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Places to Visit in Ranthambore National Park

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  • Kaye K
    Ruidoso, NM17 contributions
    4.0 of 5 bubbles
    Loads of advice out there - here are my two cents.
    I was just there last week and overall had a great time and am very glad I went!
    ZONES: Zone 1-5 (2,3,4 to be more specific) were wonderful - full of animals and fairly regular sightings of tigers! I went to 2 (tiger mom and 3 cubs, sloth bear and 2 cubs) , 3 (female on a kill, female named Arrowhead in the afternoon and sloth bear and one cub) and 5 (pretty flame of the forest , nice river drive, cool owl, loads of prey and peacocks)
    Zone 6-10 were far, bumpy and overall unpleasant. I went to 6 (pretty drive but not a lot of life) 7 (dusty, bumpy and again not much life).
    With that info the trick is to either stay at a high end hotel with better access to zones 1-5 ( honestly not sure how that works but it seems fairly obvious that’s how it works) or book well in advance for zones 2 and 3.
    GYPSY OR CANTER? Well I expected to hate the canter but I ended up liking it. I was on one of these for both zones 2 and 3. Overall they were just fine, plenty of room to get a better view and generally nice people willing to share spots to see whatever was found. Gypsy was fine too - but 6 people is a tight squeeze and if the people you are with aren’t very nice it can be a long safari.
    GUIDES - yes. They are working for tips. This is not a secret or surprise. If this is offensive to you then I might suggest you skip this safari experience. If you’re good with it, play along and you’ll be surprised how nice and accommodating they are. I had 5 guides - All were knowledgeable and honestly the ones I thought were kinda over it ended up being the best ones. I ended up thinking communication about exactly what was going on was the biggest issues. First drive seemed like they were not doing much and we had a jeep breakdown. We were actually on a pause to listen for warning calls to help direct the rest of the drive. This happens often, and when they hear something hold on bc the driver will take off as fast as possible to get to the area.
    THIS IS NOT AFRICA: India has its own way of running safari. Don’t expect it to be like any others you’ve been on. Relax and just go with their system - it seems to be working out just fine. There are tons of people wanting to get into the park - this is great news that they care about the animals and want to see them. Touristy, heck ya it is. Again, this isn’t a surprise.
    NOT A ZOO - and finally, this isn’t a zoo. It’s safari. Sometimes you see cool stuff. Sometimes you don’t. That’s when you’ve gotta check your expectations and settle in to enjoy the overall experience. Find cool plants or birds (there are loads of them) to enjoy what’s out there.
    One more thing BRING A SCARF or buy one form the hawkers who will be at the gate every time you go in. It’s dusty out there!
    Written 13 April 2024
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  • Raghuraj Singh
    Udaipur, India7 contributions
    4.0 of 5 bubbles
    The Surwal lake in Ranthambore is yet another beautiful spot in this vast national park. Late afternoon I got to see so many animals here, even a very big turtledoves that baked in the afternoon sun!

    Ranthamore is relatively untouched and you do get to see animals and nature in a relatively pure form. The lake was still relatively full considering it was almost a year since the monsoon season.

    Do listen to the birds here - they sing the most beautiful songs. Nice travelings..
    Written 10 December 2020
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  • KEJA58
    Chepstow, UK322 contributions
    4.0 of 5 bubbles
    Day 1 – Delhi to Ranthambore and the Tiger Reserve.
    Only 6 of us from the main tour group going down to see the tigers.
    A rest in today, as not getting the train down to Ranthambore till 12.30. So a leisurely breakfast and time to relax by the hotel pool.
    Like our other trips we sorted out just 1 bag for the few days whilst at Ranthambore and leaving our other bag at the hotel. This worked very well.
    Departed for the New Delhi train station Hazrat Nizamuddin which is just south of the main New Delhi mainline train station at 11.30, to get the 12.45. It’s a 5 ¼ hour train ride.
    The hotel provided a packed lunch box for our journey. The lunch box was very substantial with sandwiches, doughnuts, fruit, nan bread, and fruit juice and water.
    Our guide had all the seat and coach details and boarding of the train was straight forward. Quite a busy train.
    The hotel in Ranthambore was set within the forest and reserve area. It was a very cosy, private set of 5 delux rooms, a fantastic pool with relaxing area and restaurant. Breakfast was served in the lounge area on a long table, which was just great. Lunch also served in this area. Dinner is around the wood burner outside area which was just brilliant. The food was perfect, tasty and loads.

