Wuyi Mountain Scenic Resort

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Resort

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Resort
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
An area of fantastic views has peaks, rivers, gorges and temple ruins.
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Very good

Singapore, Singapore7,511 contributions
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Dec 2017 • Solo
Let me share with you my 3D2N trip to Wuyishan starting from Xiamen:

From Xiamen Railway Station, I took the BRT line 1 to Xiamen North Station, fare 4 RMB, journey 42 mins. Earlier, I had booked the 7:52am high speed train from Xiamen North Station to Wuyishan North Station, fare 204 rmb. Train arrived around 11:30 am.

When exiting Wuyishan North Station, I headed for the bus terminal which was at the left side of station exit. Took bus no. 7, which was heading towards Wuyishan South Gate. Fare was 3 rmb. As I booked a hotel in Sangu (三姑) area, I alighted at Sangu bus stop. It is best to inform the driver beforehand your intended destination. Journey took 40 mins. Fyi, the return ride bus stop is located just the opposite of the road, hence very convenient.

I recommend staying in Sangu area, which is a small town with many hotels, restaurants, convenience shops etc. Transportation to Wuyishan is very convenient here. Bus no. 6 goes to Wuyishan South Gate, and in opposite direction to Wuyishan North Gate. Bus no. 9 goes to Wuyishan Palace and to Wuyishan West Gate.

The hotel I stayed for 2 nights was Ancient Street No. 5 Wuyishan, in the Sangu area. Highly recommended to stay in this hotel for its friendly staff, clean and spacious room and great location to Wuyishan. Hotel staff helped me purchased the combo entrance ticket, including sightseeing bus rides and bamboo rafting for 355 RMB. Ticket is valid for 3 days.

Transportation within Wuyishan scenic area
The ticket already includes the sightseeing buses that ply to all attractions. See one of my photos for the bus sightseeing routes. Wuyishan Palace (武夷宫) bus stop operates like an interchange, with 2 main routes - northbound towards Red and back; and westbound towards Bamboo Raft Harbour and back.

Exploring Wuyishan
Day 1: By the time I settled down in hotel and had my lunch, it was already 1:30pm. As recommended by hotel staff, I visited Tianyou Peak (天游峰) for the afternoon. This is the main attraction in Wuyishan not to be missed.

From the hotel, it was a 15 mins (about 1 km) walk, crossing a bridge and walked along the stream to Wuyishan Palace bus stop. Took the sightseeing bus and alighted at Tianyou Peak (1 stop only). After alighlighting, one needed to walk 1 km to the mountain base, then climb the 848 steps to the summit. Certain sections of the steps were rather narrow and steep, so be extra careful.

The view above was gorgeous, with great view of the surrounding mountains and scenery. I spent some time enjoying the scenery with many photos taken. I took about 45 mins to reach the top and another 30 mins to climb down. Note the climb is 1 way, basically doing a loop to get down to the same mountain base.

After Tianyou Peak, I took the sightseeing bus back to Wuyishan Palace. It was already 4:45pm. Hence, I decided to explore the palace compound before heading back to my hotel for dinner.

Day 2: When purchasing the combo ticket the earlier day, I reserved the bamboo rafting timeslot at 9:30am. Hence the morning was essentially doing the Nine Bend Stream (九曲溪) bamboo rafting (see my separate review). Bamboo rafting took about 1 hour 45 mins and ended at Wuyishan Palace stop.

After bamboo rafting, I managed to visit the following places for the remaining day - One Thread Sky (一线天) and Roaring Tiger (虎啸岩).

Day 3: I had the entire morning to visit Dahongpao Scenic Area (大红袍景区). Most local tourists and all tour groups would take photos of the iconic trees and left. If you loved hiking like me, I recommend hiking to Water Curtain Cave (水帘洞), with the sign indicating 2.8 km. The hike was peaceful, met only a few local tourists. I took about 2 hours, enjoying the quiet scenery, greens, streams, tea plantations and surrounding landscapes.

After visiting Water Curtain Cave, I took the sightseeing bus back to Wuyishan Palace and walked back to Sangu area for lunch. Finally, I took bus no. 7 to Wuyishan North Railway Station, and caught the 15:10 hr train to Xiamen.

Some tips and additional comments after my trip:
- Though the ticket is valid for 3 days, you can only visit the place once. Hence plan your trip accordingly.

- There are lots of walking, even with sightseeing buses. Typically, I walk about 1 km from entrance to actual scenic sites, eg Tianyou Peak, Water Curtain Cave. Hence wear comfortable shoes.

- As I visited Tianyou peak in the late afternoon, the top surrounding scenery is against the sun, hence difficult to take good photos. At such, I recommend visiting Tianyou Peak in the morning.

- Bring water and food to last the day. There isn’t any food stalls, except in Wuyishan Palace, Song Street.

