Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park
Historic Sites • Ancient Ruins
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Very good

Pune, India621 contributions
Dec 2021
First of all don't rely on google maps. It ends earlier if you put "Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park". The main location is ahead of Pavagad ghat road on left side. We saw Jama Masjid and its beautiful architecture. The road going to kevada masjid was closed and we could not find any other road to reach there. The gmaps was continuously showing closed road.

We came back to main road and drove for few meters and n right side there is some jungle entry like road with no signboards. After few meters of driving on off road inside that jungle we reached Minari Masjid. We took 1-2 photographs and left the place.

The cons of Champaner is there is no sign boards anywhere which can take you to these masjids. The locals are not knowing few names of masjid and they also could not direct you properly. The minari masjid is good for photography but lies inside forest like area which i would not recommend for families especially in evenings.
Written 5 January 2022
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Pranoy P
4 contributions
Aug 2021
So many beautiful sites to visit and so little time. Get a guide and budget at least half a day to go around. You will not regret it. Truly a hidden gem
Written 31 August 2021
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RoadTripper Abhishek
Mumbai, India138 contributions
Aug 2020
Located at a drive of around 30 minutes from the Jambughoda palace, the archeological park is a definite must see. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that this is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site!

What’s intriguing is that Vanraj Chavda, a king of the Chavda dynasty constructed the city name after his…BEST FRIEND! The king actually sponsored construction of a city named after General Champa or Champaraj, and not himself. A few buildings and fortifications still stand even today. The ASI are excavating most of the other buildings at their own sweet pace. Nevertheless, once can spend a leisurely morning wandering around the ruins. They are quite beautiful, and certainly better laid out than several modern cities!

The Pavagadh fort and surrounding city changed hands from the Vaniyas to the Rajputs. From the Rajputs it passed to Alauddin Khilji. From them back to Rajputs. Ultimately the Gurjars took over only to lose it to the Sultan of Begada. This game of musical chairs was finally put to rest by Humayun. He defeated the Sultan, and drove everyone from the capital for good. In the time honoured tradition practised by Muslim invaders, when the Sultan defeated the Gurjars, he asked the Gurjar ruler, Raval Jaisingh, to convert to Islam or face death. He chose death. His son didn’t. The Sultan gave him the moniker ‘Nizam ul Mulk’ and appointed appointed him Sultan of Champaner. Bottomline is that you can see mosques, Hindu temples & Jain mandirs all co – existing in various states of disrepair all over the archeological site. Or whatever part has been excavated so far.

Interestingly, the Jama Masjid looks like a perfect example of a Hindu temple. This was apparently built in the mid 16th century. The mosque is laid out exactly like a temple would be, with 172 pillars and domes. Obviously, the Sultan Mehmood Begada converted the temple to a mosque. Our historians, most of who are ‘certified’ geniuses, have credited him with its construction.
Written 8 January 2021
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Ahmedabad, India450 contributions
Mar 2020
Place of champaner is 144 km from Ahmedabad, situated near the heel of pavagarh, Pavagarh is a famous tourist as well as religious place where as champaner may not be such a famous place, I have visited the place with my family and young kid in march 20, just before India goes for a lockdown for coronavirus outbreak.
We have started by 7:30 and comfortably reach by 10:30, must note if you don’t have fast tag you have to pay double on express highway, also return tole is not applicable any more. We park our vehicle on the parking plot of pavagarh (100 Rs parking charge for four wheel), this is absolutely wastage. Vehicle can go directly inside champaner.
Ticket charge is Rs 30/person, 15 for kid from 3 to 12 years,
Two ticket counters are there one in saher masjid and other in jama masjid, once you get the ticket it is applicable for the other too.
Jama masjid is the largest among all, have unique architecture of jali, is an attraction for history lovers, once you visit be wear of monkeys, they can snatch food items also road condition connecting the mosque is poor. One hand pump water source available outside of jama masjid, which is only water source of champaner.
By the side of jama masjid there was a narrow walking lane for kedva masjid, it’s between agricultural lands, a very small board indicated the heritage property but none to be found to ask for direction, though this is smaller but location is too good, you can find the pavararh hill beside the tomb. There is no fear of monkey so can enjoy your snacks (no snacks and water available here).
We have visited three mosque,
Saher masjid, jama masjid and kevda masjid. There are few more mosque, but due to heat wave we could not able to cover more.
Written 3 May 2020
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Minar G
Mumbai, India52 contributions
Mar 2020
The historical sights within the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park are scattered around over a large area. Private transportation is must to move around and see all the sites. A good amount of time is required to see all the sites. We reached around 2PM and could see only some of the sites which are located near the base of the Pavagad Hill, as the closing time is 5PM. Some sites are manned by Archaeological Survey of India guards and need an entrance ticket. One ticket gets you entry to all the sites. Some sites are situated on the way to the Kalikamata Temple situated on top of the Pavagad Hill. If you plan to see both the temple & the ruins, full day is easily required.

