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Laxman Squire Opp. Shiva Temple, Rishikesh 249201 India
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13 reviews
Very good

Milena Coka D
2 contributions
Great school,dedicated teacher! It’s a good way to spend time in India- to learn yoga from this amazing teacher- Harishchandra Yandev! If you want to know India- try to learn yoga from the best. 🙏
Written 29 December 2020
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Ruhi Kaler
15 contributions
Atri Yoga Center will remain the most integral part of my life.
Something I will never forget for my generations to come.

So it all began during the lockdown. Where like everyone else my moral was also down.
Emotional strength had weakened and physical strength had come to zero. By begin stuck at home and not been able to move.

In JUNE I began my search of yoga schools all around India. I was so desperate for a change and a new beginning that I didn’t mind going anywhere. Although Rishikesh the Capital of Yoga was first on my mind.

But due to Covid restrictions over travel. To and from the states, it was nearly impossible to decide.
Finally, Govt lifted the ban and it was allowed to form the 5th of August

My search for a Yoga school
During my search, I came across so many schools with fancy pictures, big promises, huge advertisements over Insta, and other mediums. The more I saw the more perplexing it got.

Since yoga is a concept of simple living and high thinking. I decided to not get distracted with 5-star facilities centers and rather chose the genuine one with a simple advertisement.

What luck! My thought of selection paid well!
After my discussions with the school over the phone and emails
I booked my tickets and did my Covid negative test
Landing in this most beautiful holly grail, Rishikesh the land of Gods.

I'm glad I chose Rishikesh. Not only because it offers the real, organic, genuine, from its very roots of Yoga, but also because of the beautiful scenic view I woke up to every day. I'm sure I would have never found in the rest of the world.

For learning yoga, one needs peace of mind and strong determination.
It becomes easy when you wake up in the morning to walk to the center. A cold breeze from Gange touches your cheeks, encouraging you and telling you a great job! You are on the right path.

Sound of Aarti (morning prayers in the Temples) awakens the electric magnetic field in your body and prepares you for the best morning Ashtang Yoga session.

Atri Yoga Center gave me all. Because it's located in the most popular location. Laxman Jhula. On the footstep of Ganga surrounded by sacred Temples.

It helped me awaken my Spiritual connection with the Supreme energy by surroundings and visuals itself.

My training 200 hours of Yoga teacher training
I began with 200 hours of Yoga teacher training which included:
Shatkarma – Jal neti ( Nasal cleanse)
Followed by Meditation
Followed by Morning 2 hours of Ashtang Yoga session
Alignment class (detailed session to teach each and every yoga pose and its specific alignment with the body as per age groups)
Anatomy class
2 hours of Hatha Yoga evening session

My experience

When I got here I was like a rock not able to move an inch. Unlike others, I joined as a beginner.
I didn't have any flexibility whatsoever. And being 33 years old I had to work a lot to get the flexibility and develop the strength in my body.

My arms were the weakest in my body and to do Yoga that’s one thing which is needed to be strong.
But my Guruji made this possible. They gave me specific yoga asanas and develop that strength.
I was so happy with the overall development and positive change in my body.
I decided to stay a little longer and enroll for the next 300 hours Yoga teacher training course.

My training 300 hours of Yoga teacher training
- Shatkarma (Jal neti and Rubber Neti)
- Morning intensive 2 hours of Ashtang Yoga session
- Bhagavad Geeta study
- Yoga Nidra for 15 days
- 15 days Chakra Meditation (A thorough understanding of chakras location in the body and its seed Mantras, chakras drawing and intensive meditation of each charka with its seed mantra to awaken them)
- Yoga therapy class
- 2 hours of Hatha Yoga evening session

Again I couldn’t help but extend my course as I couldn’t believe what I was learning and how gracefully it taking me to a spiritual path and a great transformation. I loved the meditation practices and its understanding that I signed up for another 300 hours of an intensive meditation course

My training 300 hours of Kundalini Meditation course
- Shatkarma (Jal neti and Rubber Neti)
- Morning intensive 2 hours of Ashtang Yoga session
- 3 hours of meditation
- Break
- Meditation
- 2 hours of Hatha Yoga evening session

This intensive course has helped me to understand Samadhi practice, its obstacles, and ways to overcome them.