- I visited in Dec, which is low peak season. The weather is not too cold, 10 - 17 degrees C during the day, with clear blue sky. Major plus is there are few local tourists to contend with. I only met 2 to 3 small group tours for the 3 days. One negative is I had to wait about 20 mins for the sightseeing bus.

- If you have lesser time, I suggest to skip my day 3 morning itinerary.

- Please see my separate reviews for details of individual attractions. Enjoy.

If you find this post helpful in planning your trip, kindly click "Helpful". Thanks so much.
Written 29 December 2017
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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia1 contribution
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Apr 2013 • Solo
THis is the first time I travel to China on a solo trip. I pick Fujian province at random and landed at Xia men airport on the 21st. April from Guanzhou, and proceeded to Wuyi shan the next morning.
I read about Wuyishan from the review articles in the internet and was very pleased with the reviews biven by most travellers on the scenic pictures and the adventures in the mountain.I book the flight ticket from Xiamen to Wuyishan at the Xiamen airport at RMB 650.oo for the 7.00 a.m. flight the next day.It took about 1 hr. by flight from Xiamen to wuyishan airport, and I took a taxi to the hotel. THere are many taxis waiting at the airport and the drivers can also offer their service as tour guide as well. YOu have to know their language, Mandarin, and bargain with them for the taxi ride to town, and they before U get into the taxi, bargain with them as the price can vary very much from Rmb 20.00 to Rmb 100.00. Most drivers have a list of their favourite hotels to recommend to you as they will commission from the hotel owners for the guest they bring in.. WE gave the taxi driver RMb 20.00 to bring us to a few hotels at the town for our viewing and checking on the price.For Rmb 200 to 250.00 YOu could get a good superior deluxe room , located in the town centre.THe distance from the airport to the town is about 15 min. drive, about 40 Km.The first thing that greets us at the town was the fresh air and many tea and wooden sculpture shops.FRom the hotel, we took a taxi to the South gate entrance to the Wuyishan mountains.iT is about 8 km. from the town centre, and the taxi fare was 15 Rmb. The ticket to go into the Wuyishan parks was RMB 210.00 for two days. THere are many unofficial tour guides at the entrance of the parks , and they offer you a very low price to go into the parks plus the guide service at Rmb 120.00 . DO not be conned by them as many of them do not give you the full service and the route into the park and hike to the peak of the various mountains is through very dangerous path and very long walk.SOme of them will disappear halfway in the walk and will leave you stranded as reported by many tourists whom have a bad experience with them.WE hired an official tour guide for Rmb 150.00 per day at the topurist centre near to the entrance to the park, and she guided us inside the park and the hike to the summit of the mountain.THere are free bus transport inside the park offered to the tourists to the various attraction and peaks in the park.
WE visited the HEavenly peak, a climb of 880 steps to the top of the many mountains in the park, a hike of 45 min. and went down by a different route of 1.5 km. about 30 min. to the base.
AT the peak, the views are magnificient as you can see the surrounding peaks and the valley and river that make the mountain famous.THere is a temple at the top of the peak and a small eatery, but, the price is very expensive there. A small packet of convenient noodle was quoted at RMb 25.00 and a small bottle of mineral water at Rmb 15.00.
AFter he trip to the Heavenly peak, we went for lunch at the wharf restaurant where we will take the bamboo raft in the afternoon. WE were sold by the tour guide on the river fish, the red eyed fish swimming at the bottom of the bridge in the river on our way down from the mountain.She took us to a restaurant where the local fish was cooked , and it was our mistake not to ask the restaurant ownwr on the price of each dish we ordered. WE were shocked by bill after finishing our meal as the guide had brought us to the restaurant for the owner to rip off us the money. WQE paid RMb 290.00 for a fish, two types of vegetables stirred fried, and a soup , plus a bolltle of local beer and pot of tea.FOr such similar meal, it would cost us about RMB 100 to 150.00 at elesewhere, but, I understand, there is commission for the guide to bring us here, and the price is inclusive of the commission.DO not allow the tour guide to recoomend U or bring U to any restaurant in China as the price will most likely include their commission, and the owner will take advantage of your kindness to give them the business and your ignorance of the pricing!!Ask and bargain for the price for each dish Before you order the dish otherwise, you will be left unhappy at the end of the meal with the unreasonable and outragoues bill!!!
AFter the meal, we went down to the jetty to take the bamboo raft cruise down the river, about 9 km., the ticket cost about rmb 100.00 per person, and each raft took about 6 persons.
THe scenery was great from the river and you just float down with the current with the boatmen steering the raft with the poles.THe journey took about 1 hr. 45 min. and it was worth the money and time.WQE cross a few small rapids in the river, but most of the time , the ride was smooth as the river was very calm, and the water was crystal clear. YOU may see many small fishes coming out for food if you throw bread into the water.THe boatman will tell you about the various attractions, hills, peaks, revierbank rock, mid stream rock as commentary in the cruise, and will crack a few jokes to make the ride interesting !! YOu sit on top of a rattan chair mounted on the raft, and wear a safety jacket when cruising down the river.I would recommend the river raft trip to anyone who is coming to Wuyishan as they will be able to appreciate the make up of the geography of the area and understand why the area is so unique and beautiful.

