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Hemkund Sahib
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RoadTripper Abhishek
Mumbai, India138 contributions
Aug 2020
The beauty of the Hemkund Sahib trek is that you access this pilgrimage site and the Valley of Flowers from the same base. Technically, once you get to Ghangaria, you can trek to Hemkund Sahib in one day. The same is with the Valley of Flowers.

In about 3 hours of trekking from Ghangaria, we reached the summit, to be greeted by a massive Gurudwara flanked by 7 towering peaks on 3 sides. Just behind the main building is a lake. Called the ‘Laxman kund’, it is fed by an underwater stream. We were greeted with sights of the faithful stripping to their undergarments and taking a dip in the freezing waters!

The gurudwara itself is a pretty large building. It’s floor is lined with warm deep carpets, blankets almost. After paying our respects, we headed to the langar hall, for a meal. The days menu was khichdi, which I had 6 bowls of! I don’t know if it was the exhaustion, the cold or the sheer beauty of where we were, but I haven’t had such delicious tasting khichdi in my life!

After eating our fill, we thanked the amused volunteers in the langar and headed back down. The trek back down was an easy 2.5 hour – long stroll, enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.
Written 8 January 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Mumbai, India85 contributions
Sep 2020 • Family
My Hemkund Sahib Yatra with a local jatha  in July was  truly  a  remarkable  experience.

Day 1 : Mumbai - Dehradoon - Srinagar :- 

 Yatris  gathered  at  the  Mumbai  airport  on the  beautiful   early  morning  of July pregnant with monsoon. Wearing  the identical  Tee  shirts  &  patkas  provided  in  the  Travel Kit by the Jatha  not  only  looked  outstanding on the  Yatris  but  also   helpful  to  the  Veers, performing   distribution  of  breakfast  kits, to  identify these  yatris  amongst  the  general  passengers at the waiting lounge of the Mumbai airport. The  delicious  breakfast  served  was  just  a  start  for  the  mouth watering  food  which  was  unfailingly served  all  along the  yatra.  

The  flight  to  Dehradoon  was  full , occupied  majorly by  the  yatris. The  Jaikaras by  the  Sangat  energised  the emotions  in  the  airplane's  cabin,  setting  the  tone  for  the seven  day  spiritual  journey.

The logistics of  the   yatra  was  a reliable  event  due  to  dedicated  Bus's / Seat's  / Hotel room's numbers  being  handed  over  to  yatris  in  advance.  Greeted  by  mild  rains on landing at  Dehradoon  airport, Yatris  were  quickly  transported in  waiting  mini  buses to a large  banquet  hall  in  Ranipokhari  ,a  distance  of  four  kms from  Dehradoon airport   ,for  lunch Langar  Seva   organised  by the local jatha.

 After  Lunch ,melodious  kirtan presentation &  felicitation  of  sewadars ,Yatris  commenced  the onward  travel  of  100+ kms  for  an overnight  stay  at   Hotel  Chhahat / River Side Resort  in Srinagar  over  looking  the  beautiful  Alaknanda  river.

The landscape  during  this  uphill  journey to  Srinagar   is  both  beautiful  & enchanting, making  one  feel  like  floating  in  the  monsoon clouds. The non stop sight & sound of  the  dancing  river  all  along the  journey  is  another event  which  remains  etched  in  the  memory.

Arriving in  evening  at Hotel  Chhahat in  Srinagar , yatris  were  served  piping hot  langar  seva  of  dinner   ,while  kirtan  followed by a  lucky  draw  was  parallely being  conducted.
The atmosphere was full of joy, happiness and anticipation for the forward journey of  the  next  day  to  Govind  Ghat.

After  a  full  tummy  &  tiredness of  bus  travel  the  well  appointed  airconditioned hotel  rooms were  a  major  relief &  a  welcome  sight to the  Yatris.

Day 2: Srinagar - Pipakkoti - Govind Ghat :-
 The day  started  with an amazingly  elaborate  5 am   breakfast / Kirtan program   at   Hotel Chhahat , since Yatris  had  to  reach Pipalkoti  an uphill  distance  of  100+ kms  for  brunch. 

 At  Pipalkoti  brunch  was  mouth watering  in  addition  to   very  clean  toilet  facilities available.

Thereafter by  the  grace  of  Waheguru Ji , onward  journey  of  50+  kms   to  Govind  Ghat  was  completed  by 2 pm or  so  due  to  absence  of  land slides ( a common  occurrence on  this  stretch ) &  clear  open  gate  access  at  Joshimath.

Hotel Check in  was smooth  at Govind  Ghat . Thereafter  Yatris  have a  choice  to  visit the  town of  Badrinath ( 25 kms )  &  be  back  by  sunset   or alternatively  spend  time  in  Govind  Ghat , admiring  the  beauty  of  the  striking   alakhnanda  river  &  the  spiritualness  at  the  Govind Ghat Gurudwara Sahib & there after night stay.

