze river bridge or Changjiang bridge span almost 2.5kM from end to end.This is an awesome and a must visit place of attraction in Wuhan.It's a breathtaking view atop of this bridge.Unlike other attracti...
Lots of activities, kite flying swimming etc. Fantastic views
Yellow Crane Tower Wuhan
Yellow Crane Tower is a very large and beautiful complex with historical structures, gardens, and an amazing birds-eye view of the city from the tower.
The inside of the Towers includes well preserve traditional chinese paintings and the views from the city one you are in the top floor are really beautiful.
2 Ways to experience it
Guiyuan Temple Wuhan
This is an amazing religious site with an incredible amount of altars and budist gods and saints.
There's a new temple being built in the back of the site, make sure to check it out.
1 Way to experience it
Chu River Han Street Wuhan
Nice place to walk and catch the sights.
Go late afternoon n stay for night view
Sanxia Family Scenic Resort Yichang
Great views of the Xiling gorge on the hike.
This was one of my favorite sites in all of China.
Hubu Alley Wuhan
Donghu Scenic Resort Wuhan
Jingzhou Historical and Cultural City Area Jingzhou
With history in abundance and many areas in which to sit and relax, my friend and I were overwhelmed by the beauty of this site.
Hiking up to the top of the gate provided a good view of the city, walls, and moat.
Xiangyang Ancient City Wall Xiangyang
My recommendation is to make the visit in the afternoon, after sunset, all the wall lights are on and you will enjoy the best views.
Climb up and you will find the view not only delightful, but you will quickly gain a better appreciation for the contrast between ancient China and modern China.
Mo Hill Wuhan
Moshan hill is good to relax biking beautiful view of the East lake
Walking Street of Jianghan Road Wuhan
It was my first full day in Wuhan and a pedestrian only street helped me to take in the sights and sounds in a gentle way.
Gude Temple of Hankou Wuhan
Wuchang Uprising Memorial Wuhan
A well preserved historical building and a well organized museum- the Museum of Wuchang Uprising of 1911 Revolution of China, It is a beautiful building, where the former site of Hubei Military Government of Repub...
Qingchuan Cabinet Wuhan
Gulongzhong Scenic Resort Xiangyang
... re-enactments, sweeping vistas of pagodas and fascinating geology, manageable crowds, an 1,800 year-old well, and an acceptable amount of retail stores (many Chinese tourist sites are chock-full of schlock).
Baotong Temple Wuhan
The drum and bell Tower Xiangyang
Wuhan the Second Yangtze River Bridge Wuhan
Sanyou Cave Cliff Yichang
Underrated site - nice easy walk with caves, nice scenry and some history
Incredible views
1 Way to experience it
Hankou Modern Buildings Wuhan
Hankow Customs House Museum Wuhan
Tusi Ancient City Enshi
Xiling Gorge Scenic Resort Yichang
It was very interesting and gave us a view of ethnic China that tourists rarely see, as well as aquinting us was many facts of Mao's long march and other historical details.
1 Way to experience it
Tanziling Scenic Resort Yichang
Three sets of outdoor escalators brought us all the way up to visit this beautiful scenic site.
Birds eye view
Zhuge Liang Square Xiangyang
Tan Hualin Wuhan
Yiling Changjiang River Bridge Yichang
Changchun Taoist Temple Wuhan