Ajanta Caves

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Ajanta Caves
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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2-3 hours
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Very good

Bengaluru, India508 contributions
Out of the world
May 2020
Truly out of the world! It's unimaginable how such lovely structures were carved out of hard rock more than 1,500 years ago and that too without any proper tools and by human hands! They contain both temples and places of worship for Buddhists. Surrounded by forests and hills makes it even more beautiful. There's bus service from the entrance to the caves every half hour. Takes about 4-5 hrs to see the entire place. Not to be missed in a lifetime
Written 30 April 2021
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Indradeep R
Mumbai, India875 contributions
Pride of India and our architectural supremacy
Feb 2021
Once you reach Ajanta you will be required to park your vehicles and then walk towards the bus stand through a lot of shops . You cannot drive upto the cave and compulsorily will be required to take the bus provided by the Govt. You will be required to pay for the ticket additionally as your entrance to the parking area does not cover it. The shopkeepers will try to engage in a conversation or two and try to sell you their goods but they do not harass you. As you reach the bus stop you will be lucky to get an AC bus which are lesser than Non AC. If you have time to spare you can wait in for the AC coaches, but do check with the staff at the bus stop. The drive to the Ajanta entrance is about 10 mins through a narrow road and I think its high time the fuel driven buses gets replaced by battery operated buses. Please keep in mind that the caves are closed on Monday

Once you reach the Ajanta gate you can book your ticket at the counter or you can do an advance booking through the ASI site. For Indians it cost Rs 40/- and Rs 600/- for foreigners. As you start climbing there is a faster route to climb through the stairs but the better alternative is to use the podiums to reach the fist cave.As you reach there you will be delighted at the horse shoe shape of the mountain in front of you. There are total of 30 caves but if you take a guide then they will not only charge you Rs 1800/- but also insists that nothing is there in most of the caves.In fact if you are fit and probably you will never come back again and thus you should try and cover all the caves.The guides will take you to 1,2,4, 16,17, 19 and if you are insistent to 26. I would recommend buy a book from any shop at Rs 50/- and read it as you walk to each of the cave.

The best mural paintings are in 16, and excellent work in 1,2,16,17 and 19. Apart from this the sculptures in 1, 4,17,19,24 are world class. Caves 1,2,6,7 have spotlights but please use your mobile flashlights to see around. There are treasures at all corners and angles.

Cave 1 is extremely beautiful and ornamented. Keep an eye for a portrait of Lord Buddha in preaching postures with his 5 disciples around him, symbolically suggesting the first sermon in Sarnath. The walls are painted with Jataka tales. The cave contains the masterpieces of world painting to name Padmapani and Vajrapani. You can request the watchman to show you the masterpieces and they would oblige with a small token of appreciation
Cave 2: Keep a look for outstanding painted ceilings. You have to use mobile torch to be able to view it
Cave 4- Largest Vihara in Ajanta. The decorated main entrance leads to a hall with 28 pillars
Cave7- Unique cave with pillar and plan looking different from others
Cave 6: Its two storied and climbing up and down might not be easy for most people as I found many crawling instead.
Cave 9: There are some stones when light falls on them get illuminated. I found it by luck as the guide was showing a few tourists
Cave 12: Its like a monastery where there are bed rooms for monks
Cave 13- Used by archaeological staff for their purpose
Cave 16- Wonderful view of the river below especially during Monsoon. Ask the guard for “The dying princess” and they would show you
Cave 17- Similar like Cave 16 and has lot of paintings too
Cave 18- Smallest in size
Cave 19: Will remind you of Petra if you have been. This has a large gate and is decorated through sculptures. Just mind-blowing. Its also called the Sculptures Treasure chest
Cave 26- A sculpture of resting Buddha

As you finish the cave the exit is through a steel bridge over the river and is a great spot to relish a few moments before you leave this heritage site behind. There will be lot of hawkers who will try and sell their goods. The amazing discovery I made is that the prices of the items keeps reducing as you get closer to the exit gate. Bargaining is acceptable here.

