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Holiday Rentals in Krakow, Poland

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Property owner typically means…
  • Verification of owner name and address via valid credit card
  • Direct & personal contact
  • Detailed rental knowledge
  • Flexible dates & rates
  • More options in smaller towns
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Holiday Apartments in Krakow

Krakow is the second largest city in Poland and is often touted as being the country’s cultural capital. There are many reasons why visitors come to Krakow, from cultural exploration, to romantic weekends away, to stag weekends. Whatever the reason for visiting Krakow, it is an excellent idea to look at the holiday apartments available for rental in the city. A great many of these apartments are very centrally located, they provide a refreshing and more private alternative to hotels and they are to be found aplenty at very cost effective prices.

Places to see in Krakow

The Market Square is a popular location in Krakow, with a great many museums and historical attractions around its edges. The Bunkier Sztuki is an art gallery which stands out in more ways than one. It is one of the few buildings of modern construction in Krakow’s Old Town but equally it has a reputation for attracting artists of international acclaim, wishing to display their work. Even its café has a local reputation for excellence. The Krakow History Museum is a splendid building which was once a palace. It contains relics from down through the centuries to delight visitors of all ages. Those wishing to find cultural items to purchase and take home with them should make a point of visiting the Este Gallery of Curiosities and browse its fabulous array of wares.

Leisure activities in Krakow

Krakow has a great many theatres for those interested in the performing arts. There are even those such as Groteska, which go out of their way to cater for and appeal to all members of the family, of whatever age. Given that Krakow Old Town can boast more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, many visitors will come to the city to sample the fabulous Polish vodkas and beers on offer. It is a good idea to combine such exploration with a visit to some of Krakow’s food outlets, which comprise everything from the inexpensive milk bars to gourmet restaurants of many types.

Family fun in Krakow

Many of the apartments available for rental in Krakow are ideal for families and amidst all the fabulous culture to be experienced and drinking to be done in Krakow, there is still plenty for the family to enjoy together. The Fantasy Park, in the Plaza shopping centre, is the perfect place to visit with children if the weather is bad, affording ten-pin bowling, video arcades and a supervised play area for younger children. The Krakow Aquarium is the largest in Poland and allows all the family to marvel at the wonders of the marine life on show. In better conditions, Krakow Zoo is in attractive surrounds in the Wolski Forest on the outskirts of the city and provides the opportunity for a full day of varied, outdoor family fun.