Mount Nyiragongo
Mount Nyiragongo
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Nyiragongo is a beautiful stratovolcano that features the world’s largest lava lake. Treks to the summit of Nyiragongo volcano begin at the Kibati patrol post. Park rangers lead all treks and porters (unaffiliated with the park) are available for hire. The time required to reach the summit depends on the average fitness of each group, but typically takes 4 – 6 hours.
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Very good

Carlos Bobillo Barbeito
Ngozi, Burundi43 contributions
Sep 2020
- Visit the most active volcano on earth
- Incredible landscape and views of Goma and Kivu lake
- Virunga is awesome!

- Phisically very demanding: only recommended for people in very good shape
- Freezing temperatures at the peak: be sure to have pro equipment
- Bring your own food & at least 8L of water
- Really dangerous: the week after we did the expedition, 12 rangers were killed by rebels...
Written 23 August 2021
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Roaming Wanderer
United States4 contributions
Dec 2020
This is a definite bucket list activity. No where else in my travels have I seen a scene where you are staring at fire but freezing in the same moment
Written 20 February 2021
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7 contributions
May 2020
Climbing to the Niyragongo was a once in a lifetime experience for me. As a reasonably fit 56yr old, the ascent was quite demanding and I greatly appreciated having someone to carry my stuff. The changes in the terrain on the way up were fascinating as were some of the views. The caldera is truly spectacular. I found watching the movement in the lava lake mesmerising. Staying overnight was fun, the opportunity to view the caldera at night was worth it and mitigates the risk of the weather closing in which didn’t happen on my trip. The descent was considerably less demanding, though I spent a lot of time looking at my feet. I recommend giving yourself a day of rest after returning to Goma, something I didn’t do and it took me several days to fully recover.
Needless to say seeing the mountain gorillas was an extraordinary experience. After roughly two hours trekking I found myself amongst an assortment of black-backs, female and baby gorillas going about their daily business, cavorting in the trees and on the ground; I reckon there were around 15 I all. The silver-back made a brief appearance when we arrived, giving us a mock charge to let us know he was there and in charge before disappearing into the undergrowth.
I also highly recommend taking a trip across Lake Kivu to Kahuzi-Biega National Park to see the eastern lowland or gauers gorillas. In my case the trek to see these gorillas was ridiculously easy, requiring a walk of about 200 metres along a flat track after which I found myself in very close proximity to an enormous silver-back casually hoovering up the vegetation whilst several juveniles leapt about around him and the females keeping an eye on the situation from the trees. This time the silver-back stayed the whole time. The lowland gorillas were about the same size as mountain gorillas and the difference was most obvious in the silver-back which had shorter and lighter coloured hair and a different shaped head. As with the mountain gorillas, they were very aware of our presence but pretty much ignored us.
There is a fast boat from Goma to Bukavu during the day but I took the slow overnight boat; next time I will take the fast boat.
My guide on both my trips to Eastern DRC and Rwanda was Emmanuel, who did a stellar job organizing everything for me and generally smoothing my path. If you are planning a trip to Eastern DRCongo, Rwanda or Uganda, I happily recommend his services. His contact details are:
Tel: +243970980749 +243853436378(whatsapp)
Written 18 December 2020
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Kampala, Uganda8 contributions
Jan 2020
Wonderful Trip!" Climbing Mountain -Mount Nyiragongo in Dr. Congo, during this 3 Days Hiking Nyiragongo volcano with Ultimate Wild Safaris

My two friends and I decided to go for 3 Days Hiking Nyiragongo volcanoand after some research we chose to go with Ultimate Wild Safaris.

After having successfully reached the summit and experience the Volcana, it was clear we could not have made a better choice. From the first minute to the last, it was the amazing crew that made our trip so memorable.

Especially given the fact that I was slow to do these difficult ones - as our guide told us -we can, we would never have made it to the top and experienced the amazing feeling of accomplishment without the Ultimate Wild Safaris team.

Our two wonderful experienced and determined guides. Of course, the same could be said for the rest of the great staff that carried our stuff, cooked amazing food on the mountain every day, etc.
I there recommend Ultimate Wild Safaris for this trip, very professional team,

here is the Email:
WhatsApp: +256705087906
Written 4 December 2020
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pascqa l
63 contributions
Feb 2020
I am lucky to have hiked Nyiragongo in February 2020, a month before many countries aroung the globe shut down their borders to try and contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. I was impressed by the visa handling process at the Grand barrier boarder, the organization by the park officials, the security, the knowledgable rangers, the dedication of the porters, the stunning views of the boiling lava at the crater just haveto be there to grasp the wonder of Nyiragongo.
Written 30 April 2020
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Canada155 contributions
Dec 2019
The hike to see Mount Nyiragongo’s lava lake is what many refer to as a ‘bucket list’ trip. It is definitely worthy of the title. There are only a couple of places on earth where one can walk to the crater rim of a volcano and get a glimpse of what churns beneath the crust of our planet. It is truly awe-inspiring. You will find all the superlatives that describe the wonders of this experience in other reviews however this review is based more on practical advice and one unfortunate event.

Wherever I travel I try my best to support the community beyond the park or tour operator itself. One method I regularly use is to employ extra and often unnecessary porters (especially during the low season) which was the case on Nyiragongo. Unfortunately, I have to report to my fellow travellers that while my bags were in the hands of these porters several of my personal belongings went missing. I am a constant traveller and habitually pack certain items in specific locations for ease of access. Had one item from one location been missing I would have questioned myself but several items from several locations including the exterior and interior pouches of my bags were missing. These were items I packed myself in the morning of the descent and noticed were gone when I returned to Rwanda to reorganize my things. Being on a private journey my bags only passed through the hands of the porters and myself during that time. There is only one conclusion to be drawn.

