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Yoganga Healing
Yoganga Healing is a holistic healing method,developed to transform one's present emotional and mental states to higher levels of consciousness. The benefits are to live in abundance of physical and mental health and provide tools for inner growth. Practice of Yoganga (limbs of yoga) awakens the healing potential within the clients. During the Yoganga healing sessions we apply best of the eastern and western approaches like Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Mindfulness meditation techniques, Hypnotherapy, NLP, cognitive Behavior therapy and cognitive re-framing through yogic counselling. Yoganga Healing is found to be effective in addressing Anxiety, Depression, Trauma,PTSD, Fear and Phobia, Insomnia, Conflict Resolution, Low self-esteem, Relationship Issues, stress management, Loss and grief Therapy, Breathing disorders, General fatigue,Headache and Migraine and other lifestyle related disorders.
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1-2 hours
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Kalpana Dixit
1 contribution
A Grate Teacher for Improvement of Life Quality
May 2021
I booked online appointment with Mr. Sunil (Yoganga Healing Rishikesh) to overwhelm with the downheartedness and nervousness. I didn’t have much knowledge about it but I was willing to participate in order to improve myself. I spent 4 weeks to learn yog-asana, yog-nidra, philosophy & psychology sessions. What an amazing session he has perfected. A slow pace environment which focuses on feeling the energy in body and feel the positivity in mind. These yoga steps have helped me immensely and I’m now working on integrating it into my everyday life. With the help of these yog-asans and yog-nidra, it is easy to remember the moves we practiced in virtual sessions. These yogas help with the balance of emotions in everyday life. I also reap the benefits of yoga sessions taught by Mr. Sunil and inner alchemy.
I will be always thankful to Mr. Sunil for such an interesting experience, for all I learned from him and how it improved my life quality and thought process.
Written 7 June 2021
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Milan, Italy281 contributions
The best yoga phiosophy course
Jul 2020 • Solo
I Met Sunil JI during my YTT in India, (Rishikesh).
During the YTT I had the opportunity to experience yoga philosophy and yoga nidra classes with him and I really enjoyed.
After the YTT I saw on internet that he decided to do some yoga philosophy classes. So, obviousy I decide to attend it.

I love how he teach philosophy and I like it because he teach you how apply yoga philosophy in your daily life. This course open my mind so much, I started to become more aware and questioning a lot.
Furthermore he do also pranayama classes, I really hope to come back to Rishikesh to meet him again.

I can't wait for the next online course!🔥

Written 5 November 2020
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Paris, France1 contribution
Get a deeper connection with your innerself with Yoganga Healing
Jun 2020
I had the chance to follow Sunil Ji teaching and guidance during my 200hrs Asthanga TT in Rishikesh in September 2019 and an online course when being lockdown due to the covid situation.
His pranayama classes were powerful and I experience things I cannot describe with words during his Nidra classes.
Every time I have a class with Sunil Ji I feel empowered and with new capacities to see the struggles of everyday life with a new perspective.
His philosophy classes are beyond enlightenment. I really appreciate how he always makes a link between yoga philosophy and our every day life.
His teaching, his knowledge, his way of passing and sharing them are enlightening.
He will always welcome your questions (and I can from time to time have many of them!) and will guide you to find on your own the answers.
He accompanies me to be more at peace with myself and with the world surrounding us.
Written 5 November 2020
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Prague, Czech Republic14 contributions
Where we bridge the gap between theory and practice
Dec 2019 • Solo
Sunilji has a god given skill to serve you the “yogic” related Indian philosophy & psychology in a way which will make you sense in no time. You will be able to see the practical application (off the mat, out where the real life is happening) of Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and many more scriptures. If you are a yoga practitioner and wish to get a more deeper understanding on the philosophy behind all you asanas, I highly recommend his school.
If you are less into asana practice, but wish to get more experience on pranayama, mindfulness and get an overall picture from a helicopter view on Indian philosophy system, then also I can repeat myself, Yoganga Healing is your real deal.
Feeling grateful to be able to learn (and still) from him, and carry on my journey with the support of his guidance.
Written 2 November 2020
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Isabelle W
Paris, France7 contributions
Fantastic teacher
Oct 2020
I have followed a 12 week online course with Sunil and I absolutely loved it. Sunil is a fantastic teacher, and also a genuinely lovely person! Don't hesitate to sign up for a course with him !
Written 2 November 2020
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Kalpanaa Meena
1 contribution
Gratitude and more gratitude towards Sunil sir
Oct 2020 • Solo
I happened to take counselling sessions from Sunil sir twice, and I am so glad that I made the right choice given that the culture I come from, we are not taught the importance of healing and how useful it is.

Doing exactly what he instructs DOES reap results I realized it only when I dedicatedly did it.

During sessions with Sunil sir, I became aware of my own subconscious baggage, and at the same time realizing that there was nothing wrong with me as long as I was ready to face the issue at the first place, process it and eventually heal from it and emotionally processing my feelings was definitely tiring but I felt safe in outpouring all of it to him, which is why I would recommend anyone who's facing issues, please talk to a therapist/counsellor over friends. Friends could be a great listener but therapists/counsellors are sure shot result oriented; With problem they help you get out of it and find a way. Atleast that's what I realized.

