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Thousands of year ago Adi Yogi arrived in these part of mystic Himalayas and transmitted the knowledge of yoga for enriching the human consciousness. Today we at Sattya Yoga, are trying to receive those vibes through our spiritual practices and making a honest effort to elevate & transform our selves to conscious human being. Sattya is inner force which keeps the Body, mind & Soul in Sync. We at Sattya yoga discover & expand our sattya through Daily Yoga classes,Short Yoga Courses, wellness retreats and YTTC Courses of 200 & 300 hours. Yoga at Sattya Yoga is a Science to transform & Art to live. Come and discover your destiny and allign & sync your self to the plans of the universe for your soul. Come and Soak in yourself to an experience of a life time at the very place of the Birth of this cosmoc science - Yoga.
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Very good

Paula Lou Ane
17 contributions
Apr 2022 • Solo
The 200 hours course I took was exceptional. The place is peaceful, quiet, ideal for practicing yoga and meditation. The employees are attentive and kind. The teachers are excellent. They help you to find the best asana for your body. The owners are wonderful, they are always ready to help you with all affection. It is also possible to have great massages in this place. The food is delicious. It is really a amazing and unforgettable experience!!!
Written 29 April 2022
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Jyoti Malhotra
New Delhi, India14 contributions
Jul 2021 • Friends
Soothing, mesmerising, heart touching, inexplicable, one place where we had fabulous experience, of delicious tasty served food, harmony and balance in the living style and lives of human, flora and fauna, one place where greenery is cultivated, where calmness of mind, whispering of birds, & master service of pet dog, and humility in the nature and some connection got established with owners of place, their homeliness feeling provided during stay there, awesome, auspicious, food cooked and served to each one of us. Each moment lived there was passing like the moment of lifetime.
This was something, never seen or felt before,. First time love established there with place and people there.

Last but not the least meditation experience in their gave us a feeling of oneness with our soul, with natural things and happening all around.

All thanks to Rajee Ba and Seema ma'am.... Had they not been there and their team. This wonderful stay and joueney would have been half lived.
Everything and more here is awaiting u.... Come what waiting for!

Harmony in feelings, Ecstasy and joy, with inner peace were the positive drawn out.
Written 12 July 2021
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Michelle C
Oslo, Norway3 contributions
Oct 2020
I completed the Kundalini meditation course in October. As always, it takes me time to write a review! I like to see how the course impacts me longterm before I write anything about it. So here it finally is!
It was a 6-day online zoom course led by Rajee, and with a lovely group of participants. It lasted about 2 hours each day and consisted of meditation, teaching by Rajee and learning different Kriyas. It was a challenging course. I felt it was very deep and intense. I think I am still learning from it. It felt very safe to do this, even though it was online, with Rajee leading it. And a beautiful connection was also developed with the group.

Thank you Rajee for sharing your knowledge. I feel I am still expanding and growing from what you shared with us. Take care
Written 14 December 2020
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2 contributions
Oct 2020 • Solo
Thank you very much for your teaching online last week ..... it was very intense for me .... this transmission will help me in my daily yogic practice .... but above all this training allowed me to find an immense joy and strength in me unsuspected until now ....
I look forward to seeing you again!
Written 29 October 2020
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Valentina Alexa... C
17 contributions
Dec 2019 • Solo
Sattya Yoga is a perfect place to deepen your knowledge about Yoga. I am grateful I’ve chose them for the YTTC 200h and I am looking forward to visiting them again.
I have attended also an unique online course, in October 2020, with Guru Rajee, there are no words to describe the experience, the vibrating energy. If you want to learn from the ancient wisdom of Yogis and Rishis this is the perfect place to go, Guru Rajee will happily share with you from his great knowledge. 🙏🏼
Written 26 October 2020
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Navi Mumbai, India4 contributions
Oct 2020 • Solo

I have attended 3 days online yoga session with sattya yoga , Rajeevji is master in his field, he taught us 4 kriyas to energise ourselves.
I recommend you joining sattya yoga & get tools for daily practice.
Written 17 October 2020
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Sara N
Stockholm, Sweden2 contributions
Nov 2019
Wow I don´t even know where to start. I had an amazing stay at your place during my Yoga teacher training, 200hours! I was there a year ago now, in November 2019, and I still have the bands in red and yellow around my wrist. Yogada for me was an opening in my life to something new, better and choosing a way ti live closer to my heart. I learned so much from all the lovely teachers, how to just be and be grateful for just the sun to how to let go of a fear that I had to just follow the flow of what is happening. For me that was big! So I came to Yogado to learn how to teach and learn more about yoga and I came out not only with that knowlage but knowlage about myself and the universe around me. Thank you so much for that Yogada! I will always be grateful for the time I spent with you and also about the fact that I gave myself the opportunity to go for it and book the training with you!
Written 3 October 2020
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Lacey G
9 contributions
Mar 2020
Where to begin... I did the 200-hour traditional Himalayan yoga certification with my boyfriend in March of 2020. Sadly our last week was cut short due to the Coronavirus outbreak so we had some issues with our certification that others may not have had.