AFter the trip, we went to the red robe tea plantation and to climb the mountain where the famous red robe tea was grown and harvested. THe journey took about another 1 hour by bus and walk, and climb.THe park bus drop us at the entrance to the plantation and wqe have to walk for another 30 min. to reach the place.THe sandy soil, cool climate, and the ater contents of the ground make te ideal place to grow the special tea in the mountain.
WE came out of the park at about 6.00 p.m. and the bus dropped us at the south gate entrance.
AT that time it was difficult to take public transport to town, and we had no choice but had to hire a taxi at the price they demanded at rmb 20.00.
O the way to our hotel, as usual, the taxi driver will try to sell You other packages, like the evening show, take you to the restaurant and tea shop and offered their service as tour guide to you the next day.WE went out for dinner at the nearby resataurant next to our hotel. WE after learning the lesson during lunch, began to ask and bargain the price for each dish we ordered.THe owner had a tough time bargaining with us , and for a meal of meat, two vegetables and a soup, plus pot of Chinese tea, we paid only RMb 185.00, WE were satisfied with the quality and the price, and came over for lunch the next day as we had built a rapport with the owner.THe town was very quiet in the evening , and we decided to check out where is the railway ticketing office to book the ticket to Fuzhou, our next destination.WE asked the hotel reception where the rail ticket office was, and she gave us the direction. WE took the local tricycle, motorbike riickshaw, a small motorised pedicab pulled by a motor bike engine, and pay RMb 15.00 to the railway ticketing office. THe railway station is about 45km. from the town centre, and you could book a ticket at the office in the town centre about 8 km. from our hotel. THe office was closed and we had to come back the next morning.There is no air flight from Wuyishan to Fuzhou and the only option is by train, which took about 5 hrs.
WE booked the ticket the next day at RMB 120.00 for a sleeper carriage per person, and the ride from Wuyishan in the train was very comfortable as you can rest and lie down on the bunker bed provided.EAch cabin had six bunker beds , one stack on top each other, and we chose the lowest bunker.FRom the train window, you can see the contryside of wuyishan as the rain coast down from the mountain to the coast.I was told it will take about 3 hours to drive down by car from wuyishan to Fuzhou , and it will cost about RMb 1500 to book a taxi for the trip.
ON our second day at Wuyishan, we visited the park, Wuyi palace, the GUangYin hill and the temple at the mountain, and the famous cave.THe GUangyin statue at the top of the mountain was carved out from the rock, and we offered our prayer at the temple there after 45 min. climb.
at the eagle peak.The mount wuyi is made up of various peaks and mountains in the park, and the most famous was the heavenly and the eagles peak,
WE had to leave the park by 11.00 a.m. to make back to our hotel as we had to check out by 12.00 noon, for our next destination to Fuzhou at 2.00 p.m.
THere were two more places which we wanted to visit but did not have the time, that was the QUilong water falls and the Ancient street. THe water falls is located outside the Wuyishan park, and it is about 40 km. away from the city, about 45 min. ride. THe Ancient street is another major tourist attraction that should not be missed , and the next time When we visited Wuyishan, we would certainly cover these two places!!!About shopping for the local tea and the biscuits, just be careful, as there are many imitation tea brought in from outside , and they arte sold as local tea..When U buy the tea as original Wuyishan tea, make sure the sample they brew foe U to taste is the same as the one they pack into the boxes as the traders are very sly and cunning and will not hesistate to give you the lesser quality if you are not awared until U brought them home> This Is China as imitation and way of doing business is still far away for the moral and good ethics!!!
Written 1 May 2013
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Diamond Bar, CA239 contributions
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Apr 2013 • Solo
Wuyishan scenic resort was the third stop of my 2013 China trip, and it turned out to be the best, although the other ones in Xian and Beijing were very much enjoyable too. I flew to Wuyishan from Beijing, the hotel free shuttle service (Wuyi Jingmin Golf Hotel) picked me up from the airport. the distance between the airport and the resort is about 7km.

My original plan was totally a self-help on my own tour. But after reading from the Internet that individual travelers may have difficulty to secure a ticket for the bamboo rafting, which is the highlight of Wuyishan, I changed my plan. When I was in beijing I signed up a one day local tour through Ctrip.com, a reputable online travel site specialized in China travel. The day tour included the two most well-known attractions in Wuyishan: The Heavenly Tour Peak (Tianyou peak) and bamboo rafting in the Nine-bend (Jiuqu) river, the tour took care of the ticketing. My revised plan for the second day was to explore on my own the other scenic points - Roaring Tiger Rock, Thread of Sky, Water Curtain Cave and Da Hong Pao. Those are usually listed as the second day tours if you sign up any local tour in Wuyishan.

