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Established in 1978, Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.) is part of Boston-based Grand Circle Corporation's family of travel companies, which also include Grand Circle Cruise Line and Grand Circle Travel. In 1992, owners Alan and Harriet Lewis established the nonprofit Grand Circle Foundation to support communities in which Grand Circle works and travels, including some 300 humanitarian, cultural, and educational endeavors worldwide—among them, 100 schools, in 50 countries. The Foundation is an entity of the Lewis Family Foundation, which has pledged or donated more than $200 million since 1981.
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The area
Neighbourhood: Seaport District / South Boston Waterfront
This area has been expanding and becoming more and more popular, for good reason. Not surprisingly, the seaport district of South Boston is located beautifully along the water. The area is designed for easy strolling along the HarborWalk, and there are bars and restaurants for all ages and budgets. The Institute of Contemporary Art is located in this area in a contemporary building with an absolutely stunning deck overlooking the water. In the summer time there are Friday music concerts on the deck of the museum. Nearby, there are many green spaces to enjoy.
How to get there
  • Courthouse • 4 min walk
  • South Station • 7 min walk
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Very good

1 contribution
Oct 2021
The worst!!!
Choose another company! The tour guide was a narcissist and very controlling. He tried to hit on me. He told me it was very unsafe to be in Fez alone and then he would not let me on the bus to continue the tour. I was deserted in Fez by myself!!! I was left alone in Morocco, a woman alone! He could not give a reason.
Written 29 June 2022
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Hamburg, NY10 contributions
Jul 2021
I was supposed to go to Galapagos 2020. Postponed until 2021. In 2021 added extension for 2095.00. 2021 postponed until 2022. The extension was no longer available for my time of travel.

In July 2021 spoke with Courtney regarding refund. Courtney said I would receive a refund for 2095.00 in 50-60 business days. NEVER RECEIVED.

Early in 2022 called and said still haven’t received refund. At that time I said to just hold my money as I’d travel again with OAT in 2023. But to please have management call me because Courtney NEVER sent the requested refund. OAT said management would call me within that week.


Called again 6/15?/22. (Writing away from my notes 6/15 or 6/18). Evitte said see didn’t see a problem getting a refund an I should hear within 2 weeks.


Called and got Faith today. She said a certificate was issued 5/28/21 and” once a certificate is issued I’m not entitled to a refund. That’s their policy.”

I WOULD NEVER GIVE UP MY ENTITLEMENT TO A REFUND. MAY 28 2021?. Even when I did say hold my money when I spoke to OAT early 2022, shouldn’t it be incumbent on their people to state the implications and their policy.

I have to wonder when I requested a refund initially, why I never heard back from OAT.
I have read other reviews with similar problems from customers.

I have contacted BBB, the Attorney General, Consumer Affairs and will contact FTC
Written 28 June 2022
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Diana R
1 contribution
Jun 2022
Overseas Travel is difficult to reach, you are on hold for hours and hours with no one ever answering the phone. I would not recommend this company if you are planning a trip.
Written 27 June 2022
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Peter M
New York City, NY10 contributions
Jun 2022 • Couples
Terrible Customer Service
My wife and I are 10 time travelers enjoyed our trips in the past
I am trying to finalize our air portion of the trip, I waited on hold 6 hours the first day 6 ,1/2 hours the second day and currently waiting on hold as I write over an 1 1/2 also sent 2 emails that have gone in answered. What do I need to do to get a response from OAT. I have spent over 14 hours on hold the flight to Europe and back will take less time
Written 27 June 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Houston, TX111 contributions
Jun 2022
Reading through others' experiences, I see that customer service (or lack thereof) is a chronic problem with OAT. I'm tired of the excuses, "...due to COVID..." "...due to the airlines..." Here's a clue: If people are having to wait on hold for three or four hours, maybe it's time to a) hire more customer service agents to handle calls and b) extend your customer service call hours!

The only thing this company seems to do quickly is collect your payments!

Now for more specifics: I am traveling with a friend who has traveled with OAT several times. We originally were booked on a fantastic African itinerary in 2020, which, obviously got cancelled. Unfortunately, the trip we were scheduled for in 2020 was no longer offered, so already I wasn't particularly happy about seeing about a third less of Africa than we had hoped.