I picked Yogada in the Himalayas because of the quiet location outside of the city, included lodging and vegetarian meals, small class size (ours had 7 people), and master instructors.

The location of the ashram was magical to say the least. Away from the city of Tapovan in the village of Shivpuri. We could easily walk across the street to get to the beach on the Ganges. The mountains surround the ashram and there is an energy of calm that encapsulates the space. The sleeping rooms themselves were fine. The cottages were quaint and very typical for India. Nothing extravagant, but everything worked okay. We had some issues with hot water and electricity, but the workers were always helpful in fixing any issues. We only had one outlet that worked, and we had to clean our own rooms with very little supplies. We were taught how to do a lot at the ashram by the class who came two weeks earlier than us. This caused a lot of tension and confusion within the groups that could have been avoided if the staff were to have instructed us instead on day to day living at the ashram. It would have been helpful to have more guidance and assistance when it came to cleaning our rooms, dishes, and the ashram itself. We were told to do "karma yoga" on Saturdays and clean the ashram, but were not given any supplies or structure in how to do so. It was a lot of us figuring it out ourselves and asking for supplies. This is not a certification where they hold your hand by any means. On our first day we were given a detailed schedule with times for silence and alone time, but no one actually enforced this. We were often confused on which classroom to go to or what was going on, but this is India.. We always had a teacher even if they were late so that is something! I heard from others who did different certifications where the instructors rarely showed up to class. So we were very happy with our certification when comparing to others in the area.

The teachers were incredibly knowledgable and the best at what they do. I truly mean that! I really enjoyed anatomy class with Dhiraj, and meditation with Rajeev. I wish we had more classes with Himanshu! I got to new spaces in my mind and body during these intense breathing/meditation classes. I was very sad to miss out on our last week of classes because it felt like we still had so much more to learn.
This certification is very well rounded. They teach you that yog is about more than the asanas and how important it is to practice all the parts of yog. We learned hatha and ashtanga asana for 3 hours every day. We had a meditation class, philosophy class, anatomy class and alignment class every day as well. The days were long and exhausting, but that is to be expected with the amount of information needed to become certified in under a month.

I have waited a couple months to write my review because I wanted to sit with my experience and see how I felt over time. I now realize how much we needed to have been given notes or books to go along with our classes. We were given a notebook and pages of mantras, but not much else. We were told that taking our own notes would help us in learning what we needed, but I have a hard time remembering every sequence and pose in order without pictures or a book to go off of. I highly recommend that Yogada build a book or find a book for us to go off of to help us when we get home. Since we were learning Hatha and Ashtanga it can be confusing to distinguish which sequence goes with which style. They often get mixed up in my head now. I am going through my notes (which filled an entire notebook), but still feel confused on how to teach a proper class. This certification is a great first step into the world of yog, but I feel like I needed more instruction on how to teach and structure a class myself. I assume this comes more with the 300-hour certification.

We plan to go back here for our 300-hour cert because we loved the teachers and location so much, but there is some work to be done on the structure. Overall we are happy with our certification, but do not fully feel like teachers just yet.
If you are going to learn yog in Rishikesh you MUST go to Yogada in the Himalayas (Sattya Yoga).
Thank you so so so much Rajeev, Seema, Dhiraj, Sachen, Ajay, Himanshu, Krishna, Divyansh and all of the staff at Yogada!
Written 4 May 2020
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11 contributions
Dec 2019
A school in the middle of pure nature surrounded by the reserve forest with the Ganga river flowing nearby. Delicious and sumptuous food cooked with love.

I did my 200 hours course from Yogada and it has changed my life completely. I am an all new.

All the teachers are so knowledgeable and dedicated to their passion towards yoga.

Every weekend there were excursions to the nearby places of interest with the rafting on the Ganga.

One of the amazing thing was individual consultation with the ayurveda doctor to know who we are as a body.

As my home is just four hours drive away I have taken my time select the school for course, and I am not only very happy but proud of choosing Yogada.

Here u understand what true Yoga is and here u start with correcting and learning the fundamentals of Yoga.

I not only recommend this school to everyone but will keep attending the higher courses in time to come.

I am grateful for changing my life.
Written 8 January 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Valentina Alexa... C
17 contributions
Dec 2019 • Solo
Great experience! The location is beautiful. I’m really grateful I chose this place. A beautiful way to learn traditional yoga.
Speacial thanks to Guru Rajeev and Guru Seema! They make this place magic!
All teachers have wide experience and knowledge, they have a professional and at the same time, nice and comforting, way of teaching. All teachers are dedicated and passioned, yoga is their lifestyle.
Many thanks to staff and chef, for the smile and pozitive way they made me feel like home.
The lessons I learned bere went beyond my expectations and I am sure this kind of teachings you cannot find everywhere.
If you are looking for an authenting yoga experience, here is the place!
All my love and respect to Yogada team!
Written 8 January 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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