After completing 3 courses the mental and physical strength I have gained. The transformation I have achieved and the spiritual growth I've attained. I wish I could explain in words but it's nearly impossible!

Here are the challenges I’ve faced and how my Guruji at Atri Yoga center has helped me overcome them

1. The last year 2019 I was operated on for deviated nasal septum because of calcium deposits.
I was at ease knowing that the operation is done and calcium has been removed.

But only during our pranayama sessions, I discovered that my left nostril is forever passive.
Guruji explained to me that our nostrils switch during the day several times where one becomes active and the other passive and vise versa.

So this natural process wasn’t happening to me as my left nostril remained passive.

With intensive practice and variation of pranayams, shatkarma such as jal neti and rubber neti. It started to switch within one month 7 days to be precise.

Until then I had no idea how it feels to breathe through both the nostrils. To my luck, I learned early before it was too late. If it wasn’t for Yoga and my well-skilled Guruji I would have forever oblivious to this.

1. Bad digestive system – Being an Indian I was not able to digest pulses/ Dhal. It gave me serious gastric and acidity. To an extend to serious crams and even runs.
Guruji and his wife Guruma took the matter in hand.
They ensured I was served fresh home-cooked Sathvic food only.
During my 3 months stay, Guruma cooked me a fresh delicious meal daily.
They made sure I was served Dhal. Yes, you heard it right. They served me dhal which was cooked in sattvic food (Yogic diet). No spices and organic way.
Slowly and gradually it increased my stomach’s tolerance to it. My stomach adapted to this change and became less reactive to it. And slowly it came to the point, no reaction at all!

Now I can happily eat what I like and my stomach started to process it fast.
For this change, I will forever be grateful.

Because a bad digestive system is the core of all diseases.

1. Strength and flexibility
Like I mentioned before I was like a rock. After 3 months I am ready for an advanced level of yoga training. Of course, it was only possible because of the strong determination from both sides student and teacher.
I've gained a great level of flexibility, strength, and of course great shape.

This experience will always be a special one for me for the rest of my life. It’s a great achievement for the beginner with no flexibility or strength. With zero knowledge and starting the course from the scratch at the age of 33 and reaching to intermediate level. The body is fully ready to embark on an advanced course.
Been able to do splits, headstands and arm balancing poses is an achievement in itself!

During these three months. At Atri yoga center. Guruji – Harish ji, Guruma – Deepa ji.
They ensured I felt at home. We were one family. Not once did I feel like an outsider.

The experience and knowledge they both possess is beyond words. They literally have the ability to look at you and tell you which part of your body has troubles and which area is affecting it and its cure. If followed with guaranteed results.

I cannot say enough in words, how strongly I recommend this school to everyone who is looking for a genuine, REAL YOGA teacher training school.

Hope my shared experience will help to make your search for school easy.

Thank you
Written 1 November 2020
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Berlin, Germany50 contributions
It is sometimes very hard to choose a place only by internet, but luckiky I had taken some classes with Harish 5 years ago, and I knew this was the right place. I have just completed my 200hrs ttc at Atri Yoga Center, it was intense, but I am very happy to have done it here, as Harish always brings out the best of you, he encourages to improve everyday. He is a very knowledgeable teacher with a lot of experience and always with a big smile, so any doubt you have about philosophy or yoga asanas or the path of yoga, he can solve it. Also Deepa is great, she knows a lot about anathomy and it is great that she always gives examples in how to apply yogic management to the body systems we are studying.
I highly recommend this place, as the teachers and pure and real, and for sure you will learn a lot about yoga and yourself when taking this course.
Written 29 December 2019
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We are so happy that have such a great opportunity to teach such a wonderful students and we are looking forward to see you soon. Have a wonderful day Namaste
Written 5 January 2020
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London, UK1 contribution
I’ve just completed my 200h yoga teacher training and it was a life-changing event! I didn’t intend to do a yoga teacher training but it all changed when I found Yogi Harish Chandra. He really knows how to motivate his students and bring them to the next level. But mostly, I was inspired by his noble values and moral behaviour. He showed me that yoga is not just a physical workout, it is a way of life. I grew stronger in many different ways - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It has been my honour to be his student!
Written 10 March 2019
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Melbourne, Australia16 contributions
My month under the guidance and teaching of Yogi Harish was phenomenal! He’s an incredibly knowledgeable and humble teacher. We participated in morning meditation, kryias, ashtanga vinyasa and hatha classes every day. We also learnt yoga philosophy, hatha alignment from beginner to advanced, class structure, anatomy & physiology and yogic management for illness/diseases.