    Day 2 – Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
    Started the day with the morning safari. So a early wake up around 05.30, with tea and coffee and biscuits available on the veranda outside the rooms. Departed on the safari jeep at 06.30, and then we went into the forest and zone 1 this morning.
    No tiger sightings this morning, however some great scenic views along with deer, monkeys, and the odd croc by the water side. Also, some lovely colourful birds within the trees.
    Back at the lodge by 10.00 where breakfast was all ready.
    Then free time around the pool area till lunch.
    After lunch off on the afternoon safari. This time zone 4. Great views, however, no tiger sightings. Not to worry as still got tomorrow’s afternoons safari to come.
    Back to the lodge where high tea was waiting for us, which was great. Wash up after all the dust, and then yet another great dinner on the outside and fire pit around the pool area.

    Day 3 – Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.
    A rest in this morning and a leisurely breakfast. Then it was a 10.00 pick up in a private jeep to go visit the fort and the temple.
    Back for lunch and a dip in the pool.
    Then off on our 3rd tiger Safari. Zoom 6 this time. Different scenery, more deer, more monkeys, wild bore, however unfortunately no tiger. It’s the lick of the wild.
    Anyway, back to our lodge, which was just perfect for yet another high tea etc. Dinner at 20.00 again seating around the fire pit and just perfect.

    Day 4 – Ranthambore to Delhi
    An early start with a departure at 05.30. Made a stop at the main hotel to settle our respective bills whilst at the lodge. Also picked up our breakfast box and then off to the station to get the 7.20 back to Delhi.
    Arrived around 12.30 and back to the Metropolitan Spa for lunch and collect our other left behind bags.
    After lunch got a tuktuk to the Lodhi gardens and had a walk around and a visit to the ruins in the park. Then back to the hotel for an hour around the pool and just sorting out our bags ready for the return flight back to the UK the next day. Checked in via the virgin airlines app so all set.
    Written 26 October 2023
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  • ishwar j
    Gurugram (Gurgaon), India33 contributions
    1.0 of 5 bubbles
    There's simply nothing here. Not worth your time or efforts going here. The people are least bothered in you or maintaining their premises or limited activity options.
    Written 2 January 2018
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  • Aruna M
    37 contributions
    4.0 of 5 bubbles
    The showroom is the perfect example of extraordinary workmanship of Rajasthani craftsmanship. A lot to buy , a lot to appreciate. Painters painting in front of you, village women doing embroidery in front of you. Gives a feel.
    Written 18 March 2024
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  • Kaushik Majumder
    7 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    We visited Ranthombore in March 2022. Our travel requirements including transfer from and to Sawai Madhopur and online safari bookings were arranged via Hukam Chand Sharma of Ranthombore Taxi. He is a wonderful person, honest and sincere, reachable anytime and was willing to address our specific requirements.
    Written 23 March 2022
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  • valwanderer
    15 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    This tour was incredible and would recommend to all traveling to Ranthambore with hopes to see Tigers. We traveled at the end of. November and I was worried about likelihood given the season, but we saw the male Tiger in Zone 3 in the morning and the female Tiger in the same zone in the afternoon. All advice from Azeem was spot on.

    Zones: this tour group pre-purchases zones and can guarantee you a zone range, so you know what you are getting. For example, we were able to reserve the central zones (2-5) by canter versus the outside zones where chances of seeing tigers are much lower. No company can guarantee a specific zone hence us ending up in the same zone for our morning and afternoon. If I was only choosing one, I would have picked morning as it felt like fewer vehicles across all the tour companies. Book early!!

    Vehicle type; we were hoping to do the smaller jeep but those were already sold out for the central zones several months ahead when we tried to book. Azeem recommended central canter versus non-central jeep and I’m glad he did. Would recommend prioritizing central zones 2. If you are in the canter, try to load early so you get the best seat, would ask to sit next to the driver in the front.

