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Jay Peak Resort
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Weekend of 2/19 into Wed 2/23 at Jay Peak:

Conditions were poor at best. We certainly can't blame Jay for high winds, high temperatures, fog, rain (both past and continued), etc. The result was skied off ice or bare spots, numerous closed, thin cover and caution signs to deal with. Yup, global warming… The week was disappointing to say the least.
However, the problem with the Jet quad was the resort’s issue. Multiple days of this being down had to be unavailability of either spare parts or technical talent. When operating a popular, high-volume ski resort those things are not excusable.
Combine this with wind holds on the Flyer and Tram and then the Bonaventure and there was no shortage of vacation week skiers on the few remaining lift-accessible areas. The poor conditions and crowded runs exacerbate the situation and skied off the trails quickly.
The unloading for the taxi lift appears poorly designed. The wheel turns the chairs around before the skiers are fully exited. Saw many skiers (even apparently experienced ones) getting hit in the back or helmet as they slide down. The wheel can’t be moved forward. Thus, the ramp should be a few feet back from where it is situated presently.
Written 2 March 2022
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Windham, ME25 contributions
We traveled here for a long weekend to attend a hockey tournament. The hotel is bare,bare, bare bones as far as accommodations go. The heat in our room didn't work although they fixed it twice. On day 2 they moved us to another room which had moderate heat. There is ZERO coffee within 20 miles before 7:30 in the morning. The entire time we were there the floors'carpets were dirty and were never vacuumed. I found it strange there is no comfortable gathering space. Most lodges have a gathering space that overlooks the lifts, a place where you can sit on a comfortable couch by a fire and relax..... nothing like that here NOTHING! It is very stark and uncomfortable. The parking-lot staff were some of the most arrogant rude service providers I have ever experienced. Hotel parking is a hike to the back of the parking lot although the ski lot adjacent to the hotel was never even 25% full the entire weekend... This hotel was also seized by the government, is in receivership and for sale. There are much better paces to stay and ski in the northeast. Highly recommend you avoid this disaster!
Written 24 January 2022
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New York City, NY41 contributions
Played Jay Peak Golf Course today on the recommendation of a friend in Stowe. We had played the magnificent Stowe Mountain Course yesterday, so we were expecting a bit of a letdown, and at least something more primitive.
First of all, the staff in the Pro Shop and Clubhouse Grill were marvelous and set the tone for the day. They truly made us feel welcome and with friends.
The breakfast in the Clubhouse Grill was so well prepared and delicious that we came back for lunch after our round. Lunch was delicious as well. Bill behind the bar is an absolute star.
The course itself was challenging, beautiful and a design that enabled you to remember every hole. The greens were flawless but very slow running. They certainly needed a haircut today. The carries from the blue tees to the fairways were intimidating on several holes, like 10. First-timers will not know when to aim their drives on a few holes, especially 15. Fairways were soft and spongy, so the balls didn’t bounce very much - this was probably to all the rain Vermont received in July this year.
The course has been beautified by a large number of flowers and the mountain scenery was gorgeous. Well worth the detour up from Stowe. We are going back in September when the colors are in bloom. We’ve been hooked.
Written 10 August 2021
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nina o
New York City, NY10 contributions
the skiing was nice BUT..the dining was not safe..they only had one place open weekdays so everyone was forced to eat here..there were parties of 15!!! Not cool during Covid....we also had to send our shrimp back 3x to get them cooked thru..The resort COULD have spent some money on heat lamps to serve people outside if they so desired. Would not come again...less than stellar..
Written 6 April 2021
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Nataliya T
2 contributions
The place is huge, offers few locations for stay, in the resort itself and in some smaller buildings and cabins
Our cabin was nice and recently renovated, with 2 good size bedrooms and living room and kitchen!
Very clean also!
The only minus is no soap which I didn’t know :)
The water park is fun and has even bar and drinks!
A bit pricey but is worthy for kids to have fun all day or half day!
We also loved the food in Foundry Restaurant!
The stuff there was always so friendly , fast and polite !
The food is good, they even have good breakfast and warm chocolate for frozen kids :)
We will be back and enjoy the lifts and other locations, since the resort was not completely up to speed so early in the season!
They even have movie theater and ice skating stadium with wine and snack :)
Over all we were very happy with the stay and the beautiful view of Mother Nature!