The main site of Saher ki Masjid is situated opposite the Pavagad bus stand, here the guard was very helpful and he patiently explained about all the scattered sites with an informative & illustrated book published by the Archaeological Survey of India which is also available for sale at the ticket counter for Rs100. It is a good idea to buy this book as it helps to plan all the sights that one wants to see.

We later saw Jami Masjid, Kevda Masjid & Cenotaph, Nagina Masjid & Cenotaph, Iteri Masjid, Ek Minar Ki Masjid

Some of the sites are well preserved and are a sight to behold with well maintained gardens. If you are in Baroda make it a point to visit this place.
Written 17 March 2020
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Pune, India195 contributions
Feb 2020
The monuments of this 15th CE citadel town were awarded their well deserved recognition among the UNESCO world heritage sites in India. Among some of the aesthetically most pleasing monuments we've seen anywhere in India, these ancient and apparently forgotten gems of the Indo-Islamic architectural style still exude what must have been the robustness of the wealth and the culture of the rulers of yesteryear. The crumbling walls of the citadel, the majestic minarets of the various mosques hidden away among forested paths, a cenotaph within the walls of one of the places of worship, all satisfy the casually curious and the passionate...the only disappointment is the helical step well, where the ASI has fenced off and locked up this supposedly beautiful piece of engineering.
Besides visiting the monuments two tasks await you to embellish your visit....firstly, do visit Prof. Ghanshyam Joshi, a venerable octogenarian professor who exudes passion and knowledge about the rich past of (his) sleepy little Champaner. And, try to get yourselves a guide - apparently the only one worthy of his salt is a guy called Vijay, elusive and only contactable by the ticket sellers at the citadel kiosk.
Written 9 February 2020
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London, UK638 contributions
Jan 2020
The Indo (Hindu)-Sarasenic architecture and interiors of the Jami Masjid make the hourlong road trip from Vadodara worthwhile. Remember to shoot lovely photos!
Written 31 January 2020
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sourasubha g
Mumbai, India108 contributions
Dec 2019
The champaner archeological site is situated about 50 kms from Baroda (Vododara). The road from Vadodara is very nice and we reached champaner in about 45 minutes. We saw Jami Masjid, Saher ki Masjid, kevada masjid and Nagina Masjid. The Jami Masjid and Saher Ki Masjid are easily accessible and near the main road. But Kevada Mosjid and Nagina masjid are both inside in a deserted area. When we visited, we were the only one visiting it and the entire place seemed a bit odd considering its part of world heritage listed monuments. All the mosques are photogenic and with clear sky, you get some great photos. Specially the mosques from outside are visually stunning. Inside all of them are empty, with very little to see. May be Jama Masjid is the one where you are likely to spend most of the time inside. The others are more or less good for taking photos only, though i would recommend visiting all the mosques. If you are travelling alone on public transport, avoid the kevada masjid and nagina masjid as its in a completely deserted area. Both Kevada Masjid and nagina masjid can be accessed in private vehicles though the approach is extremely narrow to accommodate only one vehicle at a time. But you are likely to have any problem as hardly anyone visits these places. Whenever i needed help to locate a place, the locals promptly tried to help.

We really need to promote these historical places. I am sure with the recognition of UNESCO, many people are coming here now more than before. But Gujarat government should promote it more as the structures here deserve better care, protection and appreciation.

