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  • keefnjojo
    Plymouth, UK1,307 contributions
    We decided to find this Castillo on an overcast day, the walk is a longish one and as its a Castle its at the top of a hill! Walking shoes recommended but well worth the effort! The ruins are fab to look at and walk around and the 360 degree view is amazing. We only spent about an hour up here but thoroughly enjoyed it.

    There is no charge to look around.
    Written 7 July 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Lesley M
    1 contribution
    Today we visited the park, the free bus was 15mins late and the bus was packed and we are in the low season which is the shocker i expert these problems in high season but not end of september. The bus then went the longest probably routine to the park (we were watching the gps on our phone and it werent from 16min jorney to a 27min) the our bus driver missed the turn in and had to go back around inexpereinced. (Trip 1: if u have young child maybe price a taxi)

    When we arrived we discovered the rep at our hotel had giving us the wrong park ticket (which the bus driver could of checked at the lloret bus station but didnt even look at the ticket). our tickets for 5adults and 2 infants €175 was for the waterworld park no where near the ladies at the gate couldnt do anything for us so we had to pay for tickets again at a cost of €125. I fully understand the issue wasnt their fault but the situation could of been handled better. During the confusion the ticket lady in the booth keep shouting at the customer around us because the lanugage barriers she keep getting angry because the customers didnt understand what she was saying. There no room at the gate for prams but she demands to see the sleeping infant in the pram then after the tickets we had to get back out of the queue to get in through a bigger gate making a drama out of buying tickets. (Trip 2; pre-buy tickets and check that there are correct)

    Once we got through the gate we were rushed infront of a dolpin thing and the a bird was placed onto maty and a men started taking photos didnt give us a minute to gather ourselves after the whole s**t show that just happened. At the end of the day we went to look at the photos and babies werent either looking the photoes were rushed which there no need when there was only four couples behind us still buying tickets not like hundred. The cost of the photo is €10 for first one than add €5each for extra pic/magnet. We got three one group and one of each kid close up magnets as it was there first time but memory to share the good and the bad. (Trip 3; tell them to wait a moment and be prepared for the photo)

    When we were planning this trip we know the times of the shows and planned to do them all first but as the bus took so long we missed the first bird show, we started making our way the sea lion show and seen ladies selling dolpin one to one photos at €20 which was a nice for the baby sadly the photos were blurry and not best if they didnt rush this would of been a 5*.
    (Trip 4; get the bigger package three pic you might get one decent one as least)

    Show Time; we took our seats waiting on the sea lion show first which was funny and i really like the educational part of the show too. The dolphin show is a "Must see" infact we seen it twice it was that good. Ive seen a few dolphin show increase sea world orlando but by far these show impressed me alot the lovely relationship between the animals and their keepers is cleared there to see. The animals seem happy and look health to me and the 4 girls and all 6 dolphins really put of a great show from the music and dancing loved the whole show. The second show wasnt as good as the first could of been because there was only 3 girls but it felt rushed the first show is better. Only thing i would improve is maybe to having the talking in all lanuguges very little english (Trip 5; sit at the bottom left side facing the stage as this is were to choose a child to go of the boat in the show and do the shows first)

    The Pools and Slide; there is a good choose for the small size of the park a lot of walking and hills but the queues werent long some times there was no queues. The kids pool was great lots of room for the babies only thing is maybe add a baby area with no waterspraying as the 7mth old baby get scared. (Trip 6; bring blanket/towels lots of green areas to lay out no need to pay €4 of each sunbed when u spend most of the time in the water and bring pack lunch like any park food and drink is pricey)

    Bus problem again; so as predicted everyone wants to stay in the park til it closes so everyone plans to get the last bus back. When we came out the park there was three buses but we were told these buses arent going to lloret station and our bus is running late so standing in the heat wasnt fun and watch the some of the other buses leave. Finally the bus arrived and each was running for it like animal wanted fed, no organisation the lady with the clip board was overwhelmed it was clearing alot for one person to control maybe the place could do with location bus lanes and queue barries, instead of every get hot and bother not knowing whats going on. (Trip 7; stand in the shadow if the person with the clip board says the bus is running late and ask that person repeatly becuase one of the first red buses she said it wasnt going to lloret but then when we were check that late white bus was for lloret she then said both the red and white bus are for lloret so the babies could of been on a air-con bus instead of the outside heat)

    The reason for 3 stars and not the 5* is (-1* free buses madness) and (-1* the rushing on everything bad photo and high cost)
    Written 18 September 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Guillem C
    2 contributions
    This is the best escape room I’ve ever been!! Great activity with high class guide. A totally recommended realistic an immersive experience. Worth visiting.
    Written 6 June 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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