Thank you!
Written 1 December 2019
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David C
Wadsworth, OH3,100 contributions
Came to Jay Peak for a training conference but got to bring the family. Nice conference area with great attending staff. The location is lovely, only 10 minutes from Quebec. There are a lot of things to do here like skiing, arcade, concerts, restaurants, ice rink, and of course the indoor water park. The suites are pretty nice having full kitchens as ample space. The breakfast and lunches (included in our package I think) were very good. It was a great place to have a conference and the whole family had a wonderful time. Would love to go back and ski some time.
Written 8 November 2019
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Frank T
Gloucester, MA17 contributions
Gorgeous resort with fire pits, hockey rink, water park and more. Off season pricing are reasonable. Peak season prices, ouch!!!
Written 13 October 2019
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Oklahoma City, OK849 contributions
We visited Jay Peak as summer was beginning to come to a close. Half of our family rode the gondola to the top, and half of us hiked. The hike was totally worth it. The trail was well marked and of moderate difficulty. Our 8 and 12-year-olds did great with it. The hike also gave a greater sense of accomplishment to reaching the final summit. If you can, I highly recommend the hike.
Written 10 October 2019
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150 Great Wolf Drive4 contributions
Went for 5 nights due to an off-season (read: not ski season) special in August 2019, but still pricy (~$200 per night). Here's a bullet point summary of the notes I took during those 5 days and nights. In sum: we won't return; it's not worth the cost; the water park is freezing and full of flies; the staff is mostly teenagers and therefore they don't care and/or don't have the ability or desire to do anything differently; the service is abysmal and the food was never enjoyable.

