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Gothwal Art Udaipur
Shyam Kumar's work should be in museums!
Ganesh Handicrafts Jodhpur
It is almost like visiting a museum if you are in jodhpur it is must to visit.
My greatest pleasure comes from the response of customers who visit the small art museum shop where I work.
Shiv Shakti Art & Handicraft Pushkar
Khajuraho Temples Khajuraho
Probably best spent in museums (I really recommend Adivart, the state tribal and folk art museum), shopping or drinking beer.
I have enjoyed mostly the Western group of temples and it light & sound show and the Archeological Museum just a little ahead of the temples.
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Darshan Museum Pune
Unlike the usual museums which are very boring , this was very unique and life changing indeed!
Kindness, Compassion, Service to suffering Humanity, Love for Animals, Education and Spiritual development are some of the values practiced and inspired by Dada...The entire museum concept - right from village & t...
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Heritage Transport Museum Taoru
One of the best museums I've visited.
An absolute surprise in the middle of nowhere, the Heritage Transport Museum is a very well maintained museum with so much to see! Spic and span and well lit up, the place has very interesting vignettes for every...
Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum Bhopal
For me this is one of the most amazing, beautiful, stunning museums I have ever seen.
Amazing Museum... Very informative.. and quite different ... Lot of hardwork and art architecture
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Hall of Fame Leh
I visited this museum on my last day of the visit at Leh. Military museums have always fascinated me for their exceptional stories of superhuman courage that come from heroes who came from a very ordinary walk of...
One of the best maintained museums by armed forces gives you a sense of pride and patriotism when you visit the museum.
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Chauhan's Art Gallery & Art School Jodhpur
With a very accesible price, he offers here the same painting that are sold inside the Fort Museum but made from his own hand.
Yodhasthal Bhopal
Must visit in Bhopal, well maintained compared to other museums in Bhopal.
I visited this military museums with my kids...my kids enjoyed here...facilities was too good... Adventures activities was enjoyed by my kids...
Umaid Heritage Art School Jodhpur
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Jaisalmer War Museum Jaisalmer
This Museum has an apt place in the 25 Best Museums of Asia, as it showcases the Valour and Glory of the Indian Army right through.
It gives you wonderful feeling with A big Tricolour fluttering amidst display of war tanks & vehicles > The museum which gives a brief history of our Nation''s wars & the sacrifices made by our soldiers gives you...
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SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre Mussoorie
SOHAM - An Himalayan Museum is a Heritage & Art Centre showcasing Himalayan art, culture and lifestyle is a very well designed hangout, perched amidst thick Oak forest overlooking Doon valley, offering one of the...
The Shuklas make great hosts and my compliments to them to put up this great museum and also for the wonderful work they are doing for the society.
The Partition Museum Amritsar
One of the best museums I have visited in India.. so well laid out, the information is perfect to explain the history of partition to young children!! Extremely emotional place.. outstanding job!!!
I am a big fan of history museums and the Partition Museum truly impressed me.
Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing Jaipur
This is one of the best museums I have visited in India.
Located in a magnificently restored haveli or mansion, the museum displays a varied selection of block printed textiles alongside images, tools and related objects – all chosen to provide an in-depth look into the...
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Museum of Tribal Arts & Artifacts Bhubaneswar
Orissa should be very proud of this superbly curated and displayed museum, which truly deserves inclusion in any discussion of the world’s finest ethnographic museums.
This is an excellent museum - beautifully laid out, well displayed and with the added bonus of room attendants who are knowledgeable and very willing to answer any questions and talk about the exhibits more fully.
Gandhi Smriti New Delhi
One of the better museums in Delhi, where the exhibits are engaging for kids and adults alike.
a wonderfully educational and inspiring monument and museum to Gandhi. the miniature dioramas of Gandhi's life were amazing and to see the actual bed he died in and his very few effects he had at the end of his li...
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INS Kurusura Submarine Museum Visakhapatnam (Vizag)
Pros It's a real submarine used in indo pak war Submarine converted to museum Complex mechanism can be viewed Guided tour available Must for children Just for proud indian There are two more museums in vicinity Bu...
Must visit place in Vizag trip INS Kurusura Submarine Museum is just located beside R K beach...a wonderful museum in wonderful view.
Hazarduari Palace Museum Murshidabad
The least known fact is this palace is actually one of the best museums in India, housing rare collectibles from the Siraj - British era, including a vast collection of British and Moghul armory, as well as exquis...
takes you back in time , i love museums so my review is totally biased.
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Tibetan Museum McLeod Ganj
A lot of museums in India are - sorry to say - a bit rubbish.
This is a well organised, thoughtfully laid out museum which gives any visitor the Dharamsala an insight into the history of Chinese repression of the Tibetan people and the story of the exiles here and in other p...
National Gandhi Museum New Delhi
We have traveled in many countries and been to countless museums, this is one of my absolute favorites.
can visit at Mahtma Gandhi 's samadhi at Rajghat ,situated just opposite of museum.This is amazing zone where you can see thousand of crows and here becomes rain if there are cloud in the sky.
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Kerala Folklore Museum Kochi (Cochin)
Having seen the other museums and then seeing this I feel this is one of the very few folklore museums in India and particularly South India that captures the heritage of South Indian folklore very effectively.
Very helpful staff, one of those great museums where you can really get close to and in amongst the exhibits.
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Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum Mumbai
For anyone seeking an overview of Ghandi's life, it is well captured here in documents and dioramas (a favourite technique in Indian museums).
I think I have seen lot of museums but unlike all this is little different with stairs and rooms with straits from Gandhi ji life.
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Dr. Ramnath A. Podar Haveli Museum Nawalgarh
Wonderful museum with many art gallery good to be here and all painting are preserved well kept Mr Rahul is so nice and he showed around museum with all history details.
Colourful balcony pillars and arches, two courtyards and many religious depictions as well as scenes from the cultural life of the region abound in this delightful museum.
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya - National Museum of Mankind Bhopal
Having seen a couple of international museums and being fond of museums, I felt quite impressed.
One of the most interesting museum of India the history of the evolution very well explained the most interesting museum on the tribes of India I have visited I am passionate about tribal life for many years and I...
Desert Culture Centre & Museum Jaisalmer
However before the show we were provided with a highly educational tour by Mr NK Sharma, founder of the museum, author of various guide books about Jaisalmer, who despite his age has kept an astounding mental agil...
This is a wonderful museum created by the very lovely and interesting Mr Sharma who told us lots about Indian culture and personally showed us around his museum.
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Bagore Ki Haveli Udaipur
We had a wonderful morning walking around this old haveli with the museums knowledgeable and friendly guide.
Situated near gangaur ghat, bagore ki haveli is a brilliant mix of many things, it has a good museum and some great cultural shows, folk dance performances, etc.
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Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures Shillong
This is probably one of the best museums in the country; clean, magnificent, showcases the entire history and culture of north east india and the icing on the cake is the magnificent skywalk at the top with panaro...
The museum is an excellent insight into the culture and history of the seven sister's, built on seven floors the museum is very well maintained and organised
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Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata
The hall with all the antique pieces, museums etc is a must see! Collecting pebbles from the memorial is a long going tradition.
The monument is marble structure, with detailed museums inside.
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Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum Bengaluru
It is one of the best museums, full of science models and prototypes, it's a knowledge hub for science buffs and kids.
multi lingual explanation, working and we'll maintained exhibits audio visual displays this is the best science museums I ever visited in South India.
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