Day 3: Govind Ghat - Ghangaria ( Govind Dham ) :-
 At 6.30 am after  the  Ardaas  at  the Govind Ghat   Gurudwara Sahib , most of the Yatris start the  onward  journey  to  Govind Dham  located  in  Ghangaria  a distance  of thirteen  kms  by foot.

Out  of  the  thirteen kms  the  first  four  km  stretch  i.e. upto  Pulna  is  a  motorable  road  which  can  be  covered  by  shared  SUV's or  by  foot . Horses , Palkis  can  be  hired  at  Pulna  for  the  onward  journey  of  eight kms  to  Govind  Dham.

Yatris also  have  the option  to  fly  from  Govind  Ghat  upto  Gobind Dham by a  2-3 minutes  of   helicopter ride. However  helicopter  service  has  weight  limit of  luggage &    is not   available  during  rains  or  fog  which  is  quiet common  feature.

All  the   Yatris  reach  Govind  Dham  by  Lunch  hour  &  check in  at  the  dedicated Hotels.

Afternoon  the   day  is  spent  at  Govind  Dham  with  kirtan, path &  Langar at  the Gurudwara  Sahib  &  also   enjoying , exploring  the  local  landscape thereafter.

 Langar  seva  of  excellent  dinner  takes place  in  the  hotel. 

Day 4: Govind Dham - Hemkund Sahib Ji - Govind Dham / Govind Ghat :-
This  is  the  most  important  day  -To  reach  Hemkund Sahib Ji located  at  15200  feet .Yatris  start  the  journey  from  Gobind  Dham   between  5  to  6  am  for a  constantly  delightful   steep  uphill  walk of  six kms .Oxygen  levels  are  lower  than  normal  at  such  heights which  is  the  reason  that  everyone  has  to start the  descend  by  2 pm  back  to  Govind Dham on  same  day.

There  are  Horses &  Palkis  available at  Govind  Dham  for  Hemkund Sahib Ji for  Yatris   who  do not  wish  to  walk up.

On  arrival  at  Hemkund Sahib ji  be  prepared  to  be  looking  at  the  most  beautiful  sight  on  earth - Gurudwara  Hemkund Sahib Ji at  the  edge  of  the  enchanting  Sarovar  surrounded  by  seven  Hills.

Celebrating   their  arrival  with  a  dip  in  the super  chilled  waters of  the  sarovar , Yatris  then  get  immersed  in  the  melodious  kirtan  at  Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib Ji  followed  by  the  much  deserved  delicious though  simple  langar & Tea.

After  darshan , Yatris  start  the  descent  &  reach  Govind  Dham  by late afternoon for  a  small  break &  then 

majority  of  Yatris  start  the  onward journey  for  a  night  stay  at  Govind  Ghat.

Yatris  who  stay  back at  Govind  Dham  have  to   leave early  morning the  next  day  for  Govind Ghat.

Dinner  &  stay  facilities  are  available   at  both  Govind  Dham  &  Govind  Ghat  as  per  Yatris  real  time  location.

Day 5:Govind Dham / Govind Ghat - Srinagar
 Yatris  still  at  Govind  Dham,  start  the  journey  to  Govind  Ghat  at  5  in  the  morning to  join the  batch of   Yatris  already  reached  the  previous  evening ,  to  eventually catch  the  Bus heading  for  return  journey  home.

After a  small ,but  very  high  on  religious  sentiments,  Nagar  Kirtan followed  by  Aardaas  at  Govind  Ghat,  all  Yatris  board  the  buses  by  11  am . Lunch  break  enroute  to  Hotel  Chhahat  /  River Side  Resort ( Srinagar )    is  at  Pipalkoti.

Arrival  at  Hotel  Chhahat  /  River Side  Resort  is  early  evening    followed  by lip smacking  snacks , dinner  &  light entertainment.

Day 6: Srinagar - New Delhi
The day  starts  with a   rich  &  impressive  5 am  breakfast  at   Hotel Chhahat  /  River Side  Resort. Lunch  break  enroute  to  Delhi is  at astonishing  Gurudwara Sahib  at  Rishikesh. Arrival  at  Bangla  Sahib  Gurudwara in Delhi  is  early  evening.

This  journey  was   an  life  altering  experience  which  also  earned me a  spiritual , meaningful &  some  light hearted   conversations   with  so  many  of  Co Yatris.

Written 19 September 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

New Delhi, India38 contributions
Jun 2019 • Family
No words can describe the feeling and beauty of this sacred place. When you trek 2 kms on icy glacier @ Sub zero temprature and reach Hemkund Sahib after a long trek ,took a dip in icy cold sarovar (Frozen Lake) ..it's simply the most unforgettable moment of your life. You can feel it's presence around you all thru your journey from Gobind ghat to Hemkund Sahib .
You should be fit enough to trek about 26-30 kms (12 kms is very steep) in 3 days ,with basic amenities and food.