* Limited activities in water park (e.g,. "big river" frequently closed off, and groups of 4-6 people would have to wait at one access point to get into it and have a turn being WALKED around the river backwards (!) by an annoyed teenager. Asked one employee (the older lady who was the boss of the kid lifeguards), and she said the reason the river was mostly shut down was...they didn't have enough lifeguards. This was every day of our 5 day stay. To be clear: the big river, if open and traverseable as it was only during a few hours on our first day, is one of the funner parts for younger kids around 5-7 years' old, because otherwise they have to drag a floatie up and down multiple flights of stairs for the 2 slides they are tall enough to ride on...or play in the tiny kiddie areas. The only other fun part for this age group was a combo rock climbing/basketball section but....the water was so cold there, our son could never stay in that part too long.
* Water freezing in every area but hot tub. Asked one lifeguard why the water was so cold and she said, “well, the air is pretty warm!” Is there no one at Jay Peak who checks the water temperature? I never once saw anyone come around with a thermometer and there are none in the water. Do any staff or supervisors just…walk inside this water park? You do one walk-through, you’ll see dozens of kids literally holding their arms and shivering.
* Water park, every day we were there—and we went in every one of the 5 days we stayed, because we'd paid for it, despite the water temperature!—was FILLED with flies. Can't you put up some fly traps or fly paper? Sanitize the space at night when it closes? Do...something? The minute you sit down at a table inside the waterpark, they land on your food, beverages and towels. It was just...really gross.
* Bar not open all day and night Monday, and closed when we checked it out next on Wednesday at 6pm (all during hours the front desk printout said it should be open). When I found it open on Thursday and asked why it had been closed on prior days when it was noted to be open, the sole bartender told me they just shut it down if it's not busy.
* Beds (we had a studio suite with two queen beds) were overlain with some sort of pillow top which slept really hot; same for the really soft down pillows.
* Basic stuff just wasn't obtainable (just one example: housekeeping had no more 'do not disturb signs' (we asked on day 2 when we couldn't find one in the room....so we had to be woken up by housekeeping daily).
* Terrible service in the open restaurants (e.g., at one point, the Foundry Pub took 40 minutes to prepare a salad and a cheese plate). I asked for the manager as our son was exhausted and ready for bed (hence, food that didn't require cooking!), and she said they didn't have enough staff that night for the dinner rush. If you know you only have a few open restaurants on the off-peak time, shouldn't staffing them be more well-managed? How many years has this resort been open and managing the various seasons?
* The food in the open restaurants was mostly frozen stuff (frozen burgers thrown on grill; chicken tenders put out for hours under a warming lamp) or oddly-concocted, still-not-fresh items (e.g., avocado toast was actually...brownish 'avocado spread' instead of an actual avocado). There was one pizza place open and the pizza was just ok. The “Provisions” general store has a small deli, so you're better off getting sandwiches there and some of the frozen food items you can just reheat yourself in your room (if you have a microwave, which we did).
* Lack of respect for guests: Just one example: a front desk employee called me on a Tuesday morning at 10am asking if three men who don’t work at the resort (!) can spend 15 minutes in our room inspecting the fireplace. He acknowledged they were planning to wait until we checked out but "they were already here, so we figured we'd call."
* Little petty things: the arcade employee refused to give us a bag to carry out the toys we had after we had spent hundreds of dollars in the arcade (yep, we spent that much because...our son was too cold to stay in the waterpark most of the day!). Why couldn't he give us a bag, you ask? “Not just for that little toy” (we had cashed our tickets in with them for one snake, but were holding 4 balls my son won in the claw games). They also confiscated our water bottle due to the 'no outside food and water' policy, while the employee behind the counter ate an entire burrito (when I asked him about it, he said, “oh, we can eat back HERE”).
* No working lights attached to light switches in room (4 switches to the various overhead lights...and only the lamps worked). Bathroom sink clogged upon check-in.
* Found our room keys stopped working on day 3 of our stay; went to the front desk and was informed that the guy who had checked us in had set them to expire that day (2 days before check-out). Why? Still a mystery.
* Even the remote control didn't work properly: when you turn the TV on, it immediately flashes a graphic of the remote and says to hit the guide button. Remote doesn't have such a button, I call the front desk, and am told...some remotes don't have it (so no way to see what channels there are except to laboriously scroll through them all).

There are other, smaller issues (e.g., outdated and dirty décor in the common areas) but frankly, those exist in many resorts/hotels and don't bother me so much. The main issue at Jay Peak is the cost for what you get in the room, service and restaurants as noted in just SOME of the details above—and the fact that the waterpark is absolutely freezing and full of flies. Go....anywhere else.
Written 4 September 2019
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Los Angeles, CA102 contributions
My wife and I hiked up Jay Peak for the really excellent view. Being curious, we checked out the lodge at the top to rest our feet. Even though services were closed, people were doing work and we took a rest. The tram operator noticed we were tired and offered us a lift down, which we accepted. After a pleasant ride with great views, we arrived at the main ski area. He suggested we check at the hotel to find transportation back to our car.

The main area has a golf course, indoor water park, several restaurants, and very nice people. The hotels are right on the run - literally. Walk outside and catch a lift. I like to walk places I ski, and Jay Peak has some terrain I would like to try out.

As we walked to the main desk, which couldn’t have been more than 100 yards, at least 3 people offered to help us and made sure we were ok. If they do this for adults, they’re great with kids. There was WiFi everywhere, fast WiFi.

I tried Uber, but no cars. I saw a shuttle and asked the driver how we might get a ride. He made sure we were taken care of. John E from Security came and picked us up and delivered us right to our car. John is a cheerful man who knows the area. When we asked about favorite dinner places, he recommended The Belfry, but that’s another review.
Written 29 July 2019
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