The Africa trip got postponed first to 2021, then to 2023...okay, fine.

Then we booked a trip to the Adriatic, which is coming up next month. When I initially booked and paid for the trip, I wasn't sure I wanted to book the airfare through OAT, because I might want to go business class or make a stop enroute, but she said, "well, let's put it on there, and we'll contact you before making your air arrangements and you can decide then." So I went ahead and added airfare and paid something like $1600 for it. At the time I made the reservation, I was living in Houston.

Fast forward to about four months before the Adriatic trip. I call OAT, wait on hold for almost FOUR hours to get through to a real person and find out they have already booked my air travel from Houston. I tell her, well, we have a problem, I no longer live in Houston, I live in Savannah GA.

She tells me they can change my ticket, but I have to pay change fees and any fare difference. I ask what my alternatives are, she says I can cancel the airfare but you won't get your money back. So fine, change my departure city to Savannah. She does and they charge me another $300ish to do so. I asked about upgrading to a business class ticket or at least getting an assigned seat and I am told that they aren't able to do that, I will have to call the airline (Alitalia) directly for that.

So I call Alitalia...nope. No changes can be made to this ticket because it was booked by a travel agency. I am stuck with a back-of-the-bus ticket in an unassigned seat on a carrier that is virtually on it's last leg financially.

I asked the Alitalia agent how much OAT paid for my ticket and she told me $860! So they basically pocketed a thousand dollars.

I leave on this trip in a week and I pray that nothing goes wrong that I have to actually contact OAT...I anticipate that being a complete nightmare!

Meanwhile, I am still booked on a trip to Africa next year. I SPECIFICALLY remember telling them NOT to include airfare on that one, because I plan to hop around a bit on my way there. I noticed on my online account they are showing that THEY are making my air arrangements for that trip too!

This company is an absolute SHIFSHOW to deal with. I highly recommend that NO ONE do business with them.
Written 27 June 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Asheville, NC7 contributions
Jun 2022
4 Phone Calls, 8 hours 23 Minutes On Hold

Customer service, has OAT even heard of this concept?

The cover letter that came with my final documents has NO CONTACT information for OAT just in case a customer needs to reach out. No email. No phone number. This SCREAMS: “We have your money, and we don’t care to service your needs.”

I had to resort to the numbers available on the website. Here’s my call log:
• June 7, 2022: called 800-221-0814 at 1:05 pm, on hold for 3 hours 16 minutes. Automated message told me I had reached the maximum hold time, was being disconnected, and someone would call me within 72 hours (NO ONE EVER CALLED ME BACK!).
• June 8, 2022: called 800-221-0814 at 9:03 am, on hold for 2 hours 14 minutes. Could no longer stay on hold, as I had to attend a meeting.
• June 10, 2022: called 800-955-1925 at 9:01 am, on hold for 2 hours 8 minutes. Could no longer stay on hold, as I had to attend a meeting.
• June 11, 2022: called 800-221-0814 at 9:01am, on hold for 1 hour 5 minutes. Despite having followed the prompts for needing to speak with someone about the airline reservation portion and departing within the next 4 months, still got transferred from one agent to another and put on hold yet again.

I also tried sending an email. The automated response was that someone would respond within 15 business days. Really, 3 weeks to respond to an email?

Would Alan & Harriett Lewis, the owners of OAT, have persevered if they were customers? Called 4 times and stayed on hold for a total of 8 hours 43 minutes? ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT BECAUSE IT WAS NOW SO CLOSE TO THE DEPARTURE DATE, CHANGES WOULD NOW BE AN ADDITIONAL $$$. All of my time and effort was futile.

Back on August 14, 2017 OAT posted an apology for poor service and long hold times. Yet, once again, OAT has the exact same problem. Why didn’t OAT learn the value of that lesson the first time? Shameful for a service business to not prioritize its customers. And this didn’t just happen, it’s been going on for months (just look at the reviews posted here on TripAdvisor).