    Transportation: the government has changed the rules in Ranthambore as of November 2023. You may have to take a rickshaw from your hotel to the loading area, and for us this was an added charge (400 Rupees round trip) given the change happened after we had booked. May be built into the price again now. Azeem came to our hotel the night before to explain the changes and coordinated the rickshaw so we no big deal. He also helped us with a driver back to Jaipur at a very fair price (would recommend checking Uber rates first, though we tried that and it was VERY unreliable and 3-5 drivers refused the ride for the Uber rate for Jaipur-Ranthambore so would pre-book. Real rates were ~$15-30USD higher than Uber based on car size for reference).
    Written 6 December 2023
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  • Jayesh J
    3 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    I had a great time at the safaris in Ranthambore, all thanks to Mr. Salim. I booked 5 safaris with him and he made sure to get me the safaris in the zones I asked for. Spotting a tiger is based on your luck and slightly on the zones too. I spotted two in Zone 3 and one in Zone 10 (which is one of the rare ones to find in) all thanks to Bagh Travels. I would highly recommend anyone looking for safaris to book it through Bagh Travels.
    Also, loved the reminder calls for the safaris and appreciate asking for feedback.
    P.s. you can check the availability of seats in gypsys and canters at the official government website but it’s a hassle to book through that. I suggest you go through Bagh travels for the same.
    Written 9 March 2023
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  • Renu8
    New Delhi, India282 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    The world of wildlife enthusiasts will be eternally grateful to Fateh Singh Rathore for having turned a degraded tiger forest overrun by humans into a wildlife reserve of international repute. It initially served as a hunting area of the royals of Jaipur. Post-independence, it was required to implement the National Forest Policy which required legal protection besides conservation of the flora and fauna. In 1973, Project Tiger, was launched by the Government of India.

    The terrain consists of dense, tropical, dry deciduous, forests, home to about 320 species of birds, 40 species of mammals, as also 35 species of reptiles. To mention a few would be the Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, nilgai, wild boar, sambar, sloth bear, grey langur, chital, spotted deer and the crocodile. Also the delicate looking chinkara which is the state animal of Rajasthan. You do get to see most of them in any of the zones that you may drive through. Tigers can be elusive, but the leopards and the sloth bears are more so.

    The Ranthambore National Park has a total of 10 zones. The topography of each zone is different. Zone 4 and 6 has some water bodies. The Padam Talab with water lilies as also some other with algae, which form sustenance for the Sambhars, are the watering holes that quench the animals thirst and hence are the most favoured spots for sightings of tigers. We saw one come to the water body after a feast. Contrast this to zone 3 which has open grasslands and a rugged undulating tougher driving route. Each zone merges into the other, but they are also locked from each other so that one stays within the allocated zone.
    A few historical ruins dot the park which adds to its history and natural grandeur. An imposing fort, the 10th century Ranthambore Fort, after which the park has been named, lies on a hilltop overlooking the reserve. It shares a common entrance with the park as does the Ganesh Mandir.

    The safaris can be booked online 90 days in advance. There are 2 in a day. The summer timings for the morning one are 6 am to 10 am. In winter it changes to 6:30 and finishes at 10:30 am. The afternoon winter safari kicks off at 2:00 pm to return at 6:30 pm. The summer timings get pushed back by half an hour. These timings are in sync with sunrise and sunset. The trained safari guide and expert driver pick one up from where ever one may be staying at. The 20 open safari Gypsy’s are 6 seaters while the open 20 Canter’s are 20 seaters. The latter are rather cumbersome as also noisy, so it does make sense to opt for the Gypsys’ instead. We concluded that if one was to book a full day safari, the sightings of a tiger increase, as one can then drive through any zone without restrictions within the stipulated summer or winter timings. Of course the more safaris you do, the greater the chances of seeing what you have come for. We did 4 and we saw what we had come to see. As also the season. We went in the winter of 2020. Though the winter months are colder and more comfortable, the uncomfortable sizzling summer months increase sightings of the desired animals as they gravitate to the scattered watering holes and it is the lean tourist season as well.

    Lots are drawn which tell you which zone has been allocated to you as also the seating arrangements. You are supposed to carry a proof of identification with you.

    We were told that the Park, or maybe a few zones shut down during the monsoon months.

    Draw the Card of Luck and enter the National Park with hope, anticipation and joy. The sighting of a tiger or a leopard, however, is not the be all or end all of a safari. There is so much more that includes your appreciation of the natural beauty of this reserve in all its splendid glory. Open your mind’s eye to observe and absorb it all. You may get a ‘calling’ to return yet again.
    Written 17 March 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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