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Karen L
Melbourne, FL213 contributions
Lots to do
Jul 2021
Stopped by with friends. Just the kids were climbing. We were hoping to climb at night, but they close at 9pm, which was a bummer. The inside has a variety of "stages" for younger kids, first-timers, on up to the outside walls for the more experienced and daring. They even have a stack of posts to climb and rappel down in the beginners' area. Very fun. We saw someone run along the outside of them, like Spiderman. It was a very unique place, and the kids enjoyed themselves. Be warned if you're short on time - if you haven't climbed with them before, there is a mandatory 15 minute "tour" before you can begin. They sell a day pass, which makes it more economical.
Written 14 July 2021
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The Hand
16 contributions
A Lot of Fun
May 2021 • Family
In early May this year, I did some rock climbing here and I hade a great time! In the normal section the rock climbing walls were challenging but I managed to climb one. If you’re going with someone under 13 they may have difficulty climbing these and may not get to the top of one of the rock climbing walls. However there is a kids section that I checked out and kids under 13 there will have more fun there. Overall, you should give this place a try, I will come back here next time I go to Chattanooga.
Written 12 July 2021
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Tiffany C
Kodak, TN27 contributions
Fun but staff is very unorganized
Apr 2021 • Family
I have an 11-year old and an 18-year old. We visited Chattanooga and saw the rock climbing wall on the outside of the building. My kids thought it would be fun so we went inside. The place was huge and had a lot of walls to climb. There is a kids’ area with quite a bit of stuff for kids to climb on and a few areas for ages 14 and up.
We were told, because it was raining, the outdoor was closed (it had stopped raining about 3 hours before our arrival.). This is what attracted us to the place. We filled out the waivers, paid $44 for both boys to climb (harnesses and shoes, too)and were told to wait by a black sign for orientation. About 10 minutes later, I went to the front desk and asked about the orientation. A staff member had just started an orientation with another group. They had forgotten about us. We joined the group and got a quick “how to” lesson and a tour of the gym.
About 45 minutes into our visit, a staff member found us and told us they would be opening the outside wall in 10-15 minutes. Twenty minutes later, I asked someone at the front desk. I guess he didn’t get the memo that it was opening and looked at me like a deer in headlights-lol. Anyways, they finally opened the outdoor climbing and my oldest son climber it with ease. My younger son had some trouble getting up this wall. (The walls inside were easier for him). Overall, the staff was friendly (unorganized), and my kids had a great time. I would recommend going here
Written 8 April 2021
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Isabella P
Ringgold, GA7 contributions
Covid -19 Positive Climber
Dec 2020
Signed up my daughter for the Climbing Club on Mondays and Wednesdays. She attended one lesson and the very next scheduled lesson second week in December 2020, we showed up and was informed the Climbing Club was canceled due to a member had Covid-19. My daughter was told that an email was send to me. I went home and checked for the email. I received no email regarding the exposure to Covid 19 or the Climbing Club shut down because of the positive Covid case. Bad review on due to loss of trust, potential covering up positive covid climber. My daughter reported that climbers in the club took off mass and it was enforced. I do not recommend taking the risk climbing at High Point Climbing. Shame on the staff that failed to notify me of the potential risk of contact with a positive climber in the club.
Written 15 December 2020
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2 contributions
BYO hand sanitizer
Oct 2020 • Couples
I have been here a few times pre-covid & equipment, staff, & climbing walls are consistently great. While most everyone did a good job of following the masking rules, there was little room for social distancing in the lobby (climbing walls were fine). I was mostly disappointed though in their availability of hand sanitizer. Maybe there was some in the lobby, but none near the climbing walls. It would be so easy to place containers on the tables &/or on walls... As a healthcare professional, I am very aware of how hand germs increase the spread of COVID. I definitely recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer & using after every climb.
Written 10 October 2020
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United Kingdom234 contributions
Amazing experience.
Feb 2020 • Family
Fantastic. Loads of climbing walls, plenty of variety. Staff were excellent and very helpful. We all loved it. Good value for money too.
Written 15 February 2020
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Jill D
Cusseta, AL37 contributions
Fun for the kiddos!
Jan 2020
The kid zone is perfect!! The walls are high, but too much so. The sky scrapers you can climb and jump off of where the favorite of my kiddo. After he had exhausted himself over the span of almost 2 hours, we grabbed a seat, a drink, and really enjoyed people watching all the climbers. It was a fun family morning.
FYI-plan your trip for when they open. You will end up with a kid zone WAY less crowded for almost 20-30 min.
Written 27 January 2020
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Singapore, Singapore36 contributions
Great way to exhaust your teenagers
Dec 2019 • Family
We were just there as part of our 5-day itinerary. It was a good break from hiking and all other activities we had. We went there early morning, so we basically had the place all on our own. If we had enough energy, we would’ve made use of the facilities again within the day as the entrance fee is useable all day.
Written 19 January 2020
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Evansville, IN6 contributions
Attitude Here A Bit Miserable
Nov 2019 • Family
If attitude is everything, there isn’t anything much to say about this gym. That said, we bought the monthly membership. AND I would pay more for a smile and some courteous dialogue 😂
Written 19 November 2019
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Christopher S
1 contribution
If you are a Climber and Not a person Wanting A Birthday Party
Oct 2019
If you are a true rock climber and not just someone wanting a family environment or to go one time, then this place IS AWFUL!!! The worst gym I have been to in the United States. This is going to be long so hold on to your seats...If you are planning to move to Chattanooga, please READ THIS FIRST!!! We moved from Boulder, Colorado and we both think that the two gyms are the worst part of Chattanooga and that it could be a great city, if not monopolized by two gyms run by an owner who doesn't care and just wants money, staff who care even less and don't get paid, and setters that either are untrained, don't know what they are doing, or don't care!