OAT is in serious need of a customer service make over, starting with the website as well as competent staffing. There is no chat feature on their website. Customers
traveling within the next 30 days are not provided higher priority than someone traveling 4 months from now. It is obvious their needs are more immediate. This isn’t rocket science. For heaven’s sake, OAT needs to step in to and up to today’s technology expectations for a multimillion-dollar travel company.

Believe me, an apology will not repay me my effort, frustration, disappointment, and time spent apparently uselessly trying to reach OAT. Results count, excuses do not.

I am stuck traveling with a company who does not have the capability of helping their customers.
Written 25 June 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

judith blaine
1 contribution
Apr 2022
CANNOT get OATS to communicate with me. We had one great trip pre-covid to New Zealand and Australia with Overseas Adventure Tours and had hoped to make many more. BUT maybe not.

I was told when I booked this upcoming trip to Egypt (which was a re-schedule from a previous trip) that our credits would move with the new trip to Egypt (we purchased the cancelled trip with the ability to reschedule at least 24 hours before departure). We contacted Overseas to reschedule in late April 2022. No credits moved with the trip even though I was told that everything would move with the trip - and I see a lot of credits on my account. Why are they not being used???? If they cannot be used - I would like to know why.

I know OATS is busy!! - My first email was mid march - 3 months ago!!!!! I have emailed four times and I have waited on hold at least 7 times - when I am cut off at 3 hr and 16 mins.and told I will get a return call that does not happen...... This is not customer service.

Issues - I have needed changes on my upcoming trip - such as:

adding an early arrival

On all air flights my husband and I want two seats next to each other - a window and the seat directly next to it. None of the seats on this long trip show seats together. I was told on first trip we took that information like that would stay on are account and be used for all trips. It seems they did not

I want to know why the credits are not being used.

I also wonder at this point - If I am on a OATS trip and I have a transportation problem - who do I call? This number 1-800-955-1925 which is never answered - If that is the case I guess they leave a lot of people stranded!!!


(the required date below if not valid since the trip has not happened - April 22 is when the trip was scheduled)
Written 22 June 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

denver co1 contribution
Feb 2022
Travellers BEWARE!!!!
I have been on 5 trips with OAT and had good experiences in the past but my last two interactions have been awful. I have been on hold for over 2 hours trying to reach someone about a trip we are taking to the Baltic in less than 30 days (July 2022) It was scheduled for June and OAT cancelled the trip and told us we could go in September or next year for the same $$. I booked this trip with a friend a year and 1/2 ago. This was her 1st trip with OAT and will be her last. She is totally unimpressed with this company. I am too.
When they cancelled our trip and refused to honor our prices since we changed it to July 2022, the manager I spoke with , Shawn?, told me too bad. I told him we could have cancelled the trip and demanded our money back. Per the Attorney General of Massachusetts, they are obligated to do this. Many customers have complained. I had trouble with this in the past so I only have one more trip booked with OAT. Shawn told me OAT was not bound by Massachusetts law!!!
Country Walkers gave me my money back within a week after I had to cancel a trip with them. So, OAT has their own agenda and has become totally unethical as well.
Written 22 June 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Winona Lake, IN2 contributions
May 2022
Traveled to Italy with OAT in May 2022. The trip was fantastic. The tour guide was helpful, and effective. Fellow travel mates were interesting and personable. All of the travel to and from the airport worked flawlessly. The hotels were nice, the food good. It's true they're not great on the phone - I was a bit concerned about that before I left. However, it all worked as planned.
Written 21 June 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kim P
San Francisco, CA55 contributions
Jun 2022
After 3 terrific trips with wonderful guides and interesting itineraries, it saddens me to write this review. The US-based administrative service has always been somewhat lacking with long wait times on the phone and lack of responsiveness., even prior to Covid. Unfortunately, this company does not understand or appreciate that our trip experience starts with their home office. We get Christmas cards from the owners but never once has a formal apology been issued about how poorly they have treated their loyal customers with insufficient phone service, extremely slow refunds, etc. I don’t fault the employees, I fault management. I will never book another trip with OAT. There are too many other tour companies that want and appreciate my business. I have lost money on a trip I just cancelled and it was a lessen hard learned.
Written 18 June 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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