As you come out you can visit a restaurant at the site for food or beverages. The toilets here are quite clean.Else you need to wait for the bus at the designated bus stop and head back to your parking zone for onward journey
Written 18 March 2021
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Bengaluru, India952 contributions
good place to visit
Feb 2021
We took a bus from Central bus stand, Aurangabad to Ajantha caves T point. The bus ticket costs Rs 120 and takes about 3.5-4 hours which includes about 15-20 minutes tea break. From Ajantha caves T point we have to walk about 5-7 minutes to the place where we have to take a bus to Ajanta caves. As we enter after alighting from bus or car etc there is a charge of Rs 15 per person for entering inside which as per the ticket giver is towards maintaining the area. As we walk towards the place from where we have to catch bus to the Ajantha caves we pass through a small market which sells handicrafts,food etc.

Buses i think charge Rs 30-40(Rs 10 more for Ac buses) from their starting point to entrance of caves. There seems to be no fixed timing for these buses.It will be helpful if the timings of buses is displayed and adhered to.

We booked the tickets for Ajantha caves online through ASI website which costed us Rs 35/per person.There is only one restaurant near the ticket counter so i will advise to stock up water and have food here itself. Also i did not find washrooms at other places than at the ticket counter.

There involves a lot of walking & come prepared or that. There is also Doli's available at entrance and if i am not wrong they charge Rs 1600 per person.We hired a guide which costed us Rs 800. But this guide took us only to important caves.But guides are necessary as per me to understand the caves.If one dosent hire guides one can also ask the caretaker of that particular cave to explain and give them Rs 50-100.In this way you can hire guides(caretakers) to explain in those caves only if it interests you. The paintings are good but damaged in many caves but still they are worth looking. Unlike Ellora caves Ajantha caves do not have many sculptures but they are known for their paintings.

One can keep about 2-3 hours for this visiting these caves.

Many visitors visit this place by hiring cars from Aurangabad. One can also visit these caves by using public transport( Bus). The frequency of buses from Aurangabad i think is about one every 30-45 minutes to Ajantha caves T point.

From Aurangabad T point we went to Jalgaon. The buses towards Jalgaon/Bhusaval/aurangabad stop at Ajantha caves T point only if we signal the bus to stop through hand.

Do not try to cover Ajantha caves and ellora caves in one day as it will be very hectic. Ajantha caves is closed on all Mondays. I will advise to reach these caves as early as possible as it gets really hot as day progresses.
Written 20 February 2021
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Siddharth Malhotra
Mumbai, India4 contributions
Marvellous works on stone
Feb 2020 • Family
Ajanta really needs time, knowledge and a sight for art. It's beyond explanation and beyond words. Thousands of years ago, what was chiselled, that is mind boggling. I can only say that Ajanta must be visited once in your lifetime.
When whole world used to roam maker, stone-cutters were creating something heavenly in those hills, uneven terrible terrain to make it like different world. Ajanta seems to be a live art-gallery of statues, paintings, frescoes and so much. Can't say how much pain was taken to create this great place.
Written 11 January 2021
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia182 contributions
Worth the visit ...
Jan 2021 • Solo
Ajanta Caves are approximately 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE in Aurangabad. Some of the caves worth visit is 1,2,10,16,17,19&26
The carving are superb, the painting with Colors are still intact. Cave no 26 is full of sculptures with 26 feet sleeping Buddha.
Place kept well maintained and clean. There is a Mtdc restaurant that serves food and drink ...Guide rates are 1500-1800 Rs per group. I took a potter equally good in explaining he charged me 400 Rs very handy taking photos for me too since I was alone 😎... rates are standard as displayed on board ..Visiting in November December is ideal. In month of April n May it would very hot
Lots of stalls selling souvenirs at the exit/entry points ... it’s very overpriced so be careful ...

One important point roads leading to ajantha is very bad ... lots of construction going on ....it’s 90km from Aurangbad but it took me 3 hrs to reach .... I guess construction will be finished by 2022 ...

Written 3 January 2021
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Samir S
901 contributions
Ajanta Cave : An Ancient Marvel
Dec 2020
Ajanta is 100 km from Aurangabad , but roads are under construction . It takes by cab 3 hrs to reach Aurangabad cave . There are ample parking , restaurant is available . You have to wal a bit to reach bus-stop . every 10/15 buses are there to take you to cave , it takes 5 to 10 minutes maximum. From gate you can purchase tickets for cave .