Ctrip's tour guide contacted me the day before, right when my flight landed from Beijing, telling me he will pick me up the next day in the hotel lobby. Please note: if you plan to sign up with a local tour, especially online, you must have a local cell phone number. I did my home work so months before I had my cell phone unlocked; and when I was in Xian I bought a SIM card from China Mobile for 100 RMB ($16 US) with 150 minutes prepaid and free incoming calls.

The next day April 5th the tour guide showed up on time with a small van and a driver, and a couple with their 5-year-old kid who also signed up online through Ctrip, they signed up for a 3-day tour, so the day before they already went to the scenic points I mentioned above, which I plan to do next day.

The van took us to the South entrance to the scenic area, where we headed for the Heavenly Tour Peak. The scenery, the landscape, are so attractive, as you can see from the pictures I attached. The water in the river was muddily yellow due to heavy rain the night before. We went all the way to the peak in about 45 minutes.

Afterward we went to the Nine-bend pier for lunch. The tour guide went to check the rafting schedule and came back with bad news - due to last night's heavy rain the water level was too high and too dangerous for rafting, so it was closed for the rest of the day. Well that didn't go well for all of us, we didn't come here all this way to miss this famous run. So we became very united to come up with a changed plan - we will try again tomorrow. I then had to alter my self-help plan tomorrow, instead of going solo, I would go with them to the Wuyishan Natural Reserve as the couple's 3rd day scheduled stop in the morning, and in the afternoon we would shoot for the the bamboo rafting.

Since the rafting was canceled we still had time, we went to the Wuyishan Canyon to see the Qing Long (Green Dragon) Waterfalls. What a beautiful falls. Please note, this spot also belongs to the Natural Reserve Areas, and there is no public transportation to get there. You would need to rent a car if you're on your own.

The next day morning we went to the Natural Reserve. We walked along the beautiful creeks and encountered waterfalls after waterfalls, being there was like in a primitive sanctuary away from the real world; there was no living soul but the sound of running water, the air was so clean and fresh that you feel like your lung was jumping for joy. It was a wonderful experience.

Afterward we headed to the pier. Thank God the weather turned sunny and we heard 2 shifts of the rafting were going to open - 1:40PM and 2:40PM. We couldn't make the 1:40PM one so we made a rush for the latter. We made it! We fulfill our wish of bamboo rafting down the Nine-bend river, totally enjoying the breathtaking scenery the entire 90-minute long rafting trip.

In summary, they are right about the Heavenly Tour Peak and the Nine-bend river rafting, these two are a must if you come to Wuyishan, otherwise your trip is a waste. Also the Wuyishan Natural Reserve is worth visiting, I'm glad I did. As to the other scenic points - Roaing Tiger Rock, Thread of Sky, etc., I didn't go because of the changed plan; but according to the couple who went on their first day, they said they are not much comparing to the scenery in the Natural Reserve.
Written 21 April 2013
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Singapore, Singapore46 contributions
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Mar 2017 • Family
Spent a relaxing two days here going to Tianyoufeng (Heavenly Peak) and rafting down the Jiuquxi (Nine bend creek). Public bus no. 9 (bus fare 2 yuan) takes you from San Gu and Lan Tang villages to the entry of the park (5 mins drive). Alternatively you can walk in 15 minutes along a country road from San Gu. Wuyigong is a pretty landscaped garden where you can see traditional Chinese architecture and get some food. Also clean toilets before you start your hikes. The internal park buses to various spots are frequent (we didn't wait more than 10 mins each time and this is off season) and most of the spots can be reached in under 20-30 minutes bus ride.
Tianyoufeng is 848 steps but before the steps there is a bit of a walk (approx 1.5 to 2 km) with some steps. Relatively easy and enjoyable but certain parts are narrow and would be crowded in peak season. Bamboo rafting down the Jiuquxi is highly recommended! The 1.5 hr ride is scenic and mild although your shoes might get wet. Buy plastic shoe covers for 1 yuan and bring a warm jacket.
Written 24 March 2017
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Fuzhou, China46 contributions
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Dec 2012 • Couples
Wuyishan (oo-e-sharn) is a fabulous protected area for people to visit in China. Mostly Chinese only venture this far inland from the major cities but all foreigners would enjoy this diversion too. The scenery is a combination of many of the main mountainous regions in China.

To get there I would suggest to go by plane as the Train Trip from Fuzhou (nearest major City) is 5 and half hours long. Your backside would be more thankful. However if you do go by train I would suggest to go on a first class ticket. The locals all crowd into the cheaper carriages and to see their local travel and eating habits might be a shock for some. To my knowledge there is only 1 express train that leaves daily from Fuzhou. It leaves at 8:30am. The cost for the common class is a little over 50 RMB (each way). Be at the station at least 30 minutes before departure.