The yoga philosophy was a highlight. It was very thorough and comprehensive. You are provided an Atri Centre Yoga Teacher book, which contains so much information on so many yogic philosophy topics such as ashtanga/raja yoga, kundalini yoga & chakras, Brahman & atman, three gunas, karma, reincarnation, meditation and much, much more. If you are looking specifically for a yoga teacher training that will focus on philosophy, I highly recommend this teacher training. Harish mentioned the 300hr TTC will go deeper into philosophy focusing on the Gita, yoga sutras etc.

We did not stay in an Ashram.. but in a guest house in Luxman Jhula square and all meals were provided by a local cafe. Food and accommodation were good.

I loved my month in Rishikesh with the Atri family. I have made friends for life and can’t wait to visit my teachers again 😊😊
Written 31 March 2018
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James W
Melbourne, Australia19 contributions
Harish is a very knowledge and skilled yoga instructor. He teaches from personal experiences and this shows in his classes and philosophy lessons throughout the course. This course also took my Asana practice to the next level, as well as taught me some excellent philosophy knowledge. I will definitely be going back to complete a 300 hour course. During the course, Harish took us up to the Himalayas to an ancient temple which was also lots of fun. The food provided on the course is great and accommodation provided is good by Indian standards.
Written 31 March 2018
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London, UK2 contributions
The 200hrs teaching program at Atri Yoga has been one the most amazing and unforgetable experience in my life. The course is very complete with the morning cleaning, asanas, philosophy and anatomy classes. Yogi Harish Chandrais is a great spiritual master and he was also very attend to detail helping the group all the time. The Asthanga and Hatha classes are very intense and enjoyable. The colleagues I meet and the places we visit were incredible. I really will love to come back soon and complete de 500 hours. I will positive recommend Atri yoga to any yogui who wants to become a teacher bacause Atri is the best School in Rishikesh.
Written 1 December 2016
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Poland147 contributions
I have joined Harish classes last year while being in Rishikesh and later joined for 10 more days his classes in Europe. He is the best yoga teacher i have ever had, with amazing energy and positive spirit. Even impossible is possible during his classes. The atmosphere during his course is something you can not explain with words, you just smile.
Written 21 November 2016
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Angelos S
Heraklion, Greece41 contributions
Completed the 200hr yoga teacher training on February 2016 ! It has definitely been hard at times but I have finally learned the meaning of discipline,real practice and real meditation.
"Everything is possible" as it said Harish every morning. Is true!
Thank you to Harish for teaching me so much. He is one of the real masters and he have a great knowledge on all aspects of hatha ,Asthanga, meditation and advanced kriyas.Abdolutely recommend this course to everyone has an interest in yoga and wanna be yoga instructor!
Written 28 March 2016
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Jill P
Derry, UK3 contributions
I have just completed my 200hr YTT course at Atri yoga centre and it was amazing. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. I gained lots of valuable experience which I can take home and continue on a good path.
Harish is a great teacher, so caring and knowledgeable. He really wants the best for all of his students and challenges you (in an inspiring way) so give your full potential.
It was a very unique and authentic experience. The whole course, the atmosphere, people and location was very special. I definitely recommend this course to everyone that has an interest in yoga.
Written 4 March 2016
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