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Amsterdam Catacombs
#1 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
If you like thrillers, storytelling, mysteries ánd if you are a fan of solving some great games, this is the best game to experience this.
Make sure you have a strong heart and are ready for some serious fun!
Mystery City Games
#2 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
The game is really well thought out, great fun to do with friends and actually challenging - while learning new things about Amsterdam’s history.
Amazing way to see the city and really fun way to interact with its history.
#4 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Superbly organised and immaculately planned to the last detail - Tons of fun!
This was a lot of fun for our family and we managed to work as a team and resolve the conundrum in about 53mins which was cool!!! Thoroughly enjoyable and one of the highlights of our trip to Amsterdam, would high...
Escapist Amsterdam
#5 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
There's a wonderful variety of puzzles, cleverly woven into the theme and always on the right side of fun.
Challenging games, interactive and all the games / exercises are so creative and thoughtfull.
#6 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Peter was fun and welcoming and made a wonderful memory for us with great professionalism and humour.
It was a great fun to visit that place , the owner is very nice , he took for my son and me superb photos and we had so much fun.
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#7 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Judgement Day... Just wanted to have fun, but got some experience with total immersion)) Music, decorations - WOW!! Idea - WOW, WOW!!! Just from the childhood... AND WE'VE DONE IT! Thanks to administrators for lon...
One of the best rooms i've experienced, lots of fun, diverse clues and effects.
Escape Room Questomatica, Amsterdam
#9 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Fantastic use of technology, intuitive yet challenging puzzles, good hint system, and the right mix of suspense and fun! Highly recommended, beats 95% of escape rooms I've tried in Canada.
We firstly played Arcade and a great bit of nostalgia and clever touches made this a great fun game which we all enjoyed and had fun playing.
City Challenge Amsterdam
#10 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Simply amazing how fun and interactive quizzes and games throughout the city can be the best tour guide we have ever experienced.
Lots of fun, would be especially awesome for families who fancy a team challenge!
VR GameHouse Amsterdam
#12 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
We weren't left in games too long, we had the opportunity to try lots of different experiences, from high action, to artistic and gentle, to nature, history, flying, scarey, beautiful, awesome.... it is all there.
Awesome time I love it it was beautiful I was there with these guys they have four televisions where you can play virtual reality games it’s amazing how many Julie and tip the green guys
Escape World Waterlooplein
#14 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
It was challenging and kept us on our toes but added to the fun and enjoyment!
Great fun!
Tuschinski Theater
#15 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Plus, it grants you the opportunity to have some photo fun with the illuminated interior dome at the balcony floor just outside the hall itself (that changes color every 10 seconds).
#17 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Escaped with a minute left But The review should be about the place Good fun Nice puzzles Excellent host Completed the medieval quest - next time ... the jungle
The room has a great flow and we had a lot of fun. 5 guys lots of fun had a great time solving riddels
Amsterdam Magic Show
#19 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
I loved the show, its different, diverse and very intertaining and full of fun.
Saw the 9th January show, amazing magicians, lots of fun and a great location.
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The Comedy Embassy
#20 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
I had a really fun time at Off the Wall(en) when I was visiting from NYC. Tim is a great host and all the comics were top notch!
Nice atmosphere and a lot of fun!! Had a big laugh.
Boom Chicago
#21 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
I'd definitely recommend this even if there are only two of you! (The max group size is 6 I believe) Give this place a go! Fun (10/10) Value (10/10) Customer Service (10/10 - excellent actor and host)
I love escape games and this one was awesome, how the story went was perfect!
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The Amsterdam Dungeon
#22 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
We were exploring the city and came across the place and is a Definitely a must go!!!! Its fun scary and full of history all at the same time!! Amazing characters and tales will take u back in time!!
Great Fun!! Well worth a visit!
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GlowGolf Amsterdam
#23 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
We were welcomed in even though we were fairly close to closing time and thought the courses were really good fun and well laid out, and of course loved the glow in the dark!
Really enjoyed this great fun and value for money something different to do plus its in a bar so we were even happier when got there could have few drinks yes we are irish haha and the friendly bar man gave us two...
The Escape Artist
#24 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Yesterday we decided to try "The Apple of my Eye" escaperoom at The Escape Artist with a couple of friends and we were very impressed with the quality of the games, atmosphere, and interior!
We had lots of fun, and would def recommend this escape room to others (from beginners to experts).
Xitroom Escape Game
#25 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Had such fun here, great break from the rest of the city to do something different but made a bit harder by severe hangovers.... Loved every second of this, great to use teamwork for it and most importantly my fri...
Highly recommended for a fun experience with friends or family!
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Secret City Trails
#26 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Secret City Trails is a new fun way of discovering places for those who like a bit of a challenge.. seeing the unseen treasurers of busy Amsterdam through clues and shorts stories makes it a truly great experience.
I played a secret city trail in Amsterdam with my friend and had great fun!
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Zombie Escape Amsterdam
#28 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Awesome fun!!
We had a lot of fun!! Like we were two it was a bit challenging and we needed a couple of hints but at the end we escaped in the las minute!!
The Movies
#30 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
This is a popular local movie theater with small galleries in a fun part of town with friendly retro deep red themed restaurant, bar and waiting areas.
Holland Casino Amsterdam
#33 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Probably too close :) Its a good size and modern casino which must have a couple of hundred slot machines on the ground floor with table games up stairs.
You could tip when you won in the games.
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Ice Amsterdam
#35 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
For low cost, the rink offers great views of the Museum Quarter (the I Amsterdam sign, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum), and a fun few hours (we were two adults, but it would be great for a family as well!).
Great fun, good atmosphere, not something you would do every week but very worthwhile if you're on your way out for the night.
Final Touch
#36 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Relaxed place, games & good drinks, good price
Great play where playing pool, dart and many other games.
De Balie
#39 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
De TonTon Club
#40 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Good fun playing retro games like pinball and street fighter and theres free jenga and other board games too!
Best range of beer in Amsterdam lots of games to keep you entertained right in the centre of the red light district!
The VR Room
#41 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Great staff, excellent games and a good location.
So much fun, we had such a laugh, and it set a great atmosphere for the rest of the trip.LOVE THIS PLACE, I will definitly be back.
Comedy Cafe Amsterdam
#45 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
Awesome fun night, can recommend!
Neil and I even had a little contest throughout the night as I got the audience to laugh and clap at something I said two separate times which started a fun contest of "Who can get the most claps from the audience...
Funnyshop Comedy
#46 of 132 Fun & Games in Amsterdam
A great location with a super fun crowd and the guys are genuinely brilliant - 100% recommend.
I've been to Funnyshop shows as both a performer and an audience member, and it's been a lot of fun every time.