When you arrive at Wuyishan train station take the steps down to the exit and avoid all the Hawker taxi drivers at the entrance expecting you to part with large amounts of cash. Foreigners are an easy target and will follow you chanting their Chinese broken English at you. It's part of the cultural experience so try to enjoy the banter rather than being annoyed with it.

As you are walking forward you will see a little kiosk about 50 metres away. The lady sells a tourist map for little money (you need some low 1 and 5 RMB notes)and she can direct you to the bus that you need. (Chinese spoken only). Now here's the tricky bit. The front face of the kiosk is roughly perpendicular to the direction you want to walk to get a bus. There are about a million buses and for those that will read about Wuyishan's hotel accommodation of my report I suggest you go to the Hotel we stayed at. (Elite Boutique Hotel, reviewed separately). So you will need 2 buses to get there but it's not difficult to get to if you follow these instructions. TIP: Taxi's are a huge rip off here and the buss will cost only 4RMB total between the 2 buses. Taxi's are over 50RMB.

1. You will need bus No.2 firstly. So from the Kiosk it's about 50 metres away. You are looking for a white small passenger bus. The train station is the end of their route so you will see them traverse the small circular road that rotates around the station front. The bus will have red Chinese writing on it but you can spot the No. 2 amongst all the writing. This is a common bus that Wuyishan people use.

2. This bus leaves the station and travels straight down a longish road before turning right. (Cost is 1 RMB per person). KEEP an eye out for this right turn about 5 minutes travelling time and about 2 or 3 stops later from the Train station. You can see the corner easily in front of you out of the buses front window. It is a T intersection. As soon as the bus turns right, get off it at the next stop.

3. After you get off the bus wait for it to leave and cross the road (pedestrian crossing is hardly used) and you will see people gathering under a blue sign that has No. 6 printed on it. This is the bus stop you want and will now travel the opposite direction from when you arrived. In other words it travels left of the T Intersection from the Train Station's main road.

4. This bus No.6 is costs about 3 RMB. You will need to look for some of these landmarks so you know that a. you are on the right bus and b. you know when to get off it. This bus route appears that you will be leaving the town, however the town is really in two sections, the older section (North gate) and the newer part (Southern Gate). The Gates are the entrances to the park. YOU want the Southern Gate so bypass all the Hotels in the Northern area of Wuyishan. This bus trip will be about 20 minutes. Here is a list of landmarks you will need watch out for as you travel down this road (mostly straight).

• North Gate entrance will be about 5 minutes travelling time on the right.
• DEC 2012 the road bridge wasn't completed so you will go down on the right side and up again to travel along the same road not far from the North Gate
• Large Military Air force base and Airport 7 minutes on the left.
• New township with new buildings on both sides appear after about 15 minutes
• In the distance on the mountains there are 2 pinnacle outcrops. (maybe hard to see)
• Large carving shops appear on both sides.
• NOTE: You are looking for a communication tower on the left that looks a little like a small Eiffel Tower with straight legs. It is hidden by building a bit so you will need to look for the top of it. On the right and just before this there is a DICO's fast food restaurant. As soon as you see this communication tower you need to get off the bus at the next stop (nearly opposite it). Also on the bus stop side there is a ABC Bank. The road at the crossroads just after the stop is the road that leads to the mountains across a bridge.
• If you see a BRAND New KFC on the left, you went too far and just get off the bus. Additionally if you see the end of the New Town then you have gone too far. Stay on the bus as it will turn around after the stop at the Southern Gate and you can get off it when you see the tower coming back.

Once you are off the bus the hotel (back entrance) is down the lane about 20 metres) The hotel has the name (Elite) on the wall above and the hotel is coloured purple. The front entrance is past the bank and to the right.

Out the back of the hotel and a bit further towards the mountain are some restaurants. La Mien, noodles is about two streets on towards the mountains from the hotel. Ask for Chow La Mien or Zhu (Ju) La Mien. Beef and noodles or Beef soup and noodles.

For visiting the park here is the information you need.

The bus No.6 that you just arrived on goes to the South Gate. (1 RMB). It is easy to spot as it’s the last bus stop on the route and is a semi circle for the bus to turnaround. He will turn the engine off. After walking down some stairs you will walk across to the ticket office. People will be heading that direction after getting off tour buses.

NOTE: Take cash with you. There are no ATM's here. Per person a 2 day pass will cost you 253RMB per person. A little pricey for the locals. However the park has free buses to get you around. The ticket has many places to go to. (Miss out the tea option). You are here for mountains, not a cup of tea.

The bamboo raft trip CANNOT be accessed from the South Gate Park ticket and entrance. Details are below on how to get to this destination.

The main place to visit in the park is Tianyougong area. Here you can walk up to Heavenly Temple. For those that are fit, it's a must. It will take you about an hour and its one way and narrow. Some steep steps so be careful and I would only recommend this on a non rainy day. The view is breath taking and probably will rival the Grand Canyon, the Blue Mountains and Switzerland.