There are other structures as well, one is a well, which is outside the old city gate, amin ki manzil and saat kaman, which is high up the hill towards pavagadh temple. All these add to your overall experience. I could not go to the temple unfortunately but that can also be done if you have an entire day. Overall, a good day trio from vadodara, if not a must do. But i would like to see it being a prominent tourist destination 5-10 years from now.
Written 30 December 2019
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London, United Kingdom23 contributions
Nov 2019 • Solo
I've seen some posts asking about how to get here and I don't think the guide book I had was super clear so I wasn't too sure but I risked it with a bus and it was very easy so I thought I'd write it up here:

You can either book a nicer government bus in advance or go to the bus station and hope there's space left and if not, from the same station you can just get on a local bus which leave regularly. It takes an hour or so. I got on the local bus and it was very easy. It's Vadodara's main bus station so there are plenty of people to ask. All the bus options drop you at Pavagadh bus station. It's one of the main stops where lots of people get off so it's hard to miss. And it's a bus station not just a little roadside stop. It's also right by a main road with a market that's good for snacks, water, fruit etc. for your adventure. From Pavagadh bus station and market, you are right by the main access point for both Champaner archaeological site and Pavagadh temple.

Champaner is peaceful, picturesque and empty. Pavagadh is vibrant, fascinating and far from empty.

From the bus station, you can walk around most of Champaner's sites with ease. Three or four mosques and other historic sites dotted about a 15 minute walk from each other. Buying a ticket for one gets you into them all. One is right opposite the bus station. At the ticket office, they can point you in the right direction for the others. The one not to miss is Jami Masjid. All the buildings are beautiful, the lawns are well kept and perfect for a picnic, the walks are through little villages and green spaces and there are very few tourists. A couple of other buildings are a bit further and I didn't go, but I'm sure you can reach them if you're up for another walk or get a tuk tuk from near the bus station.

For Pavagadh, the journey up the hill from the bus station can essentially be split into three stages. Stage 1 you can walk or get in a shared jeep (20 rupees, ask around and you'll find one, then you just sit in it until it fills up... and I mean full to the brim!). It's a hefty walk so I took a jeep. It was uncomfortably full but it's only 15 minutes or so. I had to ask quite a few people to find the right section of the street for the jeeps. But basically if you point up the hill, they'll know that's where you're going and you'll find a jeep that's going there. This takes you to stage 2.

Stage 2 you can either walk or get the cable car. I walked up and cable carred back. I'd advise getting there early if you're planning to walk... I went in November and it was still really, really hot. There are places to buy water and stuff if you're planning to walk. Especially at the start of Stage 2, then they peter out as you climb. It was very interesting to walk... there are very few foreign tourists but loads and loads of Indian pilgrims coming for the temple. You get some nice views and experiences but honestly, you probably can get all of that in Stage 3 anyway and save some time (giving you more time to enjoy Champaner at a slower pace for example). But if you're a keen hiker, why not walk the whole way up? There are nice views, you see a lot of interesting people and it's a challenge. Get there early for that though! I reckon walking Stage 2 alone took me between an hour and 90 minutes. It's the heat that's the challenge. It's all well stepped and paved. If ever you feel tired, take a look to the side and see the old guy balancing a huge bag full of vegetables on his head for inspiration! It's definitely doable.

Stage 3 (from the top of the cable car onwards) has only one option: walk. It's probably another 15 minutes to the temple entrance and the walk is full of souvenir shops and places selling water and snacks. I arrived at the temple entrance early afternoon and it was packed so I had to queue a good extra 30 minutes (very cramped and pushy "queue") to spend a very swift amount of time in the temple itself. Ultimately, Pavagadh is more about the views, the experience of seeing the devoted pilgrims and the challenge/adventure of the walk, than about the beauty or the time spent in the temple itself. It's not easy to get a view of and it's very small. If you're looking for a beautiful Hindu Temple to while away an hour or so, don't come to Pavagadh. Architecture is Champaner's thing. Experience is Pavagadh's thing. But it's amazing to get both of these things in the same day so close to each other.

I went to Pavagadh first, then Champaner. I'd recommend that way round and getting there as early as possible to beat the heat and maybe the crowds at Pavagadh.

Then just head to the bus station and get in the first bus back! There are plenty to Vadadora.
Written 25 November 2019
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atul s
Ahmedabad District, India132 contributions
Nov 2019
Did not see many visitors as most came to visit Maha Kali temple at the top of the hill , which is always busy
Written 11 November 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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