Please do respect the sanctity of this place and protect the environment ..
Written 29 October 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

London, UK26 contributions
Sep 2019
We travelled from Delhi at the end of August arriving at Hemkund Sahib on 1 September. It was a challenging trip and tough. My suggestion is that it is best to do this trip before hitting your 40s. The altitude has a great affect on one's stamina. Although my aim was to walk the first 10K at least this was not possible due to Altitude Sickness. The surrounding area of the path is absolutely beautiful and this takes your mind of your ailments. We stopped overnight at Gobindham and set out at 6am in the morning to Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara. We went by mule and arrived there around 9ish. It started to rain midway, so make sure you are suitable dressed. I would also suggest that you come down walking and not on the mule. Coming down on the mule is very very hard and quite scary at some points when the mule walks to the edge of the path. So the advice is prepare yourselves, get fit (bearing in mind that the fittest of people can also get Altitude Sickness). Apparently you can get oxygen from the chemist at Gobind Dham.

We also found that as we were travelling in September (off peak) the mules etc were all half the price. Good luck to all those who are thinking of and attempting to do this yatra. It is definitely God's own Country, an amazing amazing place to visit and for most once in a lifetime journey.
Written 2 October 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Vikas B
138 contributions
Oct 2018
Hemkund and Valley of flowers are twin treks so best planned after monsoon. It starts late almost May end. Valley of flowers is not open then still under snow. VoF is only open before Monsoon start and treks here can be done in monsoon, but risky. So Mid August to October is when both can be done.
Day 1: Reach Pandukeshwar-Govind Ghat after Joshimath start early morning 10 km trek to base camp Ghangaria. Now shared jeeps drop you at start trek point. Ghangaria is your base for both places.
Day 2 and 3 take your pick. 7 Kms Hemkund Sahib and return same day total 14 kms. 5 Kms valley of Flowers and return trek same day total 10 kms.
Day 4:Trek down early return Joshimath/Haridwar.

Hemkund trek is bit hard and steep. Lots of rest and easy deep breathing may be needed. Use good Rubber soled trek shoes. Carry dry fruits, chocolates for energy. Camphor to breathe if you feel breathless. Emergency oxygen cylinder and medicines as per your fitness. Good walking breathing practise 2 months in preparation. Adequate cold and waterproof wear with thermal inner wear. In May - June 4-5 layers must as it is more cold.
Written 23 September 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

4 contributions
Aug 2019
A trek far better than the Valley of Flowers with breathtaking views. The Khichdi at the Langar after all the trekking is food for the soul. Worth every bit of effort.
Written 28 August 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Bengaluru, India108 contributions
Aug 2019
The long walk to Hemkund Sahib can be made faster if you take a mule. I would always suggest that you hike & pace it...Take it slow, Take some snaps.....Eating piping hot Maggi along the way & take in the views.

The whole walk for an average guy who hasnt exercised too much will be 4~5 hrs.

Once you reach on the top, take a dip ( completely submerge ) in the pool behind the main temple. The icy cold water will make your skin burn if you stay long....SO BE CAREFUL. Also, please note that this is done as a religious thing....The pool is not for swimming, playing or fun activity. Dip in , Get out.

Once out, change & head to the main temple..The Aardaas is done 2~3 times a day, so i would suggest you reach by 10~11am so that you can be part of atleast 1 ardaas...

The temple authorities start asking / urging people to leave by 1pm...since the walk back is long & gets really cold as the day progresses...

The shrine is very peaceful & has a soothing effect on your mind, especially if you have walked for 4~5 hours.

Please take time to come here & if the need be, take a mule on the way down......

Written 20 August 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kolkata127 contributions
Jul 2019
The path is better enjoyed when you trek and not take help of pony. If you are not well physically then take help. There are many food stalls enroute. Within Hemkund the Sikh community is generous enough to serve Hot tea and food for all, regardless of their religion , ethnicity etc. Show your respect and maintain the holiness of the place. Be a responsible and sensible traveler. Around Hemkund you canfind BrahmaKamal which you will not get to see in Valley of Flowers.
Written 16 August 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Petlad, India23 contributions
Jul 2019
We never had any plans to visit this place. It is kind of a call from there that we proceeded on our unplanned trip to Hemkund Sahib. The trekking distance involved in the journey, right from Govidghat to Ghangharia and from Ghangharia to Hemkund Sahib was of course demoralising. But when we started our journey to this heavenly place, some kind of special strength poured into us by the mighty God. When we reached the place, the sight was so pleasant and so beautiful. No words can describe it. It is a place, one must visit in the life time.
Written 7 August 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Pin T
2 contributions
Jul 2019 • Friends
I visited Hemund Sahib Gurudwara July 2019. The walk up was as expected challenging but truly great. Met some great people on the way up. Everyone was so nice some even sharing sweets and food which gave the whole experience such a lovely feel of togetherness :) Have layers as it will get cold as you climb up but also have your camera ready for the amazing views. At one point there are 2 way to get up there, steps and the flat path up. Steps - significantly shorter but really tests your fitness level so be prepared :) We started about 08.00 and got to Gurudwara about 11.15 and back by about 16.00. No shoes or socks allowed in the Gurudwara so be prepared for cold feet. The lake is relaxing and the views and lungar are worth the walk up
Written 1 August 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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