You have to walk and cross high steps . So relax and walk with comfortable shoe . There are 30 caves 25 vihara's and 5 Chaityas. Some are unfinished cave , some are finished . Some caves are closed . An Ancient Marvel , must see place to understand the Indian culture and Heritage .

Some painting were damaged , some were restored and process is on. Thanks to Archaeological Survey of India to keep this place preserved.

I still wonder how without much drilling instrument how beautifully rock was cut and form caves .
Written 29 December 2020
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Mumbai73 contributions
Well maintained
Dec 2020 • Family
With whatever the ASI could preserve of the paintings...its lovely...you will find 3D paintings and jewellery designs on the women that glow at certain angles...would suggest taking a guide to show you these finer points..place is clean n there are dustbins placed at caves for garbage...a point to note when taking a guide.. he'd take you only to specific caves..and tell you that you can visit the others later.. but he does cover the key caves...1,2,9,17 and some others .. the return does not permit you to go back the same way you came...so will miss out on some of the caves...if you want to see each n every one
Written 27 December 2020
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India Reisen North India Excursions
Meerut, India17 contributions
One place to understand Indian History.
Aug 2019
This is must visit place, without visiting this place your knowledge about Indian History & Painting incomplete. you need to visit and understand how all three religion Hindu, Buddhism and Jainism evolved. My suggestion is that this is not only must but this should be considered as first to visit place in India.
Written 22 July 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Nanded, India105 contributions
Ancient caves
Jan 2020 • Friends
Ajanta caves are one of the ancient sites which also world heritage site It shows the architecture and hereditary of India.I must suggest to visit the place.
Written 10 July 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Bhopal, India1,365 contributions
Awesome place
Mar 2020
By far the best and unique place I would say. A sure Must visit !!
One must plan here with exclusive time in hand as its a real masterpiece.
It takes almost 3 hours to reach here from Aurangabad and about 1.5 hours from Bhusawal. The road is under construction and should be good in coming times.
We kept 2D/1N plan for Ajanta caves.
Again a point to remember, Ajanta caves is closed on Mondays and Ellora on Tuesdays.
We Started from Aurangabad in morning after the breakfast and went first to the Upper View point from where Ariel view of full Ajanta caves can be seen. This place is wonderful and gives birds eye view of the hills and caves below. Its a MUST DO place. Most of the tourists miss this. It is Not on the way, to reach this point you must take a left from the MSH 8 and continue for 8kM. For Ajanta caves you have to take right and continue for 13kM. So its about 20kM apart on the opposite hill.
Now from Upper view point, you have an option to climb down from this point through stepped concreted path if you like doing trekking and ask your driver to reach the Ajanta caves normal entry point 20Km from here and wait for you next 3-4 hours.
Mobiles do work here and we did not face any issues of signal. You will anyway have to purchase entry ticket once you reach down below and take visit of caves which may take about 2-3 hours.
Normal plan : After visiting Upper view point, proceed with your vehicle to the main entrance 20Km away, park the vehicle in parking slot, walk down to the bus boarding point run by Govt authorities, purchase a bus ticket and reach Ajanta ticket counter and caves. It is about 10min bus ride through jungle.
You should carry enough water and caps for the visit here. Your bags are checked and scanned after the ticket counter and you can also deposit your belongings at the counter for things you want to leave at the entry point.
Try to go with footwear which you can remove frequently. Almost all caves need you to remove footwear outside. For people who can not walk there are porters who can take you on a palki. Standard rates are displayed at the entrance.
It takes you about 2-3 hours to cover all the caves.
At the start, you have to climb a bit for first time but later it is not a big effort. This takes you to Cave 1. Or you can take the left path which is flat on other side of Waghora river and takes you to Cave 16 directly.
Though all caves are wonderful but We specially liked Caves 1, 2, 16, 17, 19, 26.
Coloured paintings on the walls of the caves are marvellous and makes these caves Unique.
Written 12 March 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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