In a larger context the missing items amount to nothing more than trinkets that I can replace for a couple of hundred dollars. With the exception of one item that I required for my onward travels I would have gladly given the items away if asked. The porters were very young and seemingly lack the wisdom that theft does not make them rich as much as it speaks about the place they are from and the organization that they represent.

Prepping for descent, descending and departing can be a hurried and distracting affair. My recommendation to all is to either take the time to do a proper inventory of your goods before getting on your vehicle to depart and/or bring small locks or zip ties to secure your bags closed if your personal items are going to be in the possession of the porters.

Beyond this what I can say is that before doing this hike I sought advice on travel blogs and review sites such as this one and I can now confirm that a good amount of what has been written consists of traveller’s hyperbole: I have been there, and you haven’t so let me exaggerate this for you. If you are unsure or nervous about the hike you need not be. In my group there were people ranging from the svelte to the obese and others who are seasoned athletes to those who are more sedentary and yet others who normally have trouble with altitude and rapid ascents. Everyone made it with time to spare. It can be a little difficult, but it is not a challenge that requires extreme physical fitness or a herculean effort. The guides and support staff are there to help you and will do everything possible to accommodate you if you are having trouble. I would only suggest that if you do suffer from an existing health condition that you see a doctor and discuss the climb before attempting it. I’m sure that an emergency evacuation from the site would be very difficult. Proper footwear for the climb would consist of a shoe or mid-boot designed for hiking with a tough sole such a Vibram with an aggressive grip pattern. There are people who climb in running shoes, rubber boots and even sandals. It is possible but not recommended. Waterproofing or water resistance is advisable. For clothing I brought a lightweight merino wool full base-layer and a heavier merino wool mid-layer top that I added about half way to the rim. My top layer consisted of a light windproof/waterproof jacket and pants that did come in handy as there was some rain. For the rim I planned to spend a lot of time outside, so I also brought a light, compressible down jacket, insulated winter pants and a hat and gloves. They were required. The windchill was considerable. You never know what Mother Nature is going to give you. How hot or cool you usually feel while active or at rest combined with the fact that to a point your pace is going to be set by the guides and/or the slowest climber translates to the necessity of having a lightweight clothing kit that covers the warm, moist hike to frequent downpours of rain and the potentially frigid rim. Clothing is a far more important factor in your failure, success and comfort on this hike than your level of fitness. In the backpack provided to you by the park there is some clothing included but I cannot speak to the usefulness or integrity of these items as I did not use them. You could inquire with your tour agent or the Virunga office if this is a concern.

*** As a last piece of advice I would like to add that many people book this hike through a Ugandan or Rwandan tour operator as part of a larger package. Be aware that there is no value added by booking through an external agency other than convenience. A Ugandan or Rwandan agency will not only charge a commission on top of the Virunga park fee and their prices may be fixed and withhold promotional or low-season discounts from you. It is far wiser and potentially much cheaper to book directly with the park at***

Kevin, I know that you take great pride in your work and the park. My apologies for the tone of this review but it is an experience, however isolated that people need to be made aware of.
Written 17 March 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Yuki K
Dubai, United Arab Emirates7 contributions
Feb 2020
I witnessed such beatiful view! It took 5.30 hours of hike to go up.we were 16 hikers plus our porters I arranged my trip with back pack and a stay one night on top We were met by ranger, our chef and porters.We left our bag on their base and took warm clothes for up only.The back pack includes sleeping bag,fleece raincoat, water food jacket and was carried by porter.Hands down and applause to rangers and porters who goes up to summit 3x a week.Hiking up was relatively hard.Im amazed by the staff as they have enough stamina and used to hike 3470 m up TBH, I was struggling yet the rangers encouraged me by saying be strong.we do have breaks/stops. When I reached the summit, my tiredness just disappeared as Im overwhelmed with the view! the Lava lake and the mini volcano-its like a poem. If you do time lapse, you will notice the changes in lava lake. Smell of sulfur is not too strong. Going down next day is tricky yet I was assisted by my porter. My porter was holding my hand while stepping confidently on steepy rocks and guiding me where I can step easy. While doing this, he carries my back pack 8kg. I remembered the ranger was saying prior to climb, to trust the porters. I must say my porter was amazing! He knew the way and gave a good support! Not to forget, our dinner and breakfast done by our chef John louie was delicious! I did not expect to have a good dinner in volcano.
if you do go, Please give tips for rangers and your porters. Trust me they deserve it!
Written 26 February 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands49 contributions
Feb 2020
I will never forget hiking to the top of Mt Nyiragongo and sleeping overnight, listening to and viewing the lava lake crashing into itself. One of the most powerful things I have ever experienced. You can book directly with the national park (Virunga National Park) though you have to sort your DRC visa and some transportation to get there yourself. I had a fixer recommended to me that drove me from Kigali to Gisenyi (across the border from Goma) then walked me through the visa process first thing in the morning before handing me off to the National Park at their office. And then collected me again at the Goma border and took me back to Kigali in Rwanda the next day. The chef, porters, and park rangers put their lives on the line to take you up there so tip them VERY well - their lives are in more danger than tourists are. If tourists get hurt it will make global news while unfortunately if a Congolese person is hurt it will not make global news. I felt incredibly safe the entire time - no stress.
Written 22 February 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

828 contributions
Dec 2019 • Friends
The most incredible experience of my life. I totally recommend this amazing hike and experience! A lovely hike, and a great team of people including a lovely chef ! Take a bottle of red wine up and be mesmerised watching the lava and a glass of red!
Written 16 February 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Lausanne, Switzerland291 contributions
Feb 2020 • Couples
What a view from the rim of the crater after 4.5 hours of climbing on a nice path... it is so amazing that we would like to stay longer... even after 4 days at the top
Written 15 February 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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