Another area to go to is The Thread of Sky. It’s a cave walk and not for those that suffer from Closter phobia. Torch is helpful but the steps and passage is marked by small orange lights. I loved this walk and is exciting to the say the least. A must for all adventurers like me. Once past this you can go to the entrance again or better still walk around (30 minutes) tea plantations that lead to a large Buddha carved into the rock of a large mountain. The views here are spectacular. You can walk to the top for those not suffering muscle soreness however this will take you 2hours. After viewing the Budda in the rock you can continue to the other entrance/exit instead of retracing your steps. It’s a nice circle walk and easy for most.

BAMBOO boats on the 9 Bend river is like most reviewers said a great way to see the sites while sitting down. For the ladies wear some plastic over your runners or better still, wear thongs/jandals/flip flops in Summer. The boats have water running over the bamboo but there is an area for you to put your runners/sneakers up on to keep them dry. I had the back seat and was easy for me to keep them dry. The front people have the best view but I found many of the photos can be taken from the rear by twisting around. People in the front had to stand up to get a shot and this can be a little dangerous as bamboo when wet is a little slippery. NOTE: the chairs are wired in to the floor but they DO move.

To get to these boats you can pick up a bus from the Elite Hotel. Instead of the Bus 6 the bus you are seeking doesn't have any numbers on it at all (In English that is). It’s the same type of small white bus. This bus turns right and goes over the bridge and will travel through the mountains to get to the bamboo boats. However there is a huge lack of signage to tell you when to get off the bus. Hand movements to the driver will help or prepare a picture of the bamboo boats will help. He will stop near the entrance but you will need to walk a little downhill and to the right to get to the river. If you see all the little markets selling stuff like hats etc. you have really walked too far but this is an entrance too.

The boats are interesting but as I like to Hike I found a little trapped as they will not stop on the way. So go to the TOILET before you go. The river runs only one direction so that is why you have to start on the far side and end up near the South Gate Entrance. If you have a pre purchased ticket for the park you can get on a free bus back to the South gate and then the No.6 bus back to your hotel.

TRUST ME…. stay close to the South Gate where all the action is. For those arriving late you walk across the bridge towards the mountains for some happy snaps.

For me, it has been a highlight of my experience in living in China. Make the effort and go to this region. Apart from the lack of English, it is geared up for tourists. Read my review of the hotel as I think many people that like a clean room to stay in the Elite Hotel is excellent. The room is clean, very modern and has all the features of a 5 star Hotel Room has to offer.

Written 26 December 2012
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Mandy T
claycatty33 contributions
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went to Wuyishan in February. beautiful place, definitely worth a visit if you like the nature side of things. was quite rainy, but still had a few days when it only rained in the evening. When getting out of the train station, if you walk down the road for about 10 or 15 minutes you;ll get to a main road where you can pull over bus #6, which will take you all the way to the entrance of the mountain. only 3 yuan. the latest time we took the bus was about 9pm, not sure what time it stops. our hotel was up near the mountain entrance, however, we found this area to be quite dead. (it wasnt very busy at this time of year, but i think even in the busy season, there isnt much else to do up there). there are loads of little restaurants all seeming to sell the same food, at ridiculously high prices, so every evening we went into the city to eat.
the entrance fee to the mountain is 150 for a two day pass, i think 140 or so for a one day pass, 70 yuan for a half day and maybe 170 for three days. however, to get to any of the nice places, you should purchase a ticket at a cost of 70 yuan (one day) for the busses/trains they have running to the different areas. its a really big place, and so walking is pretty time consuming. we bought a two day pass, and refused to then pay for the bus tickets, so walked to the nearest peak...about 4 or 5 kilometers. an enjoyable walk, but then still a long way up the mountain! (one of those 3 hours up, 30 minutes down !) however, we were really keen to go on the bamboo rafts, which was deep inside the park. we were standing at the entrance, when a "guide" told us she could get us there if we paid her 30 yuan, as well as the bus tickets (not the park bus tickets, but the city busses). so we gave it a try. the bus tickets cost in total for 3 people 12 yuan, and that took us all the way to the dock for the bamboo rafting. we didnt even need to show our entrance tickets anywhere (meaning, had we met the guide the day before, we probably would not have paid for entrance tickets!) im not sure who these guides work for, however, they do have a laminated card with their photos on and a company name. once inside the park, the bus was even stopped by security, however, we were let through. we got to the dock, and the guide took us through a hole in the wall and up to the ticket counter before we paid her. i have read on other posts that there is no need to purchase tickets to get in to the park, simply hang around outside the entrance and a guide will approach you. if you dont want to spend the money to get in, i would recommend one of them. they all seem to charge around 15 yuan per person for where ever you want to go in the park. Im not sure if you want to go to more than one place, if it would be more. we also were taken by another guide to another reserve, a little bit out of town, to go ziplining. the entrance there was 98 yuan, and it included a quick rock climb and absail down plus two goes on the zip line. the guide wanted 10 yuan, for simply taking us there, but if they waited for us, then 50 yuan. (its quite out of the way...no way for you to flag down a taxi!) so we paid the 50. a very beautiful place with waterfalls, and some good views, the ziplining was super high, the highest ive been on. we heard from the guide that we could go twice if we wanted, so if you dont go with a guide, find out if thats the case, as others i know only went once and weren't informed they could go again.
really stunning all in all. i would highly recommend the bamboo raft experince, and if you dont want your shoes to get wet, buy some plastic shoe covers on the way down to the rafts.