#1- The setting, which makes or breaks a gym, is terrible. They don't listen to suggestions and they never change. There are still routes up from August and it is now November 4th! The gym is not very big so it's unacceptable. If you want to climb over 5.12 at any point, too bad because they don't set harder than that because......reasons! If you want flow and quality, too bad because......the setters don't understand foot placements, flow, and lack a general understanding of how to set even the most basic routes. Many 5.9's climb like 5.11's and aren't even quality. Many 5.12's have the crux at every bolt be clipping, yay so fun to almost deck at a gym at every bolt!!! YAY! It's a great time! Needless to say, they are bad really really bad! And I have been climbing for 11 years and traveled to gyms around the country to check setting and different gyms.

#2- The management truly does not care. They do not get paid well and truly just don't care about making you happy. Just an FYI- they even complain about the setting because I have friends that work there! ITS THAT BAD! But the management, especially at Riverside do not care about you being there or about when you ask them to add or change anything! I have written numerous complaints about this gym and emailed numerous people and nothing changes. I go to this gym because there is no other gym that is quality to go to. The TBA has the best set routes but the actual location sucks and is a dungeon and is nowhere near being convenient to my house in Hixson.

#3- All of the climbers that are climbing 5.12 and up and bouldering V9 and up do NOT climb here. You will never see them. I climb around 5.13 and see all these people at the crags but they never go to the gym. Most of them opt into just doing their own training at home or going to secret home gyms and things such as this. I'm telling you, this is the worst gym! Terrible!

#4- It is scary to watch the Belay tests and the people that belay afterwards. I am pretty serious about being safe when climbing when we are talking about people belaying and they pass Everyone! It's awful and there are a lot of leaders that should not be there. I have seen quite a few broken ankles now from people being slammed into a wall or dropped! Stone Summit in Kennesaw and Atlanta is incredible with their testing, setting, and overall experience value because they care about their customer base, which is the climbers, not the birthday parties.

#5- The downtown gym is literally built to show off the climbers in the pit! The pit is a small lead section that gets crowded if there are more than 6 climbers down there. It's the only lead climbing that there is. And there is a balcony that overlooks the pit so people passing stare at you the whole time. The bouldering areas are set with cruxes at the top, leading to more injuries! They told us last January, yes January 2018, that they were going to expand the Riverside Gym over that summer. It's now a year from then and nothing has happened! They put up a stupid board upstairs at Riverside that is just random holds they picked out of a box! It is literally one of the worst gyms I have ever been to and I have seen numerous people throw Wobblers and just leave!