Great therapist/counsellor is a true blessing, and Sunil sir is one of them. I can totally vouch for it.
Written 31 October 2020
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Denise Thomas
1 contribution
Yoganga Healing
Aug 2019 • Solo
My first Nidra session took place with my YTTC group. Sunil introduced himself and explained that he was not here to be loved, hated or yet to feel any way towards him. And that was the beginning of the journey. I followed his instructions and did my best not to analyse anything throughout the session. By the end of the session I was not able to move my body, it was so heavy and tired. After the session ended, I raced out of the room and I sat at the end of the stairs for 1hour 30mins crying in an inconsolable way. I wasn't able to tell why I was crying; I just cried. The crying continued in little spurts throughout the evening and I trusted Sunil; not to analyse or question any emotion.The next day came for Sunil's class and I was a bit scared of what would happen.What was to come was another four sessions where I felt different every time; in a negative
way.I attended the sessions and I told myself to listen and follow the instructions. One of the sessions, Sunil told us to relax our shoulders and that started uncontrollable tears again. The next session we were
relaxing different parts of the body and I felt like my whole body was on fire, burning like I have never felt a burn before. And that also continued for maybe an hour after the practice with lot
s and lots of tears and then started again in the evening time. The next session came with lots and lots of anger and after that session I expressed that continuing Nidra and my YTTC together was too difficult for me. With the guidance of my teachers I would choose just one.

I decided to continue with my YTTC and give Nidra a break until I finised my YTTC.
After the first healing session, Sunil was so blunt. His words were that I was worse than during Nidra; I was more restless. Looking back now, I was away from it all and naturally I was thinking about it. The next session came and my whole body shook; releasing tensions within.
The next session my body was shaking again and I felt really sad.I sat with myself for about 1 hour and then I began to come around and felt productive. The sessions continued and in the process many different
emotions came; sadness, hurt, anger, resentment. When my breathing became natural and slow, instantly I began to move again. Sunil told me that I was just about to relax and I allowed my mind come and take over.It was the complete wrong reaction. I remember been so upset with myself as I had come so far but not where I wanted. The last session came and I tried my very hardest; not to relax but to
completely accept whatever type of emotions and feelings that would come. At the end of the session I saw black from my third eye centre. I would have loved to see illumination and bright colours but in accepted it. Thoughout the time attending  healing sessions and for the time that I was spending in India in general, my mind probably felt more agitated than ever and I was more
restless than I have ever been in my life.But day by day, I listened to what my body needed, I rested more and I gave myself time. I began to feel better within and at peace with myself. I am still trying this since I have returned home. I would definately return to more get more sessions from Sunil.
Written 22 December 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Auckland, New Zealand3 contributions
Nov 2019 • Solo
A friend told me I must see Sunil Sharma ‘the breath healer’. I was leaving in a few days but he managed to squeeze me in.. I didn’t know what to expect - breathwork? Some kind of yogic breath magic? It was so lovely being in the peaceful old Gita Ashram grounds at the back of Ram Jhula as I found my way to his quiet studio looking out to the mountains. The sign outside looked like psychology and that is what our session turned out to be. I filled out a basic questionnaire, he read it, asked a couple of basic questions, I answered, he pondered for a few minutes then hit me with a very accurate evaluation of where I am at including areas that are out of balance. I was quite impressed as I had only just begun to realize some of this for myself. I suspect he works on a number of levels as the conversation was able to go deeper and the analysis was scarily accurate & detailed for a first encounter with so few details shared. I liked that he was pretty forthright - telling it like it is and not sugar-coating anything as I needed to hear it. But what I valued most were the tools he gave me to work with which are proving really helpful. Definitely well worth booking in even for a one-off session.
Written 5 December 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Sarah C
1 contribution
Excellent Stay
Feb 2019 • Business
I travelled India and went to a number of Yoga Schools. There are a number of schools with teachers that are highly unqualified and are jumping on the yoga money making band wagon. Being a yoga teacher myself for 15 years and I know a good teacher. This Yoga retreat was amazing. It was a god sent. I loved every second. It was much needed. Before I found this place I went for another training PT Vijesh Sharma Ji at the Purple Yoga and it was horrific. I was subjected to sexual advances during tantric practices and the Yoga Training itself was extremely poor. I warn any Western Women to stay well clear of this man.
I left PT Vijesh Sharka Ji after 4 days, even though I had booked for a week and that is when I found Sunil.

Sunil on the other hand was a true Yogi, genuine. The care and practice was very very good and would recommend him anytime.

Stay away from the sleazy yoga and meditation centres such as Purple Yoga and seek out real teachers who have mastered their craft.
Written 18 November 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

1 contribution
Go there if you are serious about healing yourself
Oct 2019
When I initially met Sunil, during my first trip to Rishikesh, I only had time for one session. However, during the session he helped me access and release some deeply stored emotions and I knew I had to go back to him if I wanted to make real progress.

So 8 months later I was back in Rishikesh to do 10 sessions with him. Sunil quietly observes and masterfully identifies the underlying reasons for various issues that I was seeking help with. Issues that go back to childhood and are imprinted at an emotional and energetic level. Sunil has a unique understanding and mixture of skills and knowledge of both western psychology and eastern philosophy. Sunil will not only do sessions with you, he will guide you through what you yourself have to do to heal as in the end you must be willing to change and to make room for your authentic Self.

If you are really determined to heal and to change, there is no better guide than Sunil. I am very grateful for finding him and for all the invaluable help and support that he provided to me that enabled me to start a journey that is, at moments, difficult, but at the same time extremely rewarding and exciting.
Written 22 October 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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