(ps. Bus#2 goes to the train station)
Written 3 March 2010
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Jan 2013 • Friends
I'm a foreigner in China and traveled considerably many places, including China, and also lived in China. And I traveled to countries where services are poor such as Egypt or Syria.

I don't know the reason for foreigners to come here as they can be amazed by many other places in China. If you come here, it may be because your itinerary fits well. But think twice before you decide.

I want to emphasize the service in the ticket office is the worst ever. I speak little Chinese. They are so rude -the rudest among people doing these stuff in other cities-, worse thing is that they provided me wrong information about the ticket purchase and bamboo rafting(they told bamboo rafting starts at 7 o'clock in the morning and there was nothing like this.)
Note that you are buying ridiculous 335 yuan(60US$) ticket, not 3$ Korean or Japanese ancient building complex or mountain which are listed as UNESCO too.

I just don't know WTF they spend what they have been making from this eye popping ticket money. (to fill up the gap made by bribe to central government?)

Food is like a trash, especially in the place where most tourists come. Well someone may not be interested in but food is a raison d'etre of travel to me including nature, people, and culture.

The mountain here is just a mountain. Nothing special if you are not botanist. Nine valley looks good but there are better ones. Just before I come here, I've been to Yanshuo and Guilin(free, 2 weeks ago) and Zhanjiajie(250 yuan, cheaper but nothing can match the scene).

I know this area(Fujian, especially mountain side) has been historically a backwater in the modern Chinese history. But no other 'backwater' places can match here.
Every tourist (including Chinese ones) is suffered by hassling. Have you ever been to Nile Vally hagglers in Aswan? In Aswan, they followed me for 15 minutes. Imagine worse. They broke this 15 minutes record. We needed to say "we don't need this, we already bought the ticket-it was a lie-' for some ten times.

If you are interested in tea, go to other places like Xishuangbanna.
If you are interested in Confucism -and want to be satisfied with totally & poorly face-lifted temples as I can-, go to other places like Taishan.
If you want to see fantastic view and nice valley, go to other places like Guilin or Zhanjiajie.

If your itinerary suits best with this ridiculous place, I recommend avoid here by buying flight tickets which take similar time, as it worth and may save money(entrance ticket price vs. "cost of flight - cost of train")

It may be improved some day, but looks like far way to go, 3-5 years, considering many development budget need to go to the neighbor provinces with higher priority. And I don't think this place deserves even this government budget. I want this to do more with Hunan or Anhui.

I would sign up if there's any way for UNESCO to disqualify this place. (Does anyone knows this?).

The only good thing is a hotel(旧街一号 酒店 or Ancient Street No.1 Hotel), which is very nice and a good bargain. So I am kind of sticking to this hotel and tea (I love tea here, Dahongpo, even when I lived in other countries) for three days.
I'm in Wuyi mountain right now.

Plus this, not only holiday or weekend is packed, I heard it is terribly crowded as the people come here from all over the world purchase famous Dahongpo tea.
Written 29 January 2013
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Jack D
Fuzhou4 contributions
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Jun 2012 • Friends
I recently visited Wuyishan for several days after reading so much about it and learning that it is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The scenery is pretty, but if you have every been to any other mountainous regions, you will be substantially underwhelmed. Transportation is very difficult to figure out, as the buses just stop at an unmarked spot at the side of the road, with no signs to figure out the bus stops. We spent quite a bit of time walking up and down the road watching the buses fly by, belching dark black smoke into the surrounding forest.

After we finally managed to enter the park and purchase our (expensive) tickets for the bamboo rafting, horror ensued. Waiting to form a group of five is rather annoying, but seems reasonable. Once our group had been formed, however, my friend and I were not allowed to sit with one another on the raft. Similarly, another couple was unable to sit next to each other. The raft guide proceeded to shout in Wuyi language the entire time: very disturbing, not peaceful in any way.

During our raft trip, I noticed a significant amount of trash in the river and on the river banks: plastic packaging, plastic bags, plastic bottles. Guests on another raft were tossing their plastic packages into the river after finishing their snacks, as well as tossing cigarette butts into the water. Then: a monkey was spotted on the river bank. The raft guide proceeded to take a bag of snacks (in a plastic package) from a guest and throw it into the water for the monkey to retrieve. I feel as if the employees of the park should have an understanding that they work at UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a natural site at that, and are, therefore, stewards of that heritage. Permitting guests to degrade that site, and degrading it yourself, are completely unacceptable. I urge UNESCO to undertake a serious review of Wuyishan and the practices of those employed there.