#6- The training area downtown is literally in the middle of the gym where everyone walks past. Do you want random people on birthday parties to stare at you while you try hard, then Climb here Wooo!

Redeeming Qualities- Moonboard at downtown gym (although it will be crowded because at least the setting on the moonboard is actually good), The training area at the riverside gym (The training area is actually pretty good. If you are psyched to just do the Mike Anderson training and be a troll that lives upstairs, this place is for you, I did this last year after getting so frustrated with the setting, now I literally don't touch the boulders or routes downstairs unless my girlfriend wants to climb together, I just moonboard or train), The staff are actually really friendly and wonderful people. They are not able to get things changed but they try to accomodate the best they can!
Written 4 November 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Hey Christopher, First off, let me start by saying thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback on our Chattanooga facilities. We are always open to hearing from our members and guests on how we can improve and make your experience a better one. We get a great deal of positive feedback from our community, so when someone has a negative experience, we make sure to pay close attention. To follow, I would like to address some of the points you mentioned in your comments above. I will start with the routesetting. We take great pride in having some of the best routesetters in the industry working for us across all of our facilities. The men and women that we bring on to our teams are very carefully selected and trained before being brought on. Beyond that, they work for hours on end to not only put holds on the wall, but to forerun and adjust boulder problems and routes to be unique, fun and accessible (not to reachy or cumbersome) for as many of our members/guests as possible. Climbing in general and the grading of said routes and boulders is subjective. So not everyone is going to like everything our routesetters put up... That is why we try to set at a high density at all of our facilities. At our Downtown gym alone we generally keep around 100 boulder problems and 150 routes set at any time. It is certainly not uncommon to run into a boulder problem that doesn't fit your style or ability, so this density allows climbers to simply move on to one of the other 99 in the gym. We do everything we can to make sure that our management team has the tools and resources to accommodate our community to the best of their abilities. As I said at the beginning, we always want to hear feedback and recommendations for improvement. But at the same time, we must always consider what is best for the overall community and some projects may simply be outside of our financial or physical resources. While we can't speak to where everyone in Chattanooga does their climbing and training, we are quite proud of the accomplishments of all those who climb in our facilities. From the new climbers to the crushers, we are stoked on everyone working hard to push themselves to the next level. That is why we provide such a wide range of grades in each set. With boulders up to V12 and routes up to 5.13+, we provide climbers the tools to train hard and take down some of the most notorious climbs in the south and beyond. Remember, just because you don't always see and hear about a crusher, doesn't mean they aren't around! You are absolutely correct that not everyone should be belaying and/or leading. However, we often have new guests who come into our facility to do just that. At that point we have trained our staff to assess their ability to climb and belay with the appropriate procedures. As a climber of over 11 years, I'm sure that you and your partners have everything dialed and can take that with you to any gym or crag you visit with minimal issue. In a climbing gym on the other hand, it is very easy to forget that many of the climbers may be newer to the sport, getting back into rope climbing after bouldering for a while, nervous in front of other more experienced climbers such as yourself, or a wide array of other variables that might make them a bit uneasy and a little less dialed. While accidents do happen, it is more often than not more experienced climbers who get too comfortable and a little less careful with their safety procedures... Yes, our Downtown facility is a bit odd in its layout. However, we are proud of the fact that we were able to take an old, out of date theater and renovate it into what it is today! We literally had to dig 16ft down in order to create the pit. Without doing so, there would have been no other way to accommodate lead walls of that size. As for Riverside, the project has taken longer than anticipated. While it is frustrating to deal with construction issues that push out timelines like this, we would rather take our time and do it right the first time instead of having to revisit the project in the next few years. Once completed, Riverside will be a much larger facility and more accommodating facility. Trust us when we say, it will be worth the wait! Moving forward, if you have anything else you would like to discuss or recommend, please feel free to use me as a direct resource! I'm always up for a discussion and can fill in the blanks on any questions or concerns you may have about our facilities. You can reach me via email at Ben@highpointclimbing.com Again, I greatly appreciate your feedback and I look forward to speaking with you more in the future! Ben Lowe Director of Marketing and Communications High Point Climbing and Fitness Downtown Chattanooga / Riverside / Birmingham / Memphis / Huntsville
Written 6 November 2019
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