Written 11 June 2012
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kuala lumpur1,181 contributions
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May 2012 • Friends
Just returned home after a group tour to Wuyishan and Fujian province. There is no single mountain which is actually called Mount Wuyi; it is the name given to that particular area in northern Fujian with distinctive geological formations. The town of Wuyishan itself has the appearance of a tourist resort with most shops either selling tea or wooden sculptures. Our local guide advised us not to buy anything unless we really knew what to look for and were prepared to pay cut-throat prices! We just went to the market where we bought some wonderful, fresh sunflower-seed coated biscuits and fruits.

On the first day, we were taken to the "Longgui source area" which is quite a distance away from town. It was a pleasant and easy nature-walk along a stream in a forest with a "Dragon & Phoenix" waterfall and other falls too. Only go there if you have plenty of time to spare. At night, we were taken to see the "Impression Da Hong Pao" show which is in the beautifully landscaped (and free) Tea Expo Garden right in the town. The 1-hour outdoor show which used the Dawang or Great Emperor mountain, river and existing trees as part of its backdrop was simply spectacular and breathtaking, even if you could not actually catch what the performers were singing about (which was all about tea). The choreography, special effects, lighting and costumes were a joy to watch, not to mention the giant seating area which rotated 360 degrees!

The next day, we were lucky enough to get to ride the rafts on the Jiuqu or 9-bends stream. Prior booking was required and it depended on the water level / weather conditions especially during the rainy season when we there. You will need someone to advise or do the booking for this. We lost precious time finding the departure point as our bus driver initially went to the wrong location. We missed our 8am "appointment" but fortunately were able to swap times with another group that took our rafts. The ride was fairly gentle and life jackets were provided. It was certainly a good way to cover the area with its strange rock formations. Not quite as fantastic as Huangshan or Zhangjiajie but the scenery was different and interesting nevertheless.

There are many places to stay in Wuyishan town and some looked pretty nice and new. Whatever you do, avoid the "South New Century Hotel" which was simply filthy with mold, long hair in the bathroom, poor water pressure, stained towels and a dismal buffet breakfast.
Written 19 May 2012
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Aug 2018 • Solo
Wuyi Shan is a great place to travel as its scenery is indeed amazing. I spent 4 days there and I think that should be enough for most travelers.
Wuyi Shan is mainly comprised of six spots which are named Yi Xian Tian and Hu Xiaoyan, Tian You Peak and Tao Yuan Cave, Da Hong Pao and Shui Lian Dong, and the ticket includes these 6 spots together, you should spend at least half a day for each of the two spots. Two more things you should never miss here is the performance Impression Da Hong Pao and the Rafting on the Jiuqu River which are the essences of Wuyi Shan from my own experience.
Ticket: As for the ticket, I have to explain a bit as it is a little complicated. Ticket office offers one-day ticket, two-day ticket and three-day ticket for Wuyi Shan, the price is 230RMB, 235RMB and 255RMB respectively. As for rafting and Impression Da Hong Pao performance, the price is 130RMB and 238RMB. All of the prices I mentioned above are the original prices while almost all Chinese tourist attraction tickets are sold online which are cheaper than original ones, so most Chinese buy tickets online and then change from the ticket office counter. If you buy ticket online you have to buy the set ticket and rafting ticket together which is 350RMB for 3-day ticket. Since rafting ticket is very popular and very hard to get, most people will buy rafting ticket and Wuyi Shan ticket online together. The ticket price for the performance is 198RMB for the ordinary seat while of course the price will be higher for the VIP seat.
Transportation: it is very easy to access there as it is well equipped with bullet train station where it offers direct bus to the location, 4 or 5 stops if I remember it right, bus fare is 10RMB and the bus supports Alipay Pay and Wechat Pay. As for the transportation inside the park, the ticket already includes the tourist mini bus ticket so all you have to do is to go the mini bus stations where you will be sent to each spot.
Three things that really impressed me in Wuyi Shan, No.1 is the management, it is really smooth compared with other places I have been to as China is notorious for its huge population. The place offers one big electric screen that tells you how many people in the Park and how many people in each spots and all the other information you may need to know, it is really smart. No.2 is the rafting, it is really really really beautiful while raft man will ask money for the “guide service”and if the tourists refuse to give money they will explain nothing on the raft, while it makes sense as it is not their responsibilities to explain all the stones and things along the river trip. I gave money for the guide service and it is really interesting to hear their explanations otherwise it is just one raft trip…. No. 3 is the performance that is directed by the famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou who is also the director of Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.